Growing Anti-Semitism in the United States, According to Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein, author of Jewish blog, asserts that anti-Semitism is on the rise and there are many examples in modern society of this going on. Muslims typically blame Jews for being “evil Zionists”, asserts Adam Milstein, who are “all-powerful and are the root of all problems” in the middle east.

In an example of this, Linda Sarsour who is hailed as the leader of Women’s March in D.C. and who supports Muslims, supports a form of Muslim law named “sharia law” which in reality advocates for the stoning of women and gays. Women are also told to hide their hair under vails, according to the Islamic faith.

Extremists nuts such as Sarsour also held a “jihad against Trump” speech where she gave praise and thanks to Siraj Wajjah, who was one of the main people involved in the ‘93 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York. Moveover, she praises the way in which Saudi Arabia treats women.

Sarsour aside, There are many examples on college campuses of anti-Semitism that go on. At Tufts University, there is such thing as a “disorientation guide” which advocates for students to call Israel a “white supremacist” place. And even at the esteemed NYU / New York University, a condemnation of Israel occurs 55 times compared to the number of times that Trump or “white supremacy” is mentioned.

Then in Chicago at the Chicago Dyke March, which is meant to support the LGBT community, Adam Milstein states that many supporters were thrown out for having an Israeli Star of David on their flag.

And even another example in Chicago, at a rally meant to oppose sexual assault where some Jewish ralliers decided to join and were instead thrown out and asked to join the speech by Rasmea Odeh: a Palestinian terrorist convicted of killing two Jewish students.

Jews living in Iran even saw the writing on the wall and emigrated quickly to the United States in the 1970s before things escalated and got more radicalized over there, Adam Milstein goes on to say.

Brian Mulligan is a Man of Many Interests


Brian Mulligan has led a very interesting and successful life, working as a CEO and in related positions at the top of gigantic companies like Universal Pictures and FOX Broadcasting. However, if you look at the blog that he writes and maintains in his spare time, you’ll find that this isn’t a man who just thinks about business or entertainment. He actually has a ton of different interests, and he’s more than happy to write about all of them.

For instance, he has one post on the side of the blog about Winston Churchill. He says that Churchill, who helped lead England through some of the darkest days of World War Two, is an idol of his. It’s easy to see how he could admire Churchill’s courage and abilities, especially when faced with such a tough situation.

In another post, he talks about the NFL and the Los Angeles Raiders. He’s clearly a football fan and has been one for years, as he understands the game and its history. He makes the case for a legendary corner known as The Judge to make it into the NFL Hall of Fame, saying it’s a shame he hasn’t gotten in already.

In still another article, he talks about a Bible verse that he likes. However, it’s more than just an inspirational post, something that a lot of people write about. Instead, he talks about how he thinks that verse is not always interpreted correctly. Whether you agree with him or not on that point, it’s clear that he’s given it a lot of thought.

These are just a few examples, but scrolling quickly though his blog shows that his posts are all over the place. A lot are about sports, whether he’s talking about playing golf or watching tennis. Some are about family, including one about his father, who passed away two decades ago. Anything he thinks about or cares about, he takes a moment to write down. It really helps someone who has never met him feel like they can get to know him a little bit.

Working in the entertainment industry has probably really shaped Mulligan over the years. It’s exposed him to many different types of entertainment and many different people. These experiences have rubbed off on him, making him quite well-rounded. For this reason, he’s able to write about many subjects with authority, crafting a very entertaining site.

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