Highland Capital Management Predicts Possible Market Boom for Healthcare

As one of the largest and most experienced leaders in alternative credit, Highland Capital Management is a force in credit strategies that include credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special situations private equity, as well as collateralized loan obligations.

Highland Capital is also a pioneering company that offers alternative investments, which include emerging markets, long and short term equities, and investments in natural resources.

In 2016, investors with Highland Capital Management experienced a 32 percent return on investment from energy stocks. This year, Michael Gregory, the chief investment officer, suggests that healthcare could stage a major bounce back.

In a recent article in “Market Watch,” Gregory pointed out the market similarities between the energy market in 2016 and the healthcare market in 2017. Specifically, in 2016, the healthcare industry was the only sector in the S&P Composite Index to report a loss. The healthcare industries market loss corresponds with the energy market’s performance before its market boom in 2016.

An analysis whiz for sure, Gregory points to the possible fast-track approval of alternative pain relievers by healthcare and insurance companies as a response to the opioid crisis in the United States and North America as a potential profit growth area. Several companies are poised to release new pain relievers with less potential for abuse, unlike opioids.

Due to the need for less addictive and alternative pain relief resources, companies scheduled to release the alternative medications into the market should experience a surge in corporate profits, which of course means a significant return on investment for shareholders.

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