Jason Hope is Optimistic about the Internet of Things

Jason has a notable interest in technology and specifically the Internet of things. He is a known entrepreneur and philanthropist who writes about the latest technology trends. To Jason, the internet of things is the greatest innovation in the tech industry. His articles provide great insights on where this technology is going.

Jason Hope advises the large corporations to adopt the use of technology. If they don’t take it on, they will be disrupted. This will of cos pause a significant challenge to the smaller companies as they struggle to keep up with their pace. Jason foresees the world where all devices will be able to communicate with each other and share data.

While smart technology is simply a convenient option for consumers, for now, it will become the only option soon, according to Jason. Small aspects of your life like turning off the lights or making coffee will be affected, and companies will be competing to provide the most useful and relevant apps to their consumers and more information click here.

One of the major pros of smart technology and internet of things as a whole is its ability to eliminate waste while making our lives better and easier. The transportation sector is one of the most affected. There is better monitoring and maintenance of trains and public bus routes to detect and avoid dangerous states on the roads.

Ultimately, the desired goal is to have less congestion and fewer cars on the roads as people opt for public transit options. This will also help in reducing road accidents and pollution effects. These effects are felt in the urban areas as well. Clearly, Mr. Hope is right to be excited about the internet of things and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope’s Education

Jason acquired his degree qualification from Arizona State University. He did his MBA from Carey’s School of Business at the same college. After school, he started a mobile communications company. Today his focus is on philanthropy, startups, and biotechnology and more visit Youtube.

Jason Hope’s Philanthropic Work

One of the projects that fascinate Jason is the SENS foundation whose objective is creating better and quality life for human beings through tackling the problem of aging. The organization’s vision is to find a cure to the aging disease that leads to faster aging and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

On his free time, he likes mentoring high school students.

Tim Armour: Here’s What Buffett Gets Wrong About Investing.

Retirees looking for investment advice could do worse than turn to someone like Warren Buffett for advice. Fellow investor Tim Armour, of Capital Group, says that might not be the wisest idea.

While Buffett sings the praises of the S&P 500 passive index, something found in his annual shareholder newsletter, Armour points out the flaw in sticking to these kinds of funds, especially for those coming to investing to build a portfolio to carry them through retirement.

Passive index funds, Armour points out, enjoy popularity in the current environment due to the unusual length of this bull market. But the mark of a successful investor is to the ability to get a return on an investment regardless of current trends.

While Armour concedes that there is simply no way to know for certain which fun will outperform expectations or trends, he has spotted a trend in the analysis of thousands of funds over decades. Funds which had low expenses for those investing and a fund manager personally invested were indicators of positive returns and learn more about Tim.

Armour’s methodology weeds out predatory managers that look to make money off unwitting investors or simply know the fund they manage won’t succeed long in the current, or a changed, environment. This investing method has been applied at Capital Group, and Armour has found that they ave averaged 1.47 percent above index benchmarks after fund expenses were accounted for and Tim on Facebook.

About Tim Armour:

Timothy D. Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He began his career in equity investment as an analyst for Capital Group. This included a robust set of responsibilities giving him a unique insight into global telecommunications and read full article.

With more than three decades of experience working in finance, Armour went on to become Chairman and Principal Executive Officer for Capital Research and Management Company

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a company that provides alternative loan solutions to companies and other entities in this arena. For the company, they are always associated with the use of stock-based loans. For you to secure the stock-based loan, you must submit your stocks as collateral or scrutiny. Once the stocks as correlated, you end up getting a better way of obtaining fast money to develop your projects. The company targets the rich individuals and companies. For startup companies, hey are in need of the fast working capital. Therefore, they end up working for difference capabilities in a manner that depicts the true nature of dependence. As a matter of fact, we always have better results developed through increasing dependence in these solutions and read full article.

Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the intake of stock-based loans during the increased economic crisis. For this reason, the banks and other sources of credit loans are tightening their lending capabilities. For this reason, you end up in need of fast working capital. The best company at your aid is Equities First Holdings that works by developing their high-end developments in a manner that does not depict the actual nature of the industry. Therefore, people get better results through this association in a manner that can be matched in this arena and Website of Equities.

The stock-based loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets the clients walk away from the loan without completing any repayment. For this reason, they end up working for different companies. The stock-based loans are also characterized by the low-interest rates that attract you at every point of the corner. For this reason, they have been adopted in an increasing manner in the world. Al Christy is the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings. According to him, business is what makes the people get better results through stock-based loans.

Goettl Air Conditioning Wants To Help Veterans Get Going

Veterans who get out of the service have to get back into their civilian lives and figure out what they are going to do. They have to have a solution for what they will do for a living, and a lot of them go into things like AC repair. Ken Goodrich is the President at Goettl Air Conditioning, and he has established an award that is going to help one lucky veteran every year. The Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award is going to give $1000 to a veteran who just got out of school for HVAC, and those people will be able to buy all new tools to use in their jobs.

The award went to a Navy veteran this year, and Ken Goodrich also gives an award to people who have families that are in the AC industry. He wants to help as many people as he can with the jobs they want to do, and he wants to get more people in the field helping to keep Phoenix cool. His company has been helping people in Phoenix stay cool for a long time, and he wants to keep that going for as long as he can.

The other part of this is that Goettl Air Conditioning is still the most helpful company in the area. Anyone who needs better customer service can come to Goettl, and there are a lot of people who are going to love the fact that they can give to a company that helps veterans and people going to school. The Post 9’11 Veterans Tools Award is just one thing that Goettl does for the community, but it is the one that has the most impact. Ken Goodrich gives freely to people who need help getting started in a new career every year.

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Laidlaw & Company Has Banking options for Wealthy Businesses and Individuals

Laidlaw & Company is a full-service investment banking firm offering personalized investment advice and skillful performance to public and personal institutions,along with high net worth individual traders. With a legacy of 170 years of securities and independent investment banking brokerage, they are dedicated to serving the needs of private customers, company entrepreneurs, institutions and global and national firms worldwide.
Laidlaw has a constantly expanding network of workplaces in America and Europe with more than 150 employees running under dual SEC authority and FINRA registration, allowing the firm to develop associations and pursue new business endeavors and support individual clients on a global basis. A business and relationship-driven culture defined by a strong “think outside the box” approach, disbursing financial alternatives through both attentive and independent revenue offices and collecting resources.

Laidlaw (UK) Ltd. provides investment financial and wealth management solutions to associations and people in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its investment banking services include capital raising through keeping collateral with institutional and high net worth retail investors; positioning of debt and mezzanine funds with institutional traders; purchase financing; arrangement of nationwide exchange listings; the United States Of America trading markets; GOAL-detailed trades in the United Kingdom marketplace; and initial public offerings. Laidlaw & Co.’s wealth management services contain fiscal planning, profile management, and expense advisory services.

Laidlaw & Organization (UK) Ltd. is based in New York, New York. For more info visit Stopbrokerfaud.com.



Terry Jones Set To Add His Efforts To Develop Highland Capital Management Through The Existing Dynamic Market

Terry is aware of the fact that already Highland Capital Management has been able to conquer the challenges in the financial credit market. Its performance with hedge funds, private equities, and distressed investment is beyond measure. The firm has been able to conquer all the risks and embrace opportunities through transparency a reason he is psyched up to work as the president of institutional products. Jones has over 25 years’ experience and will be active in aligning portfolio risk management at the Highland Capital. During his duty, he will be expected to report to the Highland Capital Management president James Dondero.

Jones is expected to help in broadening the institutional sales platform for Highland Capital Management through establishing strong links with other sectors. Despite the dynamic market, he is positive that the stability of Highland Capital Management is beyond any effect and shocks from the dynamism in the market. Dondero hopes that because of the volatility in the market Terry will help the firm in risk adjustment. For Terry, this is not a tough job because Highland Capital Management is already past tough turmoil successfully. His experience as a portfolio manager is definitely perfect for his new role at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management was founded by James back in 1993 and has been successful up to being the top manager of over $20 billion for credit funds and emerging funds. Dondero is an expert in financial credit and private equity-based from his career. He studied at the University of Virginia where he obtained the highest beta, gamma, alpha, sigma honors from McIntire school of commerce. He has also received certifications for CPA, CFA, and CMA in addition to his over 30 years’ experience in financial credit and equity markets. His focus majorly has been on distressed investments like niche products for example timber.

At the start of his credit analysis career, James attended Morgan Guaranty Training Program and later worked with the GIC subsidiary in the promotion of protective life insurance. He managed to grow for the subsidiary $2 billion worth of profit. Jim has also worked with American Express in the management of $ 1 billion for the firm. Many financial institutions are successful thanks to his financial credit solutions like Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), institution separate accounts, REITs, and RTFS. He has been of great help for retailers, wholesalers and many institutions dealing with financial credit in general. Dondero is also a trusted director and chairman in several institutions board teams.

This article recapped http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-appoints-new-president-of-institutional-products-for-highland-capital-management-300165627.html

Sanjay Shah Steers Solo Capital Markets into Financial Success

Solo Capital Markets was founded by businessman Sanjay Shah in 2011. It deals with financial services and stock trading in London, United Kingdom. It operates as a financial boutique firm and is regulated in the UK. Since inception, the company has continuously outperformed others in the financial services markets. This has seen its tremendous growth from a mere startup into a force to be reckoned with in under four years of operation.

Control and Ownership

The company was started by Sanjay Shah and is privately held. It is controlled by a subsidiary of Aesa S.a.r.l. called Solo Group Holdings. The companies are owned and controlled by Sanjay Shah. It has an issued share capital of £18.2 million with an equivalent £18.2 million in equity holding.

Financial Operations of the Firm

Solo Capital has specialized in three main areas that have been quite profitable for the company. In proprietary trading, it trades in commodities as well as their derivatives. It also deals with forex currency trading. This area has higher risk with an equivalent high return. Solo Capital has experienced personnel who lead its consulting services division. The company offers professional investment advice, performance appraisal strategies and human capital.

The firm is also involved in professional sports investments. In this area, it has specialized in talent acquisition, commercial representation and advisory services as well as asset management and performance appraisal. The company has hired an experienced team of professionals to carry out all company business and ensure exemplary client service.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay shah is a British born businessman and entrepreneur of Indian origin. In 2009, Shah decided to use his entrepreneurship skills and years of experience working in the financial markets sector to start a financial brokerage company. That year marked the beginning of Solo Capital and over three dozen other companies associated and owned by the Philanthropic businessman.

Shah revealed in a Global Citizen Magazine interview that he initially studied medicine for a while. However, he soon realized that this was not the right career path for him. He took a bold step and dropped out to study accounting. After graduating, he secured employment in a number of top investment banks in the country including Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

Retirement and Philanthropic Endeavors

Today, his group of companies stretch across Europe in countries like Luxembourg, Malta, Dubai, London, Cayman Islands as well as the British Virgin Islands. Shah is officially retired from active employment and has retreated to Dubai where he currently resides with his Family.

Shah is passionate about supporting Research into Autism. The philanthropist started Autism Rocks, a charitable organization that raises money for research work done by Autism Research Center at Cambridge University. Autism Rocks organizes charity concert and arranges for free performances by top international musicians.

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Tracing The Path Of Solo Capital And Sanjay Shah In Business And Philanthropy.

After Sanjay Shah felt that medicine was not his place as a medical student his quit his medical studies. The know prosperous and famous business person and philanthropist say that then he did not want to spend his time as a doctor. He joined accounting and started his business career by working for Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley among other prominent firms in the business industry. He was very prosperous as an accountant, and this is what gave him a chance to work with such notable names in the business. He became an entrepreneur in 2009 after he was made redundant in the 2008 economic crisis. At this time, he was not ready to look for another job, and he felt more comfortable starting his own business. From the small fortune he had made as an accountant, he started forming start up firms all over the world. He lastly founded Solo Capital in this same year.

Solo Capital is a global firm that offers boutique financial services to its clients. This firm’s financial boutique services included; proprietary trading such as FX, derivatives and commodities; professional sports investments management regarding talent management, sports investments business and financial representation, sports performance analysis and sports assets management; consultancy services such as human capital advisory, financial and investment consultancy. Solo Capital was so successful in this field as it was able to give clients in the business sector unmatched and incomparable services. Solo Capital also engaged in financial and economic bets such as the Greece debt crisis which was the biggest profit earner for the firm. Solo Capital was also prominent for its top customer services in the business industry that always kept its customers coming back and its clients numbers grow. Solo Capital was able to rise gas to being one of the best firms in the business due to its high experienced and professional staff who gave their customers best services.

Solo Capital recently added Old Park Lane Capital under its management following the purchase of the firm. The natural resources stock broker firm, Old Park Lane Capital, which was facing collapse, will be the new Solo Capital venture. The entry of Solo Capital in the natural resources industry is expected to improve the industry and also help this firm gain more clients. On the other hand, Sanjay recently started an autism charity after he retired from business. The charity known as Autism Rocks was founded by Sanjay Shah after he got passionate about helping children with autism. Sanjay Shah is now a fully dedicated philanthropist, and he is expected to bring a lot of change in the to the philanthropic industry. Sanjay Shah and his Autism Rocks charity have already started funding research and awareness programs on autism. They also have given donations to autism centers and autistic children all over the world.

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Florida Lawmakers Shelve Everglades Fracking Bill

Overjoyed are Florida environmentalists and activists as they learned Florida State Senators would not pursue legislation authorizing hydraulic fracking and matrix acidizing in the Florida Everglades.

Feeling pressure from public outcry, the lawmakers dismissed the initiative supported by the petroleum and natural gas industry. Nearly 50 municipalities, environmental and utility authorities have ordinances in place prohibiting fracking on their properties. Had the initiative advanced and become legislation, these ordinances would be nullified. All fracking activity would come under a single state agency jurisdiction.

Republican sState Senator Garrett Richter, the sponsor of the failed initiative contends more safeguards would be implemented through a Florida Department of Environmental Protection study. The study would discuss the logistics of matrix acidizing and hydraulic fracking and the chemical agents. Richter said exploratory drilling would not occur until the study was finished and limits were established.

Environment Florida state director, Jennifer Rubiello commented, “Fracking would threaten our drinking water and the Everglades, and that’s why this bill has drawn wide, bipartisan opposition from every corner of our state.” She further remarked,“We’re delighted that senators have sided with the clean water and natural beauty that makes Florida famous, not with the narrow interests of the oil and gas polluters.”

Those opposing the proposed legislation stated there was never a need for a study to show fracking viability in the Everglades. They cited the impact fracking would have on the subterranean limestone bedrock and Biscayne Aquifer. The aquifer is South Florida’s primary fresh water source.

Senator Richter believes the low per barrel price of oil played a significant role in not finding support for the legislation. He indicated as the price of oil increases, petroleum producers will need to satisfy consumer demand. They will lobby for hydraulic fracking and matrix acidizing in Florida once again.

According to figures published by the National Wildlife Federation, the Florida Everglades covers over two million acres. Spanning from the south of Orlando to the South Florida Bay, it is a habitat for an array of animals, organisms and plant species.

Chicago, Illinois-based Madison Street Capital, LLC, the premier worldwide investment banking and financial services organization, published the hedge fund industry M&A overview, 4th edition, which reviews transactions and merger and acquisition opportunities. Madison Street Capital, LLC offers its clients a strategic approach to financial consultations and recommendations.

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The Man Behind Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah, who is also known to be the founder of Solo Capital Partners which is a financial services company, has used the large fortune he has earned to also help those less fortunate. in his philanthropic capacity he founded the organization we know as Autism Rocks. This organization focuses on raising money and creating awareness for autism around the world. This connection with the disorder was created when his son, at the age of 4 years was diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorder. While having a beverage with a very well known super star by the name of Snoop Dogg, Sanjay had a realization. he was going to stage concerts with these super stars to raise money for the cause. The actual first concert was held in 2014 with the artist Prince. This was an invitation only event and since then there have been many more to follow as they were extremely popular. Other artists that featured in concerts were big names like Michael Bublé, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg and a plethora of very well known DJ’s.

During an interview with Global Citizen Magazine, Sanjay Shah mentioned that he had been sponsoring young children in India for decades prior to his son being born and diagnosed. Since the realization of his sons condition he has since been very focused on how to help and spend the contributions he has made to the cause of Autism as a whole.

A significant milestone was made in June 2015 when Sanjay Shah bought the domain name Autism.Rocks for a whopping 100 000 dollars in order to set up a website for his organization. As well as being a member of the Autism Research Trust, a trust that makes considerable donations to the Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre he was appointed the trust director in January 2013 and has held that position since then. His wife, Usha Shah and Sanjay have both made several separate donations to the trust. They have 3 children together and one of the three children suffers from the neurodevelopmental disorder that Sanjay is raising money and creating awareness for.

Sanjay’s contributions to Autism as a whole have been invaluable. It has led to brining awareness to the disorder which has increased dramatically since the 1990’s. It has become knowledge now that focus should not be placed on the genetic influence and more the environmental factors that are the main cause of Autism in our society. Sanjay Shah and his wife, Usha Shah have paved the way for many to create a change in the way we see neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism. Their current work and future plans are greatly appreciated by all.