The 5 Shea Butter Products You Need in Your Life

The benefits of shea butter are virtually endless. It can be used to aid serious skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis as well as less severe issues like scars, acne and stretch marks. Shea butter is as close to a “cure-all” as they come, and here are the five shea butter products you need in your life.

Dermatologist Strength Shea Butter from EuGenia Shea

Naa-Sakle Akuete, the owner of EuGenia Shea, launched the company after recognizing a need in the market for nourishing, skin soothing shea butter. The 12 oz tub of Dermatologist Strength Shea Butter is strong enough to treat a range of more serious skin conditions as well as gentle enough to treat everyday dryness.

Price: $65, 12 oz tub

2. Shea Butter 4-Pack from EuGenia Shea

You’ll love the EuGenia Shea line so much that you’re going to want to take it everywhere with you, but the 12 oz tub doesn’t easily fit into your clutch. Luckily, they also sell a gift pack that includes four small, 2 oz tubs, so you can easily keep one in your purse, desk, car and gym bag.

Price: $40, 2 oz X 4 tubs

3. Shea Butter Lip Balm from Pixi

You can also wear shea butter on your lips thanks to Pixi Beauty. Their shea butter lip balm can be applied as often as needed and helps to prevent and heal cracked, peeling lips.

Available in Transparent, Sweet Peach, Honey Nectar, Natural Rose, Pixi Pink and Ripe Rasberry.

Price: $8

4. Real Nature Shea Butter Mask from The Face Shop

Cloth face masks are becoming part of our daily beauty routines. The Face Shop’s Shea Butter Mask will give your skin that extra dose of moisture needed to prevent fine lines and wrinkles without causing any greasiness.

Price: $20, Pack of 15

5. Argan Oil & Raw Shea Mineral Soak from Shea Moisture

Round out your full body moisture routine with Shea Moisture’s Mineral Soak. Made from organic shea butter, argan oil and salt from the Dead Sea, the mineral soak helps relieve muscle pain and tension while moisturizing your full body.

Price: $12.99

US Money Reserve And Them Helping The CAFB


US Money Reserve is a distributor of palladium, platinum, gold, and various other precious metals. This company has recently donated money to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas that gives people meals who cannot easily afford them like most people can.

The CAFB of Texas gives out more than twenty-five million pounds of food every year to the 21 counties that it gives out food in. This marks it as one of the largest companies of its kind in Central Texas. There are not many other organizations on the same scale as this company.

US Money Reserve has grown to the size that it is today because of the great quality of the gold and silver that it has provided its customers with throughout the years and also the great customer service policies that customers and clients have been graced with. Many people prefer using US Money Reserve for their precious metal needs and refrain from using other distributors because US Money Reserve is cheaper most of the time.

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US Money Reserve has helped lower the price of numismatic coins of gold, silver, and platinum because they are so cheap on US Money Reserve. There is a phone number that one can call to arrange the purchase and transaction of gold or whatever kind of precious metal they want that US Money Reserve has to offer. There is bullion, coin, and bullion coin that can please pretty much every consumer.

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