Why you should pay attention to Oncotarget

They cycle between GDO-bound (inactive) and GTP-bound (active).The cycle is controlled by regulatory proteins which they belong to three classes, the guanine nucleotide exchange factors that buffers the exchange of DGP FOR GTP, and guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor to form an interconnected compound with GDP and finally the GTPases activating proteins which with addition of water it changes from GTP to GDP.

Oncotarget is a medical journal, reviewed twice weekly. It covers all the stuffs about oncology and even it publishes other topics beyond oncology such as cardiology and neuro science. This journal was developed in 2010 and the impact journals published it. Mikhail Blagoskomy and Andrei Gudkov are the senior editors of this journal. One of its published articles is about a tumor suppressor regulating Rho signaling, The Rho GT pases are responsible functioning such as its polarity, adhesion and apoptosis. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

When the cells spread and migrates the Rho GTPases it regulates the formation of interconnected compounds, their maturity to adhesion and turning over of these structures along with dynamics of actin cykoskeletal including stress fiber being formed.

Know more: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

When the Rho GTPases is dysregulated, it is usually accompanied with abnormal phenotypes which are diverse and abnormal growth of the cells otherwise known as cancer. The tumor suppressor deleted in the cancer of the liver otherwise known as DLCI has been used as an implication for Rho regulator.

DLCI gene translation product is found at the chromosome, an amino acid protein that is equipped with three trans domains that are well recognized; c-terminal steriogenic acute regulatory protein related lipid transfer domain, an N terminal sterile alpha motif and the Rho-GAP domain that is situated upwards from the domain (START). Watch this video on Youtube.

DLCI suppresses tumor and it can be regulated by deletion of genes, point mutations and methylation promoter in a number of cancer found in the human beings such as the prostate cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the colon, breast cancer. If the expression of DLCI is restored it can inhibit the growth of tumor and migrations of the cells to undesired locations.


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