Meet Jim Toner the Infertility Doctor

Jim Toner is a board-certified doctor who mainly specializes in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology. He successfully served at Jones institute for Reproductive medicine, prior to joining Atlanta Centre for Reproductive Medicine in the year 2000. At Jones Institute, he served as the director of both the Third-Party Reproduction Program and the Fellowship program. He still serves as the Director of the Third-Party Reproduction Program, at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Jim Toner is a graduate of the St. Joseph’s College located in Philadelphia. At the College, he pursued his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Toner later on furthered his education at the Pennsylvania University where he underwent Medical Scientist Training Program. He successfully completed his training at the university and was awarded with the both the M.D and P.H.D degrees back in the year 1985. Jim Toner has a great reputation in the field of fertility research, due to his admirable research contributions. He has published many abstracts, articles and even chapters mainly on topics concerning the reproductive medicine.

Doctor Jim Toner’s contributions in the field include his research on the role played by progesterone in supporting luteal of Assisted reproduction Cycles, and the differences among the gonadotropins in provision of the ovarian stimulation. However, there is one of his research contributions that made him famous which was mainly on evaluation of ovarian reserve and its effects on fertility. Because of his great work, Jim Toner has received several awards including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba Geigy Award.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jim has come across many clients who have appreciated his job and admitted that he is a great doctor. His clients consider him as an optimistic guy, who offers encouragement to them even after a long period of devastation. According to most of his patients, Dr. Jim made their journey through infertility seem less painful than it was. What makes his clients more grateful is his extensive knowledge and willingness to try out various methods in order to come up with solutions for the cases of infertility.

Other patients who previously underwent tremendous fertility challenges have come out to give their testimonies on their encounter with Jim Toner. Many of the patients considered the situation of being infertile as a very difficult and trying experience. They say were it not for the love and compassion that Dr. Jim had during their encounter with him at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM), most would have given up. Most of his clients admit that there is no a single day that goes without them not being thankful to Jim Toner and the ACRM at large.

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