Lawrence Bender the Entertainment Maestro

Lawrence Bender was born in the United States on October 17, 1957, in Bronx, New York City. The celebrity is well known for movie production and his works on the various movie has been superb. Lawrence Bender has produced many movies, i.e., reservoir dogs, 1992, pulp fiction, 1994 among others. The producer has also played minor roles in some of the movies that he has played a role.

The producer is of Romanian descent and was able to attend school, at the University of Maine where he went through civil engineering course. He was able to graduate with an honors bachelor’s degree in civil and structural engineering. Before he joined acting and later becoming a producer, Lawrence Bender was a ballet dancer. However, he sustained an injury which saw him quit dancing. He started his movie and TV production career under the close watch and mentorship of Sandra Seacat. After that, he entirely ventured into film and TV production. Lawrence Bender is also mentioned in a book titled ‘killer instinct written by ‘Jane Hamshers.’ Hence from that moment on, he has firmly worked with his friend Quentin Tarantino in many endeavors in the American entertainment industry.

Bender formed a company with Quentin Tarantino that was known as ‘Band apart records.’ Their company was meant to focus more on the release of soundtracks that was to be distributed by Maverick Records. Maverick Records is a company that is owned by Madonna.

Lawrence Bender holds the record of being the only producer who was able to film in two simultaneous competitions that were held in the German capital of Berlin. The two movies include Jackie Brown, 1997 and Goodwill Hunting, 1997. Additionally, Lawrence Bender has featured in television and film works. In television, he has successfully been involved in producing music videos and commercials for his company. His company which he co-owns with Tarantino has been involved in producing commercials for various directors like John Woo, McG, and Tim Burton. Back in the year 2001 the A band company was able to shoot over 75 video music and TV commercials and garnered 13 music video Awards.

The Success of Troy Mcquagge in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., which is based in FT. Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group mainly focuses on providing a high standard healthcare insurance to customers who are self-employed and also small business owners. The main vision and target of USHEALTH Group Inc. is to incorporate together the abilities and experiences of its employees to the marketing valuable insurance which matches the competitive market to its customers. By so doing, they ensure high profitability.

He joined the group in 2010, where he brought revolutionary change in the group. For starters, he achieved this by restructuring both its Agency for distribution and USHEALTH Advisors. Through his hard work, determination, and vision for the prosperity of the group, he was elected CEO and president in 2014. Under his management as the groups CEO, he has made notable success as the group has made a lot of progress and huge profits. The company has stood out to be one of the best in the healthcare insurance market.

Tony McQuagge efforts have earned him recognition, and most importantly he has been able to clinch the coveted and prestigious Gold award in the 2016, namely One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awards. The worldwide award focuses on honoring success in business and professional fields in every industry globally. During the awards, nominations from Organizations around the world are submitted which may include various aspects such as private to public firms, primordial businesses, huge to small businesses, and also profit making to nonprofit.

Tony McQuagge, however, owes the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc., as it’s through their hard work and determination that the group has been able to achieve great success in providing healthcare insurance services to clients. The services favorable and affordable to their customers which in turn enables the firm to thrive in the sector.

Troy McQuagge has greatly fostered unity in the group under his tenure. Doing so has led to great interactions among the insurance agents and the customers as a result of selling quality insurance products to them. The initiative has seen the group grow exponentially and become more popular. At the same time, it has provided the firm with an edge in the competitive individual healthcare market. For more info on this article, follow this link.