How Mark Mofid grew his business and brings value to his clients

It’s no surprise that the field of cosmetic surgery is competitive. With traditional medical insurance not picking up the tab customers are much more likely to comparison shop and find the best value for their money. It can be very difficult for a cosmetic surgery practitioner to provide both an excellent quality of care combined with a price that is competitive in the local market.

When looking for examples of best practices, Mark Mofid is one of the first names that comes to mind. Starting out initially in an 850 square foot space he has considerably grown his practice to accommodate the newest treatments as well as tried and true methods.

The way Mark Mofid built his practice was a mix of conventional and unconventional business philosophy. One of the most conventional pieces of advice he gives newcomers is to never put the cart before the horse. With so many procedures, options, and new technology it can be very tempting to invest heavily and things that you are not comfortable with. Mark Mofid started his practice small and grew it from there once he had established his client base and experience.

On the unconventional side of things is his staffing practices. Mark Mofid wholly believes that experience is overrated and that some of his best employees have been diamonds in the rough. This makes quite a bit of sense for generalist positions such as front office staff. In many cases it’s more important for a person to be driven and motivated rather than have experience. Sometimes this experience can be a detriment if too many bad habits are learned.

It is important to note however that you cannot expect to retain quality employees forever. You should expect and actively seek out employees who want to advance in their careers. You may not be able to keep them forever, but you this is the only way to ensure that you only hire the most driven and motivated people.

These combined techniques have made Mark Mofid a standout in his industry. These lessons are often applicable not only to cosmetic surgery, but also to small business and entrepreneurship as a whole.

Dr. Dov Rand Discusses Bio-Identical Hormones

Dr Dov Rand discussed bio-identical hormones in a video. In the short clip, the doctor said that bio-identical hormones are hormones. Dr. Dov Rand said they are compounded in a specialty pharmacy. The doctor pointed out that the hormones come from natural sources such as yam or soy. Furthermore, the hormones are identical to the hormones our bodies produce, molecularly speaking.

One of the things that make bio-identical hormones special is that our bodies sees them as belonging to us and not as foreign substances.


Who Is Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand would know a thing or two about bio-identical hormones. He is a bio-identical hormone specialist who is based in West Orange, New Jersey. The doctor is a physical medicine doctor, as well as a rehabilitation doctor (

He received his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. One of the things the doctor is known for is he will not prescribe treatment, nor recommend it unless it can be supported via an article or medical journal.


Dr. Dov Rand: Experience And Expertise

Throughout the last 15+ years, Dr. Dov Rand has treated many pain patients via the use of steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications and epidurals. He a certified in medical acupuncture and he has undergone extensive training with cenegenics.


Other Info

He is an active member of the A4M society, as well as the Age Management Group. He is currently working towards earning his Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine, regenerative and functional medicine. He has also passed the written boards and he will be taking his oral board exams in the future.

Dr. Dov Rand is known for living his life the way he preaches. Furthermore, he enjoys being healthy and active, which is why he takes quality supplements, eats healthy and trains with weights/cardio, does yoga and participates in martial arts.