James Dondero Has Made It Where He Is Himself

The most successful of people are not always those who were raised in a rich family, or those who were smart early on. Sometimes the most successful of people are those how have put a lot of hard work and energy into their careers. Sometimes the most successful are those who have worked hard to get to where they want to be, and who have put years into the field in which they are working.
Regardless of the beginning that¬†James Dondero¬†had, whether he was rich or poor when he was born, he has made it to where he is today on his own. He hasn’t let anything affect him but his drive to succeed. He has put a lot of time and effort into building his career, and he has had success because of that. His hard work hasn’t gone to waste. He has spent 30 years making this career for himself, and he is succeeding in the business world because of that.
As the president of Highland Capitol Management, you know that James Dondero couldn’t have gotten there if he hadn’t worked hard. If he hadn’t put his all into his career, he never would have been able to do something as big as he is doing now. He is an inspiration to all of us. If you are looking to build a career for yourself, but you feel that you are going nowhere with it, then just remember to look to someone like James Dondero. He is a man who didn’t give up. He could have quit years ago, or he could have thought that the place where he was at was good enough, but he didn’t. He kept going, and look where that has gotten him.
There will be many times as you set out on your career where you will feel like giving into the pressure and allowing yourself to sit back and relax. You’ll feel like you’ve made it far enough, and that is enough. But, if you want to make it places, if you want to make it as far as James Dondero has, then you are going to have to keep going. You’re going to have to do all that you can in order to make it big.

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