Mapping Out Human Behavior For Giving: Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll has always been interested in seeing how the human mind ticks. His current projects involve the reactions humans have to tragedy. His research into human behavior directly led to the discovery that our brains are hard wired to serve (

Moll’s projects in neurology provides some interesting insights about the human mind. His exploration of motivations and value assessments using fMRI encoding models yields some interesting and useful results in what makes people tick. The discovery that humans react differently to tragedy provides information that neurologists can use with their patients.

This information is critical. The D’Or Institute of Research and Education provides a vast array of information to students and other interested parties. This ongoing study using volunteers provides necessary data to help unlock cures for neurological diseases.

One important discovery from the volunteer group is that the reaction to stimuli differs. The most generous people have increased activity in the mid-VTA section and the subgenual area of the brain. Another important discovery is that acts of kindness are good for the soul and mind. Self-sacrificing volunteers do have a better chance of surviving tragedy. These volunteers are also better able to cope with sudden tragedy because they have some much-needed support.

It is interesting to note that positive stimuli don’t always yield a positive result. In the same way, negative stimuli don’t always yield a negative result. There is still more research to be done on the human motivation for giving. Insights garnered during a recent case study involving volunteers provides some revelations into the motivation for giving to charities. These revelations include that fact that the reward part of the brain “lights up” through acts of generosity. These discoveries help doctors and researchers find ways to help patients with neurological disorders and conditions.

The D’Or Institute of Research and Education provides a vast array of information for scientists and researchers on a variety of topics. Moll created the institute to provide world-class research, education, and healthcare in his native country.

Moll is a family man. He supports his community through his research and through educational services.


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