Waiakea Water is Life-Sustaining

The bottled water industry is huge, and many bottled water companies try to make themselves stand out from all the rest. However, Waiakea water is the only one that is actually hawaii volcanic water. It is also the only bottled water company that uses water that has been filtered through countless feet of naturally porous volcanic rock.

Waiakea water does not just taste good, but it also has a purpose. Since at least some water bottles inevitably end up in landfills, they are dangerous to the environment. This is because they take so long to break down. They accumulate and stick around for over 1000 years, but Waiakea water bottles only take about 15 years to decompose which is a huge difference. Their water bottles are also the first completely degradable water bottle on the market these days.

Waiakea water is conscious about how much energy they are using to manufacture their water as well. They are even considered to be a Carbon Neutral company and utilizes vehicles that produce fewer emissions than the average vehicle.

Waiakea water ph is quite impressive at about 7.8 to 8.8, and it also contains lots of other great stuff such as silica and electrolytes to help nourish and strengthen the body as it satisfies your thirst.

Waiakea is all about the well-being of the inhabitants of your earth as well. The company generously donates three percent of their revenue to nonprofit organizations and to local community programs. Also, for every liter of water that is purchased, Waiakea water donates a whole week’s supply of water to those who desperately need it in Malawi. Without clean drinking water, many people suffer and even perish. Thanks to the help of Waiakea water and their partnership with Pump Aid, over 3,200 Elephant Pumps have been made possible, and over 1.35 million people now have access to clean drinking water.

Waiakea water is life-sustaining, good for the environment, and tastes great. The facility that they manufacture their product in uses a substantial amount less energy than most bottled water companies and they use renewable energy as well.



Heal-N-Soothe: A Better Solution For Human Health

Life throws challenges at us all at one time or another. These challenges can come in a variety of debilitating illnesses and injuries. People who are in the best of health will inevitably fall victim to father time’s wrath, but everyone must do their best to stay in the best of health. Heal-N-Soothe is one of the leading solutions for keeping your health in-check. This daily supplement is packed with 12 powerful herbs that works wonders for fighting pain. In addition to that, Heal-N-Soothe provides immediate results for cancer prevention, for memory loss, for improved heart health and for many more health issues.

Have you ever been injured? More than likely, you’ve probably been injured too many times to count. Pain and swelling generally takes place after getting injured and this is not a fun time for the actual injured party. The swelling of the injured body part is basically the body’s natural response to keep the area mobilized. Pain comes from the inflammation of the actual tearing of the tissue or joint. Heal-N-Soothe can drastically reduce the pain much more effectively than anti-inflammatory drugs. Yes, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Tylenol has their place when it comes to pain, but these medications aren’t doing anything to heal the injury. Most pain-killers are only designed to mask the pain, which gives the injured person a false sense of healing. Heal-N-Soothe takes it a full-step forward by flooding the body with enzymes, and the enzymes neutralizes bio-chemicals that are associated with inflammation.

Repairing and regenerating the tissue is the main goal. Heal-N-South definitely speeds-up the healing process without any side effects. This proprietary blend of healers works great for sprained ankles, for bruises, for joint pain, for surgery, for fractures and for strains. So, what does the ingredients look like? Heal-N-Soothe is loaded with tried-and-true natural healers such as Rutin, Turmeric Extract, Bromelain, Mojave Yucca Root, Papain, GingerExtract, Devil’s Claw and many more ingredients. If you’re interested in Heal-N-Soothe, then you can purchase it from Amazon or from the brand’s website. Check this link: https://healnsoothe.com/


Nathaniel Ru’s Salads and Apps

Sweetgreen’s CEO Nathaniel Ru, together with Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman knew they were not the institutional types. The guy that graduates and gets institutional jobs, it was pretty obvious for them to go the entrepreneurial way given that their parents are entrepreneurs. One thing is clear; they are pacemakers and trendsetters if the traffic flow at the Sweetgreen app and Sweetlife Festival is anything to judge from. Just a few months to graduation, and tired of searching for healthy food joints, they challenged themselves, therefore, plunging deep into the idea only to emerge with a four-paged business plan and a meeting with the landlord who was hard to impress.


Nathaniel Ru believes that passion, discipline and the need to have win-win situations for all stakeholders is part of every business success story. This strategy though common is efficient and productive. Together with his co-founders, Nathaniel came up with five core values that have proved to be tried and tested over time. Active inclusion of the employees in providing suggestions on how to improve the service experience, working with the produce suppliers, and engaging the community in more than just selling them salads is what sets Sweetgreen apart from its competitors.


Mr. Nathaniel Ru graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University, Mc Donough School of Business in 2007. His only work experience was that of founder and next CEO of Sweetgreen for the past nine years. He lives in Soho, Newyork in a posh bachelor’s pad that is commonly referred to as sweet digs with his friend, co-founder, and dorm mate, Jonathan Neman.


Nathaniel, Nicholas, and Jonathan have a thing for healthy food and the scarcity of which led to them starting up the Sweetgreen stores at the corner of M Street, George Town. Initial capital funding was from 40 friends and family members, but they presently stand at $95 million with heavyweight financial backing from Steve Casey, Danny Meyers through venture capitals. Nathaniel Ru discloses that it’s more than about salads but also about real estate. Every location is strategically located in a high-end part of town, away from other food chains clutter.


Long queues over salad are just curious enough but what is better is being able to jump the queue when you make an order using the app while accumulating green points that can be redeemed later. Nathaniel says they are both into technology and restaurant business as a combination of which brings out the Sweetgreen experience.

Be Bold and Beautiful with Lime Crime

Showing your personality rather than covering this up is the whole idea behind Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded by Doe Deere as a way for women to not only have a way to cover up those imperfections that they may feel they have, but also as a way to show your true personality. This is an aspect that most other makeup companies cannot compete with, as they do not offer the bold, different and truly unique options that Lime Crime is offering to the world.

The Bold…The Beautiful

When most people see Lime Crime on tumblr being in use, the first attention grabber is the options that they have with color. For example, in the Unicorn Lipsticks line a person can choose to utilize Bubblegum Blue, Neon-Coral Pink, or even Metallic Green. Why such bold colors? The entire line of makeup is about being yourself, expressing your personality. Not everyone is going to want to wear a calm nude color as a lipstick, as this does not express their personality and attitude.

The number of combinations that a person has with Lime Crime is never ending. Whether a person decides to wear only a vibrant lipstick, combining this with a beautiful eye shadow or other options, every woman is going to find that she can truly be herself.

Not Your Average Makeup

Makeup that is going to strike a chord with many people and be noticed whenever you walk into a room is just one side of Lime Crime. There is also hair products available that are going to allow you to utilize your hair as a way to showcase your attitude and personality. Colors such as pink, purple, orange, gray and every mermaid hair is an option. To go even further, Lime Crime even provides color options for your makeup when you decide to go with a radical hair color. It is all in an effort to ensure that you can showcase your flirty, fun and funky side of your personality.

More and more women are now realizing that makeup does not mean that you have to look like those models you see in magazines, or that you have to appear to be just like your next door neighbor. Makeup is meant to be fun, to be expressive of your personality, or simply used as a way to be noticed. Women who step out of the confines that regular makeup gives them will find a whole new freedom with the way they look. They will even find more confidence in how they look, and feel free to be bold and to be beautiful.

Joseph Bismark Knows What’s Right And Wrong

The QI Group was formed around the belief that it is important to treat every employee fairly and around the belief that treating the environment well is important, and it makes sense that they would decide to partner with the United Nations in their cause to make the world a better place. The QI Group cares about all of the things that it is doing, and it wants to be able to always be doing its best to work with integrity. According to what was said on Yahoo Finance the founding director of the QI Group feels honored to be part of the United Nations in this way.
Joseph Bismark is the founding director of this company, and he is a man who has tried his hardest to make this company a success. He wanted it to be a place where people feel great about working at, and so he made spirituality a part of the business. Those who are working there are able to feel a great sense of respect toward each other because of that. Spirituality adds a lot to the business, and it is not only important to Joseph Bismark that it is a part of it, but it is also important to him that he makes spirituality a part of his personal life, as well.
Joseph Bismark is not afraid of doing things differently than anyone else, and his business greatly reflects that. He is a man who has always been bold in the things that he does, and he is someone who is inspiring people every day. Joseph Bismark was raised by monks who believed that having a strong sense of peace within oneself was very important, and that is what he has always believed, as well. He believes that staying healthy and exercising regularly are what everyone should do, and more importantly, he believes that respecting one another is something that everyone should be doing. He has a lot of strong beliefs on what is right and wrong to do in the business world, and his beliefs have helped his company to really take off well.

Pleading Guilty: We Really Love Lime Crime Makeup

I like wearing makeup; wait, let me rephrase that. I love wearing makeup, and most women do.

I apply makeup every day, because it makes me look prettier, hides minor imperfections and actually protects the naked face from grime, pollution and the elements during harsh weather. The only problem I and a number of other women complain about is the beauty habit or rut we can find ourselves in.

For instance, putting on a basic brown eye shadow is a no-brainer for a neutral appealing eye. The cosmetics experts would agree that brown shadow is safe and works for every chick, but after a while it can look boring. Yawn.

Makeup should be fun modern and edgy; Lime Crime Makeup is that company on dollskilll.com. It’s hot, bold and beautiful makeup that allows young women to practice self-expression. Doe Deere launched LimeCrimeMakeup.com in 2008 under the slogan So bright it’s illegal. Unicorn Lipstick became the company’s signature cult favorite for its unique and unusual shades in a vivid purple lipstick tube adorned with a unicorn.

Unicorn Lipsticks are not for the faint-of-heart, but you can by a shy girl who wants her bold sassy lips to do the talking—colors like forest green, marine blue, bubblegum pink, etc.

Lime Crime’s Instagram page is all about the pretty going one step further. The colors are so bright and fun, everything looks like candy. Celebs like singer FKA Twigs was recently photographed in London at the AIM awards in Lime Crime’s Velvetines liquid-to-matte lipstick in Riot (marsala). Gorgeous! By the way, Lime Crime is quite popular with 1.6 million Instagram followers.

Plus Lime Crime has a cool website at www.limecrime.com, featuring a great blog that talks about everything trending, like amazing mermaid lips. Oh, yeah! The company tells you how to achieve the mermaid pout by applying their Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle as a base, then dabbing on their Zodiac Glitter in Pisces fully coating the gloss, then topping star and hexagon-shaped plastic glitter evenly over lips. You end up with an awesome 3-dimensional set of lips in a sea blue mermaid aura. So very pretty, indeed! This is a must-try, ladies!

That is why I adore Lime Crime makeup. It’s as bold as you want it to be. There are no set rules here; there is nothing neutral or beige about Lime Crime. This is definitely makeup for the modern chick, someone who wants to be unique and comfortable in her own skin, someone who does believe in unicorns.

Lime Crime can be purchased online and also at stores that carry these cosmetics:

Naimie’s Beauty Center
12640 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607

Urban Outfitters Herald Square
1333 Broadway
New York NY 10018


Joseph Bismark Discusses His Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The life of businesspeople are very rarely placed on view for the public to discover in the way Joseph Bismark has revealed his life in an article featured on Yahoo News. One of the founders of the multi level marketing company, QI, Bismark has taken some time to reveal all about his diet, exercise and technology choices. The spiritual side of the life of Joseph Bismark appears to be extremely important to him and is given as much priority each day as his business role.

Spirituality has always played an important role in the life of Joseph Bismark as he spent a large amount of his formative years living and studying with monks in his home country of the Philippines. Bismark has played a pivotal role within the QI Group and has been a managing director since 2008, when he took a greater role within the company and has influenced many of the decisions taken regarding social responsibility and the creation of healthy products.

The influence of Joseph Bismark on the direction the QI Group has recently been taking can be seen in the investment made in sustainable energy resources that are utilized in the locations operated by the QI Group. The Singapore based businessperson has also overseen the introduction of a range of organic and healthy products for the QI Group and has seen a rise in the work of the charitable Rhythm Foundation operated by the company.

In his private life, Joseph Bismark has revealed that he has been an avid user of many pieces of technology to maintain his healthy and spiritually uplifting lifestyle. To remain fit, Bismark uses the MapMyRide app to remain fit and healthy and chart his progress as he rides a bicycle for physical fitness. In recent months, Bismark has also discovered the Soundcloud app, which allows him to upload his favorite mantras and chants, which he uses in the daily meditation techniques he uses to focus his mind and body.

Alongside the use of technology Bismark uses to keep up with his fitness and meditative techniques, he is also a dedicated student of yoga. Having trained to become a yoga teacher, the businessperson teaches the practice at the Singapore School of Mediation and Yoga. Not only does this allow Bismark to help others, but it also allows him to continue to learn new techniques as he continues his journey to live the most spiritual and healthy lifestyle possible.

How Doe Deere Continues to Build Her Brand

Lime Crime is growing. The infatuation with this brand is getting stronger, and it has a lot to do with the great way that Doe Deere is marketing this brand. She has managed to provide customers with free shipping on all orders. She has created a unique type of makeup that she calls Unicorn makeup, and this gives her an edge. The bold colors are part of a niche that has made Doe Deere and the Lime Crime makeup something that many women desire.

The Lime Crime brand has managed to become one of the most desired brands during Christmas time because this where many mothers, aunts and friends buy these makeup accessories for loved one. The brand still sells throughout the year, but there is definitely in an increase in sales during the holiday season. Doe Deer prepares for the overload of customers by using social media to advertise to even more customers. She can hire more workers or reduction her workforce when needed because she does all of her advertising online. She doesn’t have a lot of expenses outside of the actual production of the product.

Doe Deere is popular because she is not the old CEO of a makeup line that has been around forever. She is a younger bubbly woman that young women and teenagers – the biggest consumers of makeup – can relate to. That makes it so much easier for her to release a new product and get a quick response because she knows what young women like. She is a young woman. She doesn’t have to do what the other makeup companies do when there is no one in charge that relates to a younger crowd. What Doe Deere has done is make people recognize the new brands that she has created. This is one of the best reasons to become a fan of the Doe Deer brand. This is the voice of the young, and all of her products speak to a new generation.

Doe Deere has managed to create a different type of vibe and she has incorporated the world of social media to do it. She doesn’t use traditional advertising, but she doesn’t need to. Everything that she has been able to promote has been free advertising. That is what gives her more money to dedicate to her product. There is a love for the brand that makes this come off as a novelty. It is like a special brand that people are privileged to get access to.

Most people are not familiar with the Doe Deer brand, but it is becoming the brand that is getting lots of buzz. The fact that it is buzz worthy is what keeps this brand hot. People are talking about it so much because it is trendy. It is new and exciting to a young and new generation.

OrganoGold: The Authority On Coffee and Tea

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of OrganoGold, the tea and coffee company of the future. Bernardo wanted the world to see the health benefits of Ganoderma, an ancient herb. He began the company in 2008 with only two employees, and now operates in over 35 countries due to the hard work of Independent Distributors.

The company offers gourmet drinks, personal care products as well as nutrition supplements. Each boasts having an ancient Chinese herb connection that is responsible for overall well being and health. The company considers themselves an internet marketing company also, as they are trying to spread the word of this herb to as many as they can.

The products range from a single serving brew cup of coffee to the G3 Beauty Soap. The beverages include Gourmet Black Gold, Royal Brewed, Chocolate Almond, Toasted Hazelnut and Caramel Vanilla single serve coffee Brewkups. Other beverages include the Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Mocha, Café Latte, Hot Chocolate, Café Supreme, Black Ice, Red Tea and Red Tea.

Other products offered are the Nutraceuticals Ganoderma Lucidium, Mycelium, Grape Seed Oil and Spore Powder. The Personal Care line includes OG Smile, OG Smile Set and the G3 Beauty Soap.

The beauty of the company is not only are sellers able to help the people on Facebook that they sell to by informing them of the grand natural benefits of the medicinal herbs in their products, but they make a decent living as well.

As an Independent Distributor for the company, a person buys the Business Entry Kit which includes the office space required to work through the company site. There is a binder, a few samples and brochures and of course the opportunity to buy at wholesale costs that are also included in the Entry Kit fee.

For those wishing to take on more responsibility and a higher compensation, the Diamond or Benz Clubs are top tier and elite memberships gained through being among the highest compensated. If a distributor aspires to these goals, they can look forward to trips to the Bahamas and many other luxurious destinations as a gratuity for earning the company so much money.

If someone is passionate about natural remedies and coffee or tea, OrganoGold is a company that will value the insight and support. Through distributors worldwide, they hope to enlighten millions about the positive effects of the herbs and products offered as a means to help keep the world healthy.

Walking is Good for Your Health

The average person that works in an office probably does not get that much exercise. The fact is that we live in a sedentary society. We drive to work or commute to work on public transportation. We spend almost the entire day behind a desk. Most office workers rarely leave their desk. Some think that standing up and stretching for a minute might help to improve their health. However, a study by the University of Utah School of Medicine was performed on sedentary workers. The study discovered that even 2 minutes of walking improved their health. More information here.

Exercise is great for our health. To find out what Bruce Levenson thinks of the issue you can contact him through his personal website. Most health experts agree that people should try to get a certain amount of exercise daily. However, the findings show that vigorous exercise is not all that great. Certainly, the idea of vigorous exercising is very distressing to some people. The good news is that even a small amount of exercise seems to improve the overall health of the individual. The study revealed that even a small change would make a big difference in health and general well-being. Most people would probably gravitate more toward a few minutes walking instead of trying to run a marathon or jogging several miles.