Jorge Moll and Other Experts Confirm that Giving is Good for You

Getting the ideal gift for friend or family can be a challenging activity. The exciting holiday season is a time to celebrate and have a good time, but people have to appreciate each other with gifts and other things that can make the occasion better. The rewards given during the holidays have numerous benefits to the parties involved. Jorge Moll, one of the leading professionals in psychology advices people in the community to engage in giving behaviors more often because it has been proven that giving is essential for a happy life (

When given a gift, it is obvious that the recipient will be excited because they have been appreciated. However, the person getting the gift will have a share of this goodness. When an individual has given out something, they are in a better mood than how they were feeling before receiving the gift. Several years ago, experts conducted a special study on humans, and they realized that people who gave out gifts to other individuals in the society were happier to have spent their cash on other noble causes. If the money had been spent purchasing personal items, these individuals would not be happy. Keeping the money in the bank account and avoid purchasing gifts could also not offer the people the satisfaction they were looking for.

Holidays are a crucial time for people in the society. During this season, people go out of their way to spend more cash and purchase new cloths so that they can have a good time. Medical experts have come with a way of making this season better for humans. According to Jorge Moll, it is paramount to invest in giving if you want to experience real happiness during the festive times. Giving away gifts to the people who are close to you will be an ideal way of strengthening your relationships and at the same time catering to the needs of the individuals who are less fortunate. The feeling people get after giving out a gift is out of this world. Always find time and resources to give a gift to people close to you says Jorge Moll.


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