Researchers Find Significant Link Between Birth Month and Likelihood of Developing Certain Diseases

Astrology is the practice of charting stars to predict personality traits and life events, this practice is often considered by scientists as a pseudo-science. While the scientific merit of astrology is a matter of personal opinion, there is new research that discovered a significant link between a person’s birth month and their chances of developing certain diseases.

According to researchers, conditions such as atherothrombosis, asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and myopia share a relationship to the month a person is born says Marcio Alaor BMG. Other research has also found significant correlations between schizophrenia and birth month, a finding that is still unexplained by scientists.

The most recent study used a hypothesis-free experimental method to test for links between disease and birth month, the study considered data from 1,749,400 participants. Researchers claim they found a total of 55 diseases had extremely strong links to birth month. Even though the correlation discovered by researchers does not suggest being born in a certain month is the factor that is actually causing the disease, it does suggest that their may be seasonal effects taking place in very early childhood that sets them up for disease later in life.

However, more research is needed before this study is confirmed. Furthermore, researches will continue to discover what is causing these links between illness and the month a person is born.