Jason Hope Is Pleased To Be A Contributor To Anti-aging Research

     Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, that has donated $50,000 in 2010 to Sens Research Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization, that is privately supported by investors, scientist, and researchers. When it comes to the research of anti-aging, Jason Hope has been a voice for years, while being a major contributor to the Sens Research Foundation. Every year, the Sens Research Foundation host the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, with the purpose of receiving donations to further their research on the negative effects of aging, and how their research will assist in finding more answers on how to correct the aging process.

Experts take lead at the conference every year, not only sharing their knowledge concerning the aging process, but they are open minded, and take out their time to also learn from other perspectives, on aging as well. For the most part, the discussions are mostly involved with Alzheimer’s disease, molecular damage, cellular damage, and cancer. The event’s main priority, is to also develop strategies that will prevent such conditions from even taking place. Jason Hope has been able to expand the research in anti-aging, and is bringing awareness to those searching for answers, by fighting for what he believes in.

With the $50,000 contribution that Hope was pleased to donate towards anti-aging research, the Sens Research Foundation was able to start off fresh with a new research program, AGE-breaker, by building a new laboratory, named the Cambridge Sens Laboratory, where they tried to discover innovative ways regarding the research of anti-aging.

As of today though, researches, such as the likes of philanthropist Jason Hope, they now understand the aging process more moving forward, so that they can have the chance to be part of new discoveries that has not happened before in medical history. Jason Hope’s whole intention, is to help ones live a more fulfilling life, with an overall improvement when it comes to their health and well-being.

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