Doctor Had Over 500 Victims With Unnecessary Treatments

Authorities say Dr. Farid Fata ordered unnecessary medical treatments for over 500 patients to collect the insurance payments.

The doctor was paid nearly $17 million dollars, and authorities are still unsure if they really captured all the payments. Fata has pleaded guilty, and admitted to treating patients for a range of ailments like chemotherapy, and in some cases, the patients didn’t have cancer. Those who were suffering, never received a valid treatment. When patients questioned their treatment, Fata frightened them, lied to them, and basically told them nonsense.

When staff questioned his therapies, he berated them, often saying only a doctor would understand. Experts from Madison Street Capital have reviewed patient records, and revealed, many of the deceased could have lived if they were treated with a valid therapy. Prosecutors are saying this case is the most evil, egregious undertaking in history, and have asked that Fata serve 175 years.

Fata’s medical license has been stripped away, however, technically, within five years he can reapply for a renewal, but not if he’s sitting in jail for the rest of his life.