How Chris Villanueva and MB2 Dental Are Bringing Innovation to the World of Dentistry

Most people are not aware that working in any form of medicine can sometimes require having business savvy particularly where a private practice is concerned. In a large hospital where doctors work for a department they might not have to think about how to build a roster of patients so that they can keep their business afloat. However this is not the case for medical professionals that work for a private practice and dentists are no exception to this. If a dentist wants to enjoy the freedom that comes with owning a practice they must also be prepared to deliver high-quality dental services and think about the same things that every other small business owner must be concerned with. Some of these things include looking for the right process to implement payroll so that dental hygienists and other staff employed by the practice can be paid on time. They also include paying attention to things like cash flow and ensuring that the business prepares and submits its taxes in a way that complies with tax laws. There are few people who understand what it means to work at the intersection of dentistry and small business as well as Dr. Chris Stevens Villanueva.

Dr. Villaneuva has studied dentistry and worked in traditional jobs in the field of dentistry. According to an interview he participated in with the website IdeaMensch Dr. Villanueva wanted much more from the world of dentistry outside of the standard options that are typically available to dental school graduates. According to Villaneuva most young dentists are faced with the prospect of either joining an established private practice run by more experienced dentists or of taking on the challenge of starting their own dental practice. This lack of options for dentists encouraged Villanueva to create a company that could combine the elements of being part of a group practice and the independence starting one’s own business. To that end he launched a company that is known as MB2 Dental Solutions.

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that caters to dentists that are part of its affiliate network and to dentists that run their own practices. The company offers dentists the tools that they need to efficiently manage their businesses. The company gives dentists the autonomy to run their own businesses but to also have a network of support to turn to solve the unique challenges that dentists face as entrepreneurs. MB2 Dental Solutions is proving that there is a lot of room for innovation in the world of dentistry.

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