Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a company that works to issue fast working capital to those in needs. For the enterprise, they have also specialized in the issuance of stock-based loans to those who want to secure fast working capital in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Equities First Holdings has also seen more traction in the intake of stock-based loans during the onset of the harsh economic conditions during the harsh economic conditions. During these times, banks and other credit facilities tighten their lending capabilities. For this reason, they also increase their interest rates to amounts that scare away most of the borrowers.

For this reason, business ends up stagnating. For those who need fast working capital during the harsh economic conditions, they should also consider that Equities First Holdings is one of the most trusted in this capability. For the company, they are looking forwards to the issuance of fast working capital.While many other options are in existence in the industry, most people have sought to get means of securing fast working capital through the banks and other credit facilities. During the harsh economic crisis, banks tighten their lending capabilities so that few people qualify for the loans. As a Matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what it takes to develop high-end skills in this industry.

For this reason, better business is in the watch out of working issues. If you are willing to develop fast working capital, you might also consider working to meet the high-end needs associated with fast working capital.Stock-based loans are better than margin loans. While the two loans are characterized by the use of stocks as collateral, its engagement is different. You are required to state the use of the loans for margin loans. However, you can secure the loan without limitations with the stock-based loans.

Equities Stock-Based Loans That Attract A Growing Number Of Clients Over The Years.

Since the launch of Equities First Holdings in 2002, the firm has transacted over 100 business deals for clients around the world, ranging from highly qualified persons to global enterprises. In 2012, the company reported a growth of 30 percent and an increased growth of 45 percent in 2013. In 2013, Equities accelerated its growth through the partnership with Meridian Equity Partners, an international investment firm operating from its headquarters in London. As a result of the transaction, Equities labor force rose by 50 percent. Al Christy, the chief executive officer of Equities, stated that Equities growth is continuous due to the provision of the highly beneficial stock-based loans. He revealed that a majority of the business clients included investors, executives, enterprises and high net worth individuals who needed the cash for capital.

Equities First Holdings offers customers with stock-based loans that have a fixed interest rate of three to four percent and fixed loan to value ratio of fifty to seventy-five percent. The stock-based loans have a non-recourse nature, meaning a borrower can use the amount for any venture of choice. A client is allowed to use stock in another company as collateral to acquire a loan. Once the loan’s payment is complete, the stock is not dumped into the open market, but it is reassigned back to the borrower. In the case of fluctuation of markets during the transaction process, a client has the full right to walk away from the business deal, free of any future responsibilities arising from the dealings.

Al Christy stated the Equities ensures that it maintains a transparent and integral loan process by recruiting highly qualified legal practitioners to oversee the process. He revealed that Equities aim is to provide clients with maximum benefits of the stock-based loans so as to ensure their personal and professional goals become a reality.

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