The Day of The Unicorn

Dirty Mermaid, Sushi, Sea Witch and Anime…these names don’t seem to be associated with something beautiful like makeup and hair products do they? Well, welcome to Lime Crime. Nothing about this company, from it’s eccentric founder and CEO Doe Deere all the way to it’s product names and descriptions, is normal or boring. Bright, dramatic, unicorn-inspired beauty supplies are what this company is all about, all while maintaining a completely vegan friendly and cruelty free line of beauty supplies. Backed by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program, Lime Crime is making a name for itself and creating a mass following behind it’s online based company.

Consistently using her customers and fans as an inspirational push, Doe Deere has created a trendy makeup and hair product line that the unicorn community has been waiting for. With products such as the new Venus XL Palettes, a person can transform their entire face with one box of colors! The palettes contain multiples of shade ranges and colors and can be used for everything from an eyeshadow to a full face highlighter. Want to try a multitude of colors or products without paying full price for them? Make sure you check out the bundles section on Lime Crime’s website, where you can find lipstick sets and more for a discounted “bundled” price!

Priding themselves on being vegan friendly and cruelty free, the employees often do good deeds even behind the scenes. In their mission statement it describes how employees often times adopt and rescue animals just to be able to show them love. With Veganism a big part of the worldwide society, Lime Crime makes sure that all their products are made without animal byproduct materials. They also make it very well known that in the making and testing of their products, no animals were ever used to for any means. With a symbol of inspiration like a unicorn and a beautiful line of vegan friendly and cruelty free supplies, Lime Crime is sure to continue to stand out and outshine the competition!

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