The Career And Professional Development Of Robert Ivy

People look for good architects because of different reasons. Belonging to the American Institute of Architects is a sign of quality, and it also supports local communities. Government advocacy, communications and even public outreach can be crucial for development. Leading this professional organization at the moment is Robert Ivy. His first year as the CEO was 2011 and he is still going strong.

Simple Beginnings

Robert Ivy acquired his Bachelor’s degree in English from Sewanee – the University of the South. Afterwards, he studied for his Master’s degree at the Tulane University.

That was just the beginning of his professional career that led him to his current position.

‌In 1996 Robert Ivy started working as the Editor of the Architectural Record, a magazine for professionals and interested people alike. He used to work for several Architectural publications including Architectural Record: China and Constructor as well Sweets.

This gave Robert Ivy new experience and allowed him to meet other professionals in the field. Although it is a competitive field, professionals learn from one another all the time. They also join forces for big projects where more than one pair of eyes is necessary.

Robert Ivy was selected for the jury of the design of National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

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A Matter of Professional Pride

Now as a CEO, Ivy can use his practical and theoretical knowledge and all this experience to work with other professionals in the fields. The professional organization regulates the conduct of architects and supports the communication between them and the developers in local communities.

Robert Ivy leads by example. He is interested in educating and encouraging newcomers to join the association. The whole profession is thriving, and the talent pool keeps growing. He works hard to help people commit to environmentally friendly building and using materials that are nature-friendly.

His main requirements for individuals in the profession are dedication and quality over quantity. He emphasizes the equality within the profession and the importance of human relationships between colleagues and competitors. It is not only a matter of pride but also a matter of professionalism. There is a lot that hangs in the balance when architects are at work.

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