Organo Gold Adds a Dose of Healthy Living Into Your Morning Brew

Throughout the entire northwestern region of the U.S., coffee culture has officially taken over and has birthed some fabulous new brews. U.S. cities such as Portland, Seattle and San Francisco, are now becoming the industry’s major players. Portland alone has over 30 different coffee roasters and local-owned coffee shops across its city of nearly 600,000 residents. Today, coffee aficionados from East coast to West coast, ask where their coffee is grown before ordering and often gather to places that roast their coffee beans on-site. There is now an organic-based company that provides a fresher and healthier way for these savvy individuals to enjoy their daily fresh cup of coffee, and that’s Organo Gold. Read the reviews at

Established in 2008, Organo Gold has a gourmet blend of rich coffees, teas, lattes and hot chocolate all infused with a special ingredient called Ganoderma lucidum. This brand new healthy addition to the world of coffee has helped many boost their overall wellbeing. Organo Gold is a hundred percent organic and has partnered with organic farms to produce its premium products and its potent Ganoderma extract. The brand is consumed in almost every corner of the globe, with many seeking its powerful effects to lead a healthy active lifestyle. The Ganoderma herb aims to regulate the body’s overall immune system, reduce cholesterol, prevent certain diseases and many other beneficial uses. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is one of the world’s fastest growing companies. Since its inception, the company relied on individuals to become independent distributors to sell its many products. There are over 400,000 active independent distributors worldwide in over 48 countries. In 2013, Direct Selling News ranked Organo Gold as one of the “55th Top Network Marketing Companies in the World.” The company sells premium coffee, tea, lattes, hot cocoa, weight management supplements, shakes, personal care products and more.


Herbalife: Growing Since 1980

Christian Ronaldo is a champion soccer player from Portugal. He began his interest in soccer at a young age. His family were big fans of the sport and his father worked with a soccer club. Encouraging his son, who was playing soccer in the streets with his friends, to come down to the club and practice, Ronaldo’s father began training him. After a few years Ronaldo decided he wanted and was talented enough to go pro.


Ronaldo quickly realized that one the many things he needed to do to be a professional athlete was improved his diet and nutrition. Initially only playing for fun, when Ronaldo decided to go pro he had to make some changes. Partnering with Herbalife, a nutritional supplement maker, Ronaldo uses Herbalife products to not only maximize his calorie intake but also as a tool to help recover after games or practices. Even a practice can wear the body down a bit, so Ronaldo uses Herbalife to help his body recover faster and better than it would on its own. This helps him be a stellar athlete and father.


Started in 1980 by Mark Hughes, Herbalife offers a wide array of nutritional supplements, sports care products and weight management products. Hughes began by selling Herbalife products out of the trunk of his care, but the company has grown and made $488 billion in 2015, operates in nearly a hundred countries and employs over 3 million distributors around the world.

By 1984 the company was named the “fastest growing private company” by Inc. magazine when, after only five years, sales had exceeded $400 million from $386,000. Sold for $685 million to J.H. Whitney & Co. and Golden Gate Capital in 2002, the company had gone public but was made private again with this sale. Going public again in 2004, Herbalife raised $1.3 billion in stock sales.


Revamping their business model in 2016, Herbalife manufacture 60% of their products in-house, meaning they control the manufacture process and therefore maintain quality control as well. They are based in Los Angeles, California and their current CEO is Richard Goudis.