Why EOS flavors are different

EOS is a leader in making lip balm due to their product and marketing innovation. When EOS first entered the lip balm industry the major players were producing lip balms that were not changing and had not for almost a century. EOS created a lip balm that was vastly different in ingredients by using better set of ingredients for their balm which last longer and provide added protection from the elements.

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EOS also marketed their product with unique flavors and applicator orbs that were drastically different than the offerings from the competition. While chapstivk, one of the leading lip balm makers owned by Pfizer sold mint and strawberry lip balm, EOS did so as well but in a better and unique way. EOS sold sweet mint which had a real mint flavor unlike chapsticks’ mint which tastes roughly like medicine. The high quality flavor of EOS sweet mint is partly because it doesn’t use additives and instead focused on all natural ingredients which allow for a more aunthentiv flavored balm. The same is true of the strawberry sorbet lip balm which taste like real strawberries unlike the Chapstick strawberry balm.

EOS also decided to innovate and create unique flavors that nobody has yet sold as a lip balm. Vanilla mint is a great example of this, available here at amazon.ca. EOS vanilla mint has an innovative flavor that doesn’t exist outside of EOS and has an added complexity that makes mint as interesting of a flavor as it is refreshing.

EOS lip balm isn’t limited by these flavor options. They also sell unique flavors like raspberry pomegranate, honeysuckle honeydew, and summer fruit. The innovation that went into creating these new and compelling flavors and avoiding the artificial flavors that ruin them are part of what makes EOS such a great and interesting brand to use and something altogether different and better than the competition.

Check out their website here at https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/.


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