Highland Capital Teams up with Linda Owen

Highland Capital Management is famed to be one of the largest asset management companies in the United States. The company is based in Dallas, and it has changed the lives of so many individuals since it was established. The private company has a team of experts who work hard to meet the demands of the customers. Since it was established, the institution has registered a lot of growth due to its leadership.

James Dondero is currently the president and chairman of the Dallas based company. Dondero has been in the asset management industry for more than thirty years, and he has all the expertise to take the company to greater heights. Just recently, the hedge fund manager announced that his company had partnered with one of the respected civil leaders in Dallas, known as Linda Owen to offer strategic direction to all the philanthropic activities carried out by Highland Capital Management.

Before acquiring this position, Linda Owen was working as the president of a company known as the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Under her leadership, the foundation did very well, and this is one of the reasons she was nominated for the positions. According to James Dondero, Highland Capital Management has increased its charitable giving in the recent times, and this means that they should be handled by a professional.

James Dondero has told the Dallas community that he chose Linda Owen due to her proven track record, especially when it comes to building effective private and public partnerships in the community. According to Dondero, Linda has the same vision for the asset management company, and she will be the best person to handle all the company donations.

Under the new partnership, Linda Owen will be expected to work as the charitable giving manager. Linda will be expected to work in close collaboration with the Dallas Foundation, the institution that is expected to administer the funds from Highland Capital Management. The company needs an organized professional who will make sure that all the donations make a positive impact on the lives of the needy communities. At the moment, the Dallas based company gives more than three million dollars to several charity activities in the region.

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