Josh Verne Heads The New Age Of Business

The age of business is changing. The mentality behind work is driving the change. Business owners are learning the more important aspects of running a business. They are also learning about the needed approach for running a business. Among the lessons they are learning are how to address their employees, and how to lead. The old days of bosses dictating to their employees what they should be doing is fading away. These days, the business owners are actually earning their respect as opposed to demanding respect from employees. There is getting to be less back stabbing and more cooperation in this newer age of business.


Among the people that are leading examples of this new style of business is Josh Verne. He is someone who is willing to allow himself to be human. There are a lot of admirable traits to Josh Verne. Among these traits is that he does not impose rules on people that he himself would not follow. Instead, he is willing to lead by example. He is also learning to be very patient because it takes a while to form new habits. This is one of the reasons that Josh is experiencing a lot of success in his career.


Another admirable trait to Josh Verne is that he is someone who is willing to admit when he is wrong. He also listens to his employees because he understands that employees often have good ideas that will take his business to the next level. He is also willing to give credit where it is earned.


Josh Verne is definitely an example of how the business world needs to be. When people take the time to actually be accessible, then they will earn more cooperation. At the same time, he also makes sure that he knows what type of people would work best with him.

Adam Goldenberg Has The Discipline To Lead

Leadership comes in many different ways and forms nowadays. In the field of business, it’s important to be able to demonstrate those leaderships skills on a consistent basis. Those looking to start up their own companies or perhaps buy into an existing one, need to be able lead effectively and quickly in order to overcome the competition and the fluctuating markets. Adam Goldenberg, Chief Executive Officer for a leading online retailer, has performed in this way for a long time. Adam knows how important it is to lead with an understand and take charge attitude because he has to manage the company as well as help his customers and employees.

Adam Goldenberg is highly qualified and brings a strong attitude to any situation. He has made a huge different in the success in JustFab by enabling it to better meet the needs of clients all across the United States as well as globally. Due to his knowledgable insight and hard work, most clients highly approve of his methods and judgements when looking for what they need. Whether someone is looking to spent the night out or go out to dinner, JustFab is capable of meeting the needs of nearly anyone. Source:

Many people try to move forward with a proper vision, however, this is not the case for Adam. He has constant momentum going towards his vision that also helps out those who work with him. With Adam’s leadership at JustFab, the company has become more modern in the normal world’s view and is always up to date with the needs of a changing lifestyle. Due to Adam’s work in reaching out to contemporary women, the company was able to see a great deal of growth in a short period of time. Women can always come looking for what they need as well as the newest and latest innovations on fashion.

Adam has a big goal for the long term of the company and is very excited to see where he can take the company on Both the employees and Adam have the skill and knowledge to continue bringing the company to even greater levels in the future. Adam has put out a reputation for being dependable and being there for those in need. As the company moves into the next era of retailing, Adam Goldenberg and his staff will be giving it their all.

Why Should Autism Rock? Ask Sanjay Shah.

Most people would agree that Autism is a terrible turn of fate for anyone as they often cannot speak for their entire life, even if they understand many things that go on about them. They are reserved in speech and cannot find a way out of a self imposed prison of silence. Sanjay Shah has first hand experience with Autism as do one out of 68 children, his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. Much has yet to be learned about the cause and cure for such a problem in children. Many children have been helped by engaging in Therapeutic Horseback riding, which stimulates the sensory functions of the child and gives them a feeling of empowerment as well as a special bond with the horse. This compels them to express their joy and sensations while riding on top of a 1200 pound animal such as a horse.

Sanjay has his own website dedicated to raising awareness toward autism and how it effects children such as his own son. He also hosts and raises funds with Autism benefit concerts where guests such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Buble performed to invitation only guests.

Sanjay Shah is also known as a man who once thought he should become a medical doctor but part way through realized he was not cut from that type of mold. Instead, he took up bean counting, which was his forte to be sure. He is worth more than $280 million after he spent the years 2011 through today in his Solo Capital fund management group which is registered in London, England and has some cash flow of 30.26 million Pounds. He considers himself retired at this time, however he is well endowed with the gifts to raise funds for good causes such as his Autism Rocks fund which he founded in April of 2014.

His entrepreneurial educational endeavors are also an area where Sanjay Shah invests his time and energy. He sets up small business ownership seminars and instruction groups. Being a self made successful accountant and entrepreneur himself, who has amassed great success in the capital management industry, he has a gift for wealth creation that is rare among men. He belongs to that elite group that always finds a way to raise money, no matter what the circumstances may be in the global economy. In fact, Shah was able to make a great deal of headway in the capital investment markets during the great recession of 2008 and 2009 as his first accounting positions involved him with investment banks, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. He is very amenable to his Autism Research Fund from which he routes donations to the Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.


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