Brazilian Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto in Country’s Litigation

Ricardo Tosto is among the best lawyers Brazil has. He is known to many people for his performance in the court cases. His major client in the sector is an international company that gets services from Leite. The Lawyers of Brazil are also the most appropriate individuals in the world who do not relent in a case. Leite is known for their efficient handling of many cases. They prioritize their loyal customers and counsel them well.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the lawyers who has put legal services on the forefront and has led to his company having many clients since they want this model of litigation. Customers are assured of excellent provided management.

Ricardo Tosto as we had said is well known all over Brazil and is a leader in the litigation sector. With impeccable organization skills, he is doing his work in an efficient form. Clients trust him in matters banking even in cases involving bank accounts that need secrecy. The qualities that are given to him include dedication, agility, and skilled techniques. When we come to cases involving compliance and corporate crime, the Brazil lawyers are excellent. Ricardo Tosto in this sector is good in criminal litigation. He has handled cases involving money laundering well. They have encouraged the Brazilian courts to disregard evidence from Swiss companies. Their advocacy is in the view that their testimony is not at par with co-operation agreements of prosecution.

In sectors like labor and environment, Ricardo Tosto has skills and expertise in their litigation. He has together with other experts, been working on the defense of a HEP project that people wanted it to be canceled. He encourages due process to be followed before striking a deal on any environmental project. Labor matters are also crucial, and he is so efficient and dependable in case one needs the protection of his/her labor rights. The offices of Ricardo Tosto are in Sao Paolo, Rio de Janiero, and Brasilia.

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Dan Newlin Brings Justice To Accident Victims.

Dan Newlin has always wanted to help; it’s just who he is. He began at the age of 18 working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the city of New Chicago Indiana. The job would only last six months. It seems that delivering a newborn in the back of an ambulance just wasn’t for him.

Instead, Dan Newlin became a police officer in Orange County Florida. As a Deputy Sheriff, he worked in many different departments. Some of them include Patrol Division, Fugitive Division, and the Tourist Policing Division. In his role as a Sheriff, Mr. Newlin won many awards and honors which he still cherishes. However, this wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to do even more.

He enrolled in law school in the year 1997 and graduated in 2000. The type of law he practiced became a passion after speaking to a young woman who had been in a car accident and lost her unborn child due to a careless driver. Mr. Newlin heard from her concerning her treatment by the man’s insurance company. They never offered condolences or an apology. They also refused to give her a monetary award to pay for her medical bills. Mr. Newlin was profoundly affected by her story.

However, as he talked to others, he found her case to not be unusual. Many people were falling victim to indifferent insurance companies through no fault of their own. It was then that Dan Newlin knew the legal profession he was to enter.

Licensed in both Florida and Illinois he now practices mainly in Florida. He has grown his office from one with a single secretary to one with over 70 employees. He has 18 experienced lawyers in his office. Many of them have a past specialty. One is a retired and certified surgeon; others have worked as State prosecutors. Together they make a formidable team. It’s noted that they will take small cases as well as the high profiled one. There is a strong belief among the team members that all persons deserve justice.

In 2012, a young teenage girl was riding in the back of her family’s minivan when she was struck by a stray bullet. It had been fired by Tyrone Mosby, 22 when he and a group of gang members were fleeing from a home invasion. The bullet was meant for the homeowner but struck 15 year old Danielle Sampson in the head.

Ms. Sampson remains in a coma-like state with bullet fragments lodged in her skull and brain. Despite attempts at rehab, she is paralyzed and can only occasionally communicate by blinking her eyes. In 2014, Mr. Newlin took the case to trial and won the largest settlement in American history. A grand $100 million. It includes payment of current and future medical care, punitive damages, pain and suffering for the teen and emotional distress with a loss of companionship for her mother, Alma.