Robert Ivy’s Most Significant Achievement Of 2018

The 2nd of June 2018, is one of Robert Ivy’s most memorable days having received the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award. This award was such an honor to the renowned architect because it had always gone to the Mississippi connected patrons and artists with exemplary works. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters(MIAL) awarded Robert alongside a stained glass designer from Pearl River Glass Studio, Andrew Young. The MIAL president, Nancy Laforge applauded him for making architecture so available to the natives of Mississippi, something nobody else had done before.

CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy has had a series of successful events throughout his career. In 2010, he was recognized by the Alpha Rho Chi, an architectural society as the only architect in the 21st century who was able to explain the importance of design in details. Following this, he was given the title ‘Master Architect,’ a title held by only six other architects since the inception of the institution. Robert was also awarded the deans medal by the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones school of architecture.

Robert Ivy began his career as an officer in the Navy before moving to McGraw Hill, an architectural Record as an editor in chief. During his time at the record, he pioneered the launch of the journals mandarin version in China and also in the Middle East. The Record garnered a number of awards like the National magazine award and managed to sell the highest number of copies worldwide. Robert Ivy has published a Fay Jones biography, a book that is currently in its 3rd edition. He cites the works of a fellow architect who was a firm believer of Frank Wright’s works.

Besides his architectural roles, Robert Ivy was part of the jury that gave Frank Gehry the mandate to design the Dwight Eisenhower memorial. Having been such a success, his senior, Carl Elefante, president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) said he deserved the Noel Polk Award for both his personal and professional accomplishments. Carl added that Mr. Robert was an excellent ambassador for the profession and the company he has diligently worked for.

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Things You Need to Know about Fortress Investment Group

Since its foundation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been a trendsetter. The firm specializes in asset management and it has over the recent years offered financial institutions solutions to manage their assets as well as handle their finances. The executives of the firm as well as its team of employees are also highly qualified with many years of expertise in the field of finance and asset management. Fortress Investment Group also focuses on offering their clients the best services to help them strive through the financial downturns.

Besides, the Fortress Investment Group has strived to offer global investment solutions to its clients and it has grown tremendously since its establishment. The firm now manages over $43 billion assets for its 1,750 investors and it looks forward to diversifying operations in the coming years. The dedication showed by its team of employees and executives has profoundly contributed towards it accomplishing its set goals.

Additionally, the firm has always striven to offer sophisticated investment and asset management strategies to its private clients and institutional investors. A vast number of people have benefited from the services of the firm and as a result, they have always sought the counsel of the firm’s experts. The ability of the firm to help people diversify their returns has also seen a vast number of them grow and move towards accomplishing most of their financial goals. The great leadership skills exercised by the firm’s executives has also contributed to its success.

In addition to that, Fortress Investment Group has also created employment for over 900 people in the country. The firm has played a major role in upgrading the living standards of many people in the country by empowering them and helping them improve their knowledge in the field of investment. The firm’s team of employees has also shown a vast understanding and expertise in various classes of assets and this has attracted many people to their firm. In its 20 years of operation, Fortress Investment Group has gained skills in corporate mergers and acquisition. The firm seeks to continue addressing the issues of their clients, with an aim of maintaining them, and offering them solutions to help their firms expand their operations.

Sussex Health Care Services

This marks the 25th year in health provision by Sussex healthcare. The healthcare provider recently celebrated this great achievement and a milestone that the organization has made in catering for the physical and mental needs of the aged in the area of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The organization initiated their very first residential care home the year 1985 and has developed to the greater heights where they are now boasting of over 20 residential facilities across this region. The company’s core role players Shirazi Boghani and Shafik Sachedina offered their skills and their innovative knowledge in making Sussex Healthcare an organization that provides award-winning services within the United Kingdom.

The leaders at Sussex Healthcare keeps and maintains all the staff that joins the organization, or the company’s residential care home become well acquainted with the core values and philosophies that the organization is established. Shiraz Boghani is an established hotel manager and is a part of a strong team that operates eminent hotels in the UK. Shiraz brings on board leadership experiences to his position in the organization. Shiraz is the winner of the Asian Business Awards Hotelier, 2016. As an active member of numerous international bodies, Shafik Sachedina also has an equal role he plays for Sussex Healthcare.

Additionally, they also provide at-home respite care. This leaves the caregivers with some time to take breaks from their responsibility of taking care of the ones they love. Moreover, they offer palliative care for people suffering from terminal or chronic illness. The caregivers use a humane method when caring for these people, which also involves pain management and end-of-life. The residential care facilities are well fitted with equipment to help patients with physical impairments by using lifting, multisensory rooms and spa style pools.

Sussex Healthcare also offers care services for individuals who have dementia and those with profound learning challenges. Sussex is an organization that is committed to ensuring that the workplace provides a platform for everyone to achieve their potential, everyone feels comfortable and a place where everyone feels valued. The staff at Sussex are always encouraged and supported to better their education for personal improvements and also to be in a better position to provide quality care to their service users. Sussex is a renowned placement center for student nurses from the Open University and Greenwich University.

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Mike Bagguley named as COO of Barclays Bank PLC

Michael Andrew Roy Bagguley, simply known as Mike Bagguley, has assumed the role of the Chief Officer of Investment Bank of Barclays PLC since he was appointed to the role way back in 2015. In a bid to reshape or bring a new face in its investment banking, Barclays PLC saw it vital to appoint Bagguley as the head of the unit.

The appointment of Mr. Bagguley was not out of luck or favor. Prior to his appointment, Bagguley had slightly more than 13 years of experience in the field of macro markets, an aspect that promised to be chief towards his appointment with the bank hoping to accelerate its restructuring process in the face of cut-throat competition and the need to stay relevant. Mr. Bagguley reports to Tom King who acts as the chief executive of the investment bank.

Mike Bagguley had previously overseen the reshaping and subsequent reduction of Barclays’ Bank PLC macro business that included foreign exchange, interest rates, and commodities products with trading revenues across the industry failing coupled with tougher regulations hitting hard on profitability. A significant role of Bagguley duty was to coordinate some of the groundbreaking projects across Barclays Bank PLC.

Bagguley’s has managed to serve or act under a number of roles. For instance, he served as the Global Head and Managing Director of United States Dollar Derivatives and also as the Head of Foreign Exchange and Commodities at Barclays PLC since 2013. He has also held other senior roles such as being the Chair of FX Cash Trading coupled with being the Head of Barclays Capital’s Interest Rate Swaps within the Bank’s Fixed Income Division located in New York.

Besides the above, Mr. Bagguley has also served in other senior positions at some of the leading institutions across the globe such as being the Director and Chair of Asian Trading Swap at Merill Lynch and also as the Senior Vice President and the Chair/Head of Trading Hong Kong during his time at Sanwa FP Co LLC.

Mike Bagguley is a well-educated person. He is a specialist in the field of Mathematics that he earned at Warwick University in 1988. Before that, he attended high school at Peterborough High School located in South Australia.

The Impeccable Banking Skills of Anil Chaturvedi That Have Grown The Assets of High Net Worth Clients

Four decades of banking history would mean that the skills of the banker are not just a result of a stroke of luck. Without the talent that bankers are expected to possess, it might be easy for the banking challenges to disarm and end their career. Fortunately for seasoned bankers like Anil Chaturvedi, they have the eagerness, passion and dedication to serve the banking industry with all their electrifying strength and talents.


A brief overview of the educational foundation of Mr. Chaturvedi would need to state that he attended one of the prestigious universities in India, Meerut University. He also graduated with a degree in B.A. Economics with flying colors, and his M.B.A. degree has been honed at the Delhi University’s School of Economics. This series of educational attainment makes it unsurprising that he got prestigious positions in the banking industry right after graduation.


One position that he held was the manager role for the State Bank of India, from Sept 1987 to July 1991, a total of more than 3 years. His responsibilities in the bank include being the head of marketing, making it his duty to implement creative, innovative solutions to attract more clientele and capture the business of non-resident Indians living in the United States.


His successful marketing strategy has resulted to an outstanding revenue growth of about $500 million for the total of 4 years that he’s been in the position. For that, he was given the Man of The Year award from the bank, which from the net growth alone is a justified recognition.


The skills of Mr. Chaturvedi in capital markets, wealth management services and private banking have also been effective in endorsing quality solutions for the clients of Merrill Lynch, which he served from Oct 1993 to July 2011. He was a Member of the Circle of Champions in the bank, and has retained the leading position of Merrill Lynch as one of the largest and prestigious banking networks in the entire world.


It is also the duty of Mr. Chaturvedi in the bank to make sure that the assets of the bank’s clients are always secure. These clients are not mediocre, too. These are clients with the highest net worth in the country.