Dr. Dov Rand on Combating the Symptoms of Aging

Aging is a frequented tic ins several industries such as cosmetics, skin care, plastic surgery, and more. People have been trying to combat aging through a healthier lifestyle, natural remedies, skin care products, makeup, and surgery but Dr. Dov Rand provides an additional perspective on the matter from a doctor’s point of view.

Dr. Dov Rand is a former student of he Alert Einstein College of Medicine from which he earned his MD degree. He also earned a certification in Anti-aging Medicine from the Antiaging Medical Board. Dr. Dov Rand is working at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers as the President of the business. There he performed the procedure called bioidentical hormones replacement therapy since 2010. The Healthy Aging Medical Center specializes in nutrition, exercise, and treatment of hormone levels for antiaging.

The bioidentical hormones replacement therapy sounds like an incredibly complex procedure, but Dr. Dov Rand explains it in a more comprehensible way. He explains that a person has good hormones as well as bad hormones. The bad hormones in the bloodstream of the person speed up the aging process the more they saturate the blood while the levels of god hormones decrease the speed of the process. The benefits hormones include estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid, human growth hormone, and testosterone.

The procedure of the bioidentical hormones replacement therapy involves restoring the balance between the various types of hormones. The patients notice they have more stamina, strength, and feel more energetic for longer. The therapy also reduces the negative mental and emotional impact of the patients and reduces signs of depression. Other health benefits that the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has include cancer risk reduction, lower cholesterol levels, and lower risks of heart disease.

Dr. Dov Rand treats patients with other problems related to aging as well. Those commonly include poor memory, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, fatigue, high blood pressure, hot flashes, mental fog, low libido, weight gain, muscle atrophy, symptoms of menopause and andropause, insomnia, night sweat, anxiety and depression, mood swings, and the likes. One of the most common solutions for aging symptoms is engaging in cardiovascular exercise.



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