Robert Ivy’s Most Significant Achievement Of 2018

The 2nd of June 2018, is one of Robert Ivy’s most memorable days having received the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award. This award was such an honor to the renowned architect because it had always gone to the Mississippi connected patrons and artists with exemplary works. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters(MIAL) awarded Robert alongside a stained glass designer from Pearl River Glass Studio, Andrew Young. The MIAL president, Nancy Laforge applauded him for making architecture so available to the natives of Mississippi, something nobody else had done before.

CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy has had a series of successful events throughout his career. In 2010, he was recognized by the Alpha Rho Chi, an architectural society as the only architect in the 21st century who was able to explain the importance of design in details. Following this, he was given the title ‘Master Architect,’ a title held by only six other architects since the inception of the institution. Robert was also awarded the deans medal by the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones school of architecture.

Robert Ivy began his career as an officer in the Navy before moving to McGraw Hill, an architectural Record as an editor in chief. During his time at the record, he pioneered the launch of the journals mandarin version in China and also in the Middle East. The Record garnered a number of awards like the National magazine award and managed to sell the highest number of copies worldwide. Robert Ivy has published a Fay Jones biography, a book that is currently in its 3rd edition. He cites the works of a fellow architect who was a firm believer of Frank Wright’s works.

Besides his architectural roles, Robert Ivy was part of the jury that gave Frank Gehry the mandate to design the Dwight Eisenhower memorial. Having been such a success, his senior, Carl Elefante, president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) said he deserved the Noel Polk Award for both his personal and professional accomplishments. Carl added that Mr. Robert was an excellent ambassador for the profession and the company he has diligently worked for.

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