Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a Comprehensive Solution

Securus Technologies is dubbed a leader in criminal justice technological solutions. One of the reasons why Securus Technologies has garnered this important distinction is because of its technological solutions like Video Visitation.


Video Visitation is working to bring inmate visiting into the 21st century. Through Securus Technologies Video Visitation inmates are able to maintain consistent, meaningful contact with family and friends during their terms of incarceration.


Video Visitation allows individuals to have regular, in depth visits with loved ones in jails and prisons, no matter where people are located. Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology is more than just a communication portal like Skype. The technology comes with other resources, like security elements and registration features. The Video Visitation system is a full-service, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution.


The CEO of Securus Technologies recently detailed how extensively the Video Visitation system is being utilized at this juncture in time. Securus Technologies Video Visitation is now in place in 178 correctional agencies across the United States. The company expects the number of agencies utilizing the technology to increase steadily in coming years.


Through the 178 agencies that utilize Video Visitation, about 160,000 individual visits occur each month. This totals up to about 2 million individual visits during the coming year.


Securus Technologies anticipates that the number of individual visits that will occur with the Video Visitation technology will double next year, to about 4 million specific sessions. This is based on trends over the course of the past couple of years.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded 232,000 times thus far. The app itself is easy to utilize and is available for desktops and mobile devices.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system sharply reduces the costs associated with traditional in-person visitation. In-person visitation costs an average of $100 per individual visit. Video Visitation costs only $2.72 per visit.

Talk Fusion: Taking video marketing to the next level.

The modern consumer needs everything digital and at their fingertips. They want it all right now, and if they can’t get it they will quickly go elsewhere. How do businesses work with that mindset? Experience. Customers want to experience what they will get, before they get it. Whether it’s a cruise to the Bahamas, or sitting in that new posh office chair; people still use their emotions in the purchases. That is how video marketing was born!


Talk Fusion began video marketing with its video email. A simple text email does not do a business justice when they want to customers to experience the great line they offer. It’s worth mentioning that so much can get lost in translation with a text email as well. But, its a preferred method of communication by customers. So, the video email was born in 2004. This allows customers to not only see what a business has to offer, but to experience it virtually from the comfort of their own home. This was a turning point in video marketing. If customers can experience what their life would be like with their products, they are that much more willing to buy! This is a great options for companies with customers across the country. As these customers can not come to experience the products themselves.


Talk Fusion makes video marketing solutions very user friendly and low risk for its customers. It includes a 30 day free, trial and no credit card necessary to try. Talk Fusion still values the personal touch. All products are marketed person – to – person by independent associates. This personal touch in today’s technological world has paid off, as they are located in over 140 countries