Sussex Healthcare’s New Gym Benefits Their Patients and Seniors in the Sussex Area

Headquartered in Warnham, United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Services. Their 20 inpatient residences specialize in treating adults and senior citizens with physical and intellectual disabilities. SHC’s goal is to provide the best possible care through a treatment regimen tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology consists of three clinics. The audiology’s division mission is to “…provide high-quality hearing care that is safe, accountable and effective…”. Patient critiques suggest that they have succeeded.

“Well pleased with the outcome…thanks for what you have done for me.”

“…Vast improvement over original hearing aid…”

“…very comfy and helpful,…reduce the buzzing of my Tinnitus.”

“Sharmilla Reddy was most helpful, friendly…”

Sussex Healthcare’s medical staff is experienced in treating neurological disorders and dementia. Sussex Healthcare offers its patients a variety of services.

• Respite Care
• Palliative Care
• Specialist Adult Care
• Education Services
• Recreation Services

Earlier this year, Sussex Healthcare opened a gym that will be used by patients from all of its residences. The new facility will also be open to senior citizens living within the areas SHC serves.

In addition to providing physical therapy for patients, elderly members of the community who are physically capable are welcome to use the gym for a general work-out. The gym is equipped with free weights and the most modern exercise machines.

The gym pool has resistance currents and there are submerged treadmills affording a low impact workout for individuals with joint issues. For those needing hydrotherapy hot tubs are available.

For people with a specific workout goal like improved mobility or weight maintenance, a consultation with a fitness specialist is offered. These experts have specialized knowledge of one or more of the body’s systems be it the nervous, respiratory, or musculoskeletal system.

In designing an exercise program the fitness expert will not only consider a person’s fitness objectives but the complete medical history as well. Taking into account the physical and emotional needs of seniors group training sessions are available. Not only does this create an opportunity for important social interaction, but tends to make participants put more effort into their workout.

A user’s intellectual and comprehension issues are also taken into account. The fitness experts know how to help such individuals appreciate the importance of exercise and how to make the exercise program a pleasant experience.

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