Troy McQuagge Lets You Enjoy Affordable Healthcare through Insurance from USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group provides individual life and health insurance solutions to families and business owners. The group was established in 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas. It was created through a restructuring plan that resulted in the name change from Ascent Assurance to USHEALTH Group in 2005. The company utilizes an extensive agent network to grow its sales. The group’s portfolio includes health insurance, fixed indemnity medical cover, dental insurance, accident and emergency coverage, and income protection solutions.


The group offers innovative, customized products that are reliable and affordable. They are passionate about establishing long-term commitments with customers that foster loyalty. USHEALTH Group has achieved rapid growth to become the industry leader in the health and life insurance sector and related products.


Additionally, the group has won numerous industry awards for excellence in leadership, business development, and service delivery. USHEALTH Advisors, a subsidiary of the group, has won prominent awards such as “Most Innovative Company of the Year,” and “National Sales Team of the Year” by Stevie Awards in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Stevie Awards honor excellence in sales, business development, and customer service. The President and CEO of the group, Troy McQuagge, also bagged the “CEO of the Year” award given by One Planet Awards in 2017.


The group continues to set the pace with innovative insurance products and responsive customer care. Their products can be customized to cater to short-term requirements such as unscheduled surgeries and accidents. Additionally, flexible payment plans work to attract those with irregular incomes and unpredictable health circumstances.


The group is committed to providing innovative products that enable affordable healthcare. Health insurance is an excellent path to cheaper healthcare costs. It also acts to provide peace of mind in emergency situations. USHEALTH Group offers hassle-free claims. They provide quick relief in already stressful situations. Most claims will clear within ten days. The policy is individual and portable meaning it is not tied down to a specific provider or employer.


The group has an extensive list of healthcare providers ensuring members have the freedom of choice to keep their favorite service providers. USHEALTH Group consists of more than ten companies which work together to execute the overall mission. Some of the firms under the group include US Health Advisors, the direct distribution agency, US Health Direct, US Health Academy, Ascent Funding, and Pacific Casuality Company besides many others. Two of the subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance and National Foundation Life, underwrite the group’s products and learn more about Troy.


The group operates an interactive online portal where a policyholder can create a free account. This opens access to useful information on healthcare and the benefits of your specific policy. You can also compare costs in treatment options and medications, view lists of participating providers, and view your prescription history and read full article.

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