eCigs From O2Pur

It is clear that almost all the big cigarette companies around the world have recently been in large collaborations of late. The partnerships have been achieved through the industrial consolidation that is still ongoing in the tobacco industry. Consequently, purchasing the stocks from any of the companies gives you a complete collection of combustive exposure and cigarette substitutes.

An example of a company to watch is the British American Tobacco that is set to purchase Reynolds-American following the latter’s market-controlling e-cigarette strategies. Another example is the Philip Morris International that was formerly part of Altria. A word is going around that either of the two companies is set to buy the other considering their close ties. The two firms continue to cross deals to sell e-cig commodities collectively under one Marlboro make internationally.


O2pur is the Trusted brand since 2013 for providing an experience that fast and better. The firm has also been offering valuable E-Liquid since the year 2013. The company also provide Salt Lake City, UT. O2pur uses nicotine salts that act faster and contain a better taste. The firm’s juice products’ formulation, hybridity, and packaging are done in the USA.

The company aims at beating all other E-Liquid providers in the nation by producing flavors that are unpredictable, bringing better brands and improved values.

O2pur boasts products of high quality such as Box Mods and Accessories that help in upgrading consumers vaping understanding. The company also offers E-liquid that comprise of E-Juices that are purely made in the United States. The E-Juice is made from ingredients such as Menthol, watermelon, blueberry, tobacco, strawberry, cherry and Green Apple.

We also offer premium E-Liquid packed in 60ML and 120ML containers. This brand caters for your flavors as it contains lovely pleasure-loving flavors. We make 30 or 70 mixed blends from the hottest tastes to add value for best results.

There also the Smooth Nicotine Salts E-Liquid that is permeated with soft nicotine salts. These salts act faster, producing a valuable taste with a cleaner feeling. This brand is an assurance of Best Results for our customers. We mostly sell this brand in 60ML container packs.

The Top Company in Investment Banking- Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital LLC is a private equity firm that was founded in 1996. It specializes in the brokerage services and investment banking to meet the financial needs of its clients. The company recently restructured to mirror all its products and services offers to its clients on the brand. Since its inception, the finance company has invested in more than $ 1.8 billion in fledgling companies internationally. Moreover, Southridge capital LLC capitalizes on the customizing of products and services to fit the clients’ needs. Again, for the last 20 years, the company has financed more than 250 public companies.

How the Southridge Capital has conquered the Market

Southridge staffs are professional and well trained where they can scheme and execute the financial plans for their clients. Also, due to their experience of over two decades, the Southridge has a better understanding of the corporate issues which affect companies. They are therefore able to advise the companies accordingly on matters such as how to customize their financial techniques, which approach to use to be a public company and managing their balance sheet. Further, Southridge capital is an all-inclusive financial firm that can also offer loans to the growing companies against their capital assets or insider shares. Check out to see more.

In line with the company’s growth, the CEO of Southridge Capital known as Stephen Hicks reported on the buying of the Elite Data Services Inc. in 2015. The Elite Data Service Company, located in Texas is an organization that deals with technology software applications and advertising the assets they hold and manage. Besides, the company’s focus is to create technologies that are geared towards the solutions of marketing and publicizing of businesses to enable them to be profitable. The company is determined to help companies flourish in their businesses by using the new technique of advertising.

The Southridge Company has further gone an extra mile in helping its client’s creditworthiness. This is done by giving loans based on the liquidity state of the company’s stock. Again, the process is made easier as the registration statement is not required in the application of the loan. Additionally, the security and collateral part is done by using an approach where the given firm can raise funds at ease using the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA). This is done by allowing the companies involved to pay back depending on the state of the markets. You can visit


Jeunesse Global Product Review

Jeunesse is a family-run, multi-generational business that exists to change people’s lives for the better. From helping people increase their energy to decreasing signs of aging across the body, Jeunesse products pinpoint a variety of issues that are seen as incredibly important to most people. Through the years, Jeunesse has become a brand recognized for premier quality around the world. Today, family members and marketers distribute products around the world, sharing the wonder that is this brand with those who are looking for ways to look younger, live longer and enjoy life.

Jeunesse offers 10 main product varieties based on their Y.E.S. system, which stands for Youth Enhancement System. When used together, these products work throughout the body to improve all systems, including the skin, hormones, mind, digestive tract and more. By using these synergistic products, individuals can experience a high level of wellness that they may have given up on until now.

Whether individuals are young or old, they can experience great results with Jeunesse. Those seeking great skincare results can try the Instantly Ageless, NV or Luminesce lines. For full-body wellness supplements, Finiti, Naara and M1ND can help as can AM/PM Essentials, which helps to reset individual’s sleep and wake cycles to improve restfulness. Reserve nourishes your body with antioxidants, Zen 8 Project helps with long-lasting weight management and Nevo energizes without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

While there are many brands and products currently on the market that promise similar results, Jeunesse boasts of a workable model. By focusing on real, safe ingredients that include nutrients that nourish the body from the inside out, Jeunesse is safe and effective for adults. The company is constantly working on new research to ensure that they are at the forefront of the healthy living and beauty markets. It continues to win awards across several markets as the company expands, trains and supports its many users and direct marketing agents around the world. With cutting-edge technology and products that meet the many needs of people of all ages and activity levels, Jeunesse continues to be poised for success.

Jason Hope Is Pleased To Be A Contributor To Anti-aging Research

     Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, that has donated $50,000 in 2010 to Sens Research Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization, that is privately supported by investors, scientist, and researchers. When it comes to the research of anti-aging, Jason Hope has been a voice for years, while being a major contributor to the Sens Research Foundation. Every year, the Sens Research Foundation host the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, with the purpose of receiving donations to further their research on the negative effects of aging, and how their research will assist in finding more answers on how to correct the aging process.

Experts take lead at the conference every year, not only sharing their knowledge concerning the aging process, but they are open minded, and take out their time to also learn from other perspectives, on aging as well. For the most part, the discussions are mostly involved with Alzheimer’s disease, molecular damage, cellular damage, and cancer. The event’s main priority, is to also develop strategies that will prevent such conditions from even taking place. Jason Hope has been able to expand the research in anti-aging, and is bringing awareness to those searching for answers, by fighting for what he believes in.

With the $50,000 contribution that Hope was pleased to donate towards anti-aging research, the Sens Research Foundation was able to start off fresh with a new research program, AGE-breaker, by building a new laboratory, named the Cambridge Sens Laboratory, where they tried to discover innovative ways regarding the research of anti-aging.

As of today though, researches, such as the likes of philanthropist Jason Hope, they now understand the aging process more moving forward, so that they can have the chance to be part of new discoveries that has not happened before in medical history. Jason Hope’s whole intention, is to help ones live a more fulfilling life, with an overall improvement when it comes to their health and well-being.

Waiakea Water is Life-Sustaining

The bottled water industry is huge, and many bottled water companies try to make themselves stand out from all the rest. However, Waiakea water is the only one that is actually hawaii volcanic water. It is also the only bottled water company that uses water that has been filtered through countless feet of naturally porous volcanic rock.

Waiakea water does not just taste good, but it also has a purpose. Since at least some water bottles inevitably end up in landfills, they are dangerous to the environment. This is because they take so long to break down. They accumulate and stick around for over 1000 years, but Waiakea water bottles only take about 15 years to decompose which is a huge difference. Their water bottles are also the first completely degradable water bottle on the market these days.

Waiakea water is conscious about how much energy they are using to manufacture their water as well. They are even considered to be a Carbon Neutral company and utilizes vehicles that produce fewer emissions than the average vehicle.

Waiakea water ph is quite impressive at about 7.8 to 8.8, and it also contains lots of other great stuff such as silica and electrolytes to help nourish and strengthen the body as it satisfies your thirst.

Waiakea is all about the well-being of the inhabitants of your earth as well. The company generously donates three percent of their revenue to nonprofit organizations and to local community programs. Also, for every liter of water that is purchased, Waiakea water donates a whole week’s supply of water to those who desperately need it in Malawi. Without clean drinking water, many people suffer and even perish. Thanks to the help of Waiakea water and their partnership with Pump Aid, over 3,200 Elephant Pumps have been made possible, and over 1.35 million people now have access to clean drinking water.

Waiakea water is life-sustaining, good for the environment, and tastes great. The facility that they manufacture their product in uses a substantial amount less energy than most bottled water companies and they use renewable energy as well.,18.htm

Jordan Lindsey On The Latest Forex Trends

Jordan Lindsey grew up in New York. He was a big fan of playing sports, and the two sports that he played the most were ice hockey and tennis. He also had an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age. He wanted to create a world-changing product or service, and he always knew this from an early age.


The first time that Jordan Lindsey visited San Francisco California, he knew right away that he loved the area and the activities that were going on in and around the area. He returned to New York, but then quickly relocated to San Francisco within a few months.


Today, Jordan Lindsey is a man with a lot of experience as an algo trader and has founded businesses in the technology and the financial services industry. He has taught himself to code and to design systems of architecture. He studied his craft at the Mount Angel Seminary and the St. Joseph’s College. He has lived in Argentina, as well as Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was volunteering in Bosnia when he met his wife in Medjugorje.


The EUR/USD has rebounded, and it continues to consolidate around 1.2300. Between a European range of 106.35-106.97, the USD/JPY has entered NY -0.22% and it is continuing to consolidate in the NY session.


Japanese investors will often repatriate some of their overseas investments, and this usually occurs around the turn of the fiscal year. This may appear to make U.S. bonds more attractive to investors, but Japanese investors continue to buy Japanese bonds instead of U.S. bonds.

The market seems to expect three rate hikes based on the Federal Reserve news. The Federal Reserve seems to believe that the U.S. economy is doing well. This will help investors achieve their goals, and make the U.S. more attractive as a place to invest.

Equities First Holdings Is Doing Its Best In The UK

During the past few years, Equities First Holdings has been growing quickly. It saw over thirty percent growth in these years, and that has been in part because of its acquisition of an office in the United Kingdom. The company uses its new office to reach more clients in countries across the globe. Equities First Holdings has seven offices in four continents, and the United Kingdom office is as important, if not more, than the others. Smart people have been hired to work out of this office and to provide great liquidy opportunities and better than average services to its clients.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Announces His Latest Venture In Atlanta

Dr. Mark McKenna is an Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur. His latest venture is a business called OVME which will be located in the Buckhead area of this city which is this city’s commercial and financial center. He says that his company will deliver what he calls a “medical aesthetic experience” like no other. At OVME people will be able to undergo minimally invasive procedures in order to look and feel better.

The OVME offices will have four private treatment rooms in it that Dr. Mark McKenna has described as luxurious. OVME will be open for business in March and he is presently equipping it with the latest technology in the industry. He says that the cosmetic surgery industry has gotten stale and his plan is to shake it up by reinventing elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of the Tulane School of Medicine. He practiced in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a number of years before moving to Georgia. He now has about 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry. His past success led to several investors lining up when he announced his latest plans. He says he will treat each patient on an individualized basis rather than the one size fits all approach that is common in the industry.

Eventually, Dr. Mark McKenna wants to have OVME locations all over America. He is releasing an app for his business which will be revolutionary. Rather than patients going to the doctor, the doctor will come to them. He says that app is similar to Uber’s in that the user schedules a service and the provider comes to where they are.

Billing and reimbursements have changed a lot over the years, he says. It used to be very profitable to be a doctor but that’s really not the case anymore. Dr. Mark McKenna says that he saw this early on and it was why he started investing in real estate at a young age. While in school he did physicals at a local jail where he was paid $50 an hour. He put all of this money into real estate. He sold this business a number of years ago.

How Mark Mofid grew his business and brings value to his clients

It’s no surprise that the field of cosmetic surgery is competitive. With traditional medical insurance not picking up the tab customers are much more likely to comparison shop and find the best value for their money. It can be very difficult for a cosmetic surgery practitioner to provide both an excellent quality of care combined with a price that is competitive in the local market.

When looking for examples of best practices, Mark Mofid is one of the first names that comes to mind. Starting out initially in an 850 square foot space he has considerably grown his practice to accommodate the newest treatments as well as tried and true methods.

The way Mark Mofid built his practice was a mix of conventional and unconventional business philosophy. One of the most conventional pieces of advice he gives newcomers is to never put the cart before the horse. With so many procedures, options, and new technology it can be very tempting to invest heavily and things that you are not comfortable with. Mark Mofid started his practice small and grew it from there once he had established his client base and experience.

On the unconventional side of things is his staffing practices. Mark Mofid wholly believes that experience is overrated and that some of his best employees have been diamonds in the rough. This makes quite a bit of sense for generalist positions such as front office staff. In many cases it’s more important for a person to be driven and motivated rather than have experience. Sometimes this experience can be a detriment if too many bad habits are learned.

It is important to note however that you cannot expect to retain quality employees forever. You should expect and actively seek out employees who want to advance in their careers. You may not be able to keep them forever, but you this is the only way to ensure that you only hire the most driven and motivated people.

These combined techniques have made Mark Mofid a standout in his industry. These lessons are often applicable not only to cosmetic surgery, but also to small business and entrepreneurship as a whole.

Jeunesse Global goes all in on creating Generation Young

Throughout human history, there has been very little that people could do to stave off the inevitable insults to health and beauty that the aging process brings. People often were forced to abide the slow decline of aging, seeing their skin wrinkle, their voice coarsen and their physical prowess slide painfully into the jaws of senescence.

But for the first time ever, science of the last few decades has been able to produce a number of tools that allow people to significantly slow or even indefinitely postpone the process of aging. One company that has done more than perhaps any other to make the art of age defiance a reality for millions has been Jeunesse Global.

Founded in 2009 by health and beauty experts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse has experienced some of the most astonishing growth of any health and beauty company in recent memory. The couple started the business out of their Florida home as a way to pass the idle days of retirement. But they soon discovered that they had a winning formula on their hands. They began concentrating on attacking niches in the market that the larger health and beauty suppliers were ignoring, hitting pay dirt with a number of their products.

From the outset, Ray and Lewis sought to create what they have referred to as Generation Young: the first generation of people that have the tools and knowledge at their disposal to maintain youth of both mind and body into advanced age. Through Jeunesse Global’s carefully crafted product lineup, which is known as the Youth Enhancement System, users are able to stave off the worst effects of aging for periods that were never before imaginable. At the same time, users of the Youth Enhancement System can prevent the onset of the worst aging effects, maintaining a youthful appearance and enjoying optimal physical condition far longer than would otherwise be possible.

Jeunesse Global is truly changing how the game of anti-aging intervention is played. It has created more than a dozen age-defying products, many of which have no real competition. Through innovation, Jeunesse Global is well on its way to creating Generation Young.