Innovative Surgeon Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a prostate surgeon who is dedicated to providing his patients with compassionate and successful prostate treatment. He grew up in the Persian Jewish community of Iran. However, at age 15 he and his brother were forced to leave the Iranian community after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Dr. Samadi attended Stony Brook University where he attained a degree in biochemistry. In 1994 he received his degree from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi also attained post graduate training in Urology at Monteflore Medical Center in 2000.

Dr. Samadi is the developer of the SMART technique known as the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. He developed this technique to help patients after their prostate surgery as well with their recovery time after receiving prostate surgery.

Dr. Samadi TV is his live streaming broadcast which includes an online version of the popular television segment Sunday House Call. Dr. Samadi records one episode every week and it is shown every Sunday. The objective of his show is to feature relevant health topics and provide the public with answers and advice they seek on good health. Dr. Samadi does a lot of social media to educate people about their own health. People can also stream Dr. Samadi show live through Facebook, YouTube live and Twitter.

Dr. Samadi has received many awards. He has received the following awards NY Magazines Best Doctor, Castle Connoly Top Doctors, Vital Patient Choice Award, Most Compassionate Doctors,and Community Partner Award. New York magazine and America Top Doctors named him best doctor.

Former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney had disclosed to the public he underwent prostate surgery for a slow growing tumor. Regarding, Mitt Romney’s cancer diagnosis Dr. Samadi had stated Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer is good after receiving a successful surgery.

In an interview with Ideamensch Dr. Samadi discloses word of mouth has been the most effective strategy for growing his business. He also states he tries to make everyone around him feel better about themselves. Dr. Samadi in the interview with Ideamensch discussed how working for major hospitals can be challenging but at the same time rewarding.

About Dr. David Samadi:

Why you should pay attention to Oncotarget

They cycle between GDO-bound (inactive) and GTP-bound (active).The cycle is controlled by regulatory proteins which they belong to three classes, the guanine nucleotide exchange factors that buffers the exchange of DGP FOR GTP, and guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor to form an interconnected compound with GDP and finally the GTPases activating proteins which with addition of water it changes from GTP to GDP.

Oncotarget is a medical journal, reviewed twice weekly. It covers all the stuffs about oncology and even it publishes other topics beyond oncology such as cardiology and neuro science. This journal was developed in 2010 and the impact journals published it. Mikhail Blagoskomy and Andrei Gudkov are the senior editors of this journal. One of its published articles is about a tumor suppressor regulating Rho signaling, The Rho GT pases are responsible functioning such as its polarity, adhesion and apoptosis. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

When the cells spread and migrates the Rho GTPases it regulates the formation of interconnected compounds, their maturity to adhesion and turning over of these structures along with dynamics of actin cykoskeletal including stress fiber being formed.

Know more:

When the Rho GTPases is dysregulated, it is usually accompanied with abnormal phenotypes which are diverse and abnormal growth of the cells otherwise known as cancer. The tumor suppressor deleted in the cancer of the liver otherwise known as DLCI has been used as an implication for Rho regulator.

DLCI gene translation product is found at the chromosome, an amino acid protein that is equipped with three trans domains that are well recognized; c-terminal steriogenic acute regulatory protein related lipid transfer domain, an N terminal sterile alpha motif and the Rho-GAP domain that is situated upwards from the domain (START). Watch this video on Youtube.

DLCI suppresses tumor and it can be regulated by deletion of genes, point mutations and methylation promoter in a number of cancer found in the human beings such as the prostate cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the colon, breast cancer. If the expression of DLCI is restored it can inhibit the growth of tumor and migrations of the cells to undesired locations.


Eric Lefkofsky Reveals What is Missing in the Data-Centric Approach to Cancer

All that doctors need so as to treat cancer successfully is data. And the data should be about several things. According to the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, that is what is missing from today’s medical research system.

There is no shortage of patient data out there, but the medical research system is facing an acute shortage of sources that combine therapeutic data with genomic information. Mr Leftkofsky revealed this recently at the Fortune Brainstorm Healthcare in San Diego.

Lefkosfsky noted that it is easy to gather molecule data. But that is not enough as they need to have the capacity to gather adequate clinical data as well. He continued to explain that this means that other than information concerning the patient’s DNA and DRN makeup, healthcare professionals need to know the type of treatments they are on and how they are responding to the treatment.

A researcher observing breast-cancer patients taking Herceptin should, for example, consider why the drug is working on 40 percent and not 60 percent of the patients. Also, he should seek to find out if there is anything else that is taking place in the life of the patients who are not being helped. Are they on other drugs? Are they diabetic? Leftkofsky noted that this type of information should flow freely between medical researchers and all other medical professionals. Click here to know more.

About Eric Lefkofsky

When Eric Leftkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he was inspired to start Tempus. As they sat in clinics, he observed that truck drivers had ways to gather better data about how to achieve their objectives at the workplace than oncologists do. He also noted that they often lacked the right data on how some treatments work in some cohort of patients. For this reason, he decided to invent a platform that people starting in oncology and those working on neurological disorders can use to collect data for analysis.

Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), an international e-commerce marketplace, and Lightbank, a venture fund that invests mainly in disruptive technology businesses. In 2006, Lefkofsky also established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to advance high-impact initiatives that make life better in the communities served.

Integrated Solutions for Patients with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with Allscripts, a leader in healthcare information technology, and Nanthealth Inc. taking healthcare to the next level of personalization, together have devised a new way in which doctors can plan and prepare customized healthcare for cancer patients. Eviti® is a clinical decision support solution accessing clinical workflow in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records (EHR). This clinical operation system, NantOS, was built with a comprehensive collection of cancer care data, creating a network of treatment options for doctors.
As stated in this article, the Clinical Pathways program ingrates new research, average market costs of delivery, and complimentary therapy solutions to build a structure of information in customized patient care. This method will assist in eliminating the guesswork for doctors inundated with new information and create ease individualizing the care of each patient optimizing their quality of life.
This program allows for greater transparency around patient healthcare and assists in building confidence for the patients towards their desired treatment goals. Bringing information regarding new and improved care protocols right to the doctors creates more time efficient planning and integration of patient care. With up to date guidelines, response rates, adverse drug reaction’s and toxicity studies, each doctor can discuss in greater detail with their patients the best treatment options and find the best solution to the patient’s individual needs safely and effectively.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been providing healthcare to adult patients of cancer since 1988. Their national network of five hospitals combine the newest advancements in cancer treatment with individualized patient care.
Their mission is to restore hope and healing to each patient through innovation, respect, and compassion. Working with the patients to heal not just their bodies, but also their hearts and minds through their dedication and devotion to lifelong healing.

For more information follow Cancer Treatment Centers of America on Twitter.

The Extraodinary Benefits of Contributing To Science Through The Utilization of Oncotarget

Everyone should be aware that perhaps one of the things that keeps humanity functioning with the efficiency that it does today should be credited largely to advancements that have occurred in the field of science. Science has enabled us as a society to advance greatly towards newer and quite exciting beginnings in which we are introduced to an era in which we can expect much greater advancements to occur, some of which we may be approaching in the very beginning stages.

Oncotarget is a website that regularly keeps up with science and all of its latest news and advancements. If you’re unsure about what you can do to make certain improvements in your learning in the field of science, it’s highly recommended for you to contact one of the representatives who are available to assist at Oncotarget. It is a website that has been created with a minimalist design to let users know that one of the things that the website is going to be known for is science and studies, not a place where those who have no intention of learning or contributing can navigate to and chat away for leisurely pleasure. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press. Although that may sound a bit cruel to an extent, any true enthusiast of the scientific field is well aware of there hardly being any time for extra fun when there is so much to learn and so much room for advancements/improvements for us to be a part of. Plus, learning about science, its discoveries, advancements, and potential outlook should be considered as being fun itself as such instances are certainly exciting to know and learn about. Be sure to visit the page regularly so that you can get ideas on how to implement science into your life on a daily basis. It is truly remarkable what science means to the world. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Is Clay Siegall The Real Deal In Cancer Research

Cancer is one of those illnesses that has been around for many years and it has affected the lives of many people either directly or indirectly. There have been many advancements throughout the years, but none were able to make a huge impact until now. Have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? Seattle Genetics is one of the leading biotech organizations that specialize in the development and commercialization of cancer breakthrough therapies. Clay Siegall is the current CEO and President of this exclusive organization and this duo is revolutionizing cancer research through innovation.


Clay Siegall is a well-respected individual in this industry and he one of the most impressive resume’s to back it up. This guy has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University as well as a (BS) in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He’s thought of as a “man of man acts” also thanks to having such a broad educational background in a variety of subjects. Siegal’s huge heart has allowed him to help and save many lives throughout his professional career as he’s worked with many high profile organizations such as The National Cancer Institute, Bristol Myers Squibb, and The National Institute of Health. Seattle Genetics has grown into a powerhouse that hosts over 800 employees. Antibody Drug Conjugates are some of the best cancer fighting medications and this organization produces the best. Dr. Siegal has entered the advanced medications into multiple strategic deals with GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Genentech. Having these deals allow the powerful medications to be used in other countries. As of today, Seattle Genetics’ (ADCs) have brought in over $325 Million in sales.


Thanks to the organization’s solid reputation and remarkable products, Seattle Genetics was ranked on the Forbes list as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Dr. Clay Siegall’s vision is finally coming true and the number of lives he has saved is a true testament to his success.