Perry Mandera is Sowing Seed Into The Next Generation

“Do it right the first time” is Perry Mandera’s motto, and he’s made it the philosophy of his company, The Custom Companies.


Proper Training Leads to Limited Mistakes

He and his management team recently took a productivity survey. One question asked the percentage of time they spent correcting an employee error because the task was completed incorrectly the first time. It turned out 25% and 30% of every day was wasted by these efforts. This information applied to more than 500 employees. Perry believes, if people are properly trained at the beginning, it will eliminate the, “…domino effect of others having to fix your mistakes”. Although Mandera leans toward micromanagement he thinks, “…it’s necessary to instill quality and perfection in the first step of any process”. He also knows this approach consumes a lot of time.


Giving All Year Where Needs Exist

Perry Mandera’s attention-to-detail is obvious in the area of giving. He has a tradition of distributing a company-wide letter to the employees at his Chicago-based Custom Companies in December asking about people with financial needs. The employees aren’t limited to sharing about someone in their family – it can be a stranger, friend, or neighbor. According to Mandera, once they’ve received the information about the kind of assistance people need they try to provide help that encourages, and lifts people up for the holidays.

He gives to others all year, locally and country-wide. Perry donates to charities such as the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, who is dedicated to helping the less fortunate, so their lives more financially stable. He coaches young people in sports (baseball, football, and basketball) programs. Perry has given a helping hand personally, through his company, and his charity, Custom Cares, to relieve suffering from the natural disasters like the California wildfires in 2017, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and tornados that hit Washington, Illinois in 2013.

Perry Mandera and his family regularly attend a church where they volunteer. He puts action behind his “soft spot” for children donating to help with tuition, food, and more. Mandera’s generosity is the seed he’s sowing into the next generation.


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