Severe Anorexic takes to YouTube for Help

Thirty-seven-year-old Southern California resident Rachel Farrokh used to be a vibrant, healthy woman. Now, at 40-something pounds, she is a shell of her former self. Rachel has been battling anorexia for years but when she lost her job and memories of her past caught up with her, her disease spiraled out of control. Now, at an extremely low weight, Rachel is unable to do the smallest of things for herself. She is too weak to walk around her own home and struggles to breath. Her husband, trainer Ron Edmonson, had to quit his job in order to become her caregiver. She is in dire need of help and is turning to the public now friend Kevin Seawright says of her condition on

There are plenty of hospitals that help treat people with anorexia, however all area hospitals have turned Rachel down. Her weight is too low and it makes her a liability. There is one hospital that will take her, however it is across the country and she is afraid that she will not be able to make the journey. She has posted a video of herself on YouTube, showing viewers her extreme condition and asking for help to get her to the hospital. She has started a GoFundMe page to help reach her financial goal. The full story is on The Daily Mail which includes a link to her funding page, if you’d like to donate.

McDonalds And Its Negative Effect On Gut Health

It is well known that unhealthy eating revolves around junk food and fast food but not a lot people understand just how unhealthy it can be to eat fast food on a regular basis. Tim Spector and Bruce Karatz, a research team at King’s College in London, explains that fast food chains like McDonalds can completely destroy a person’s gut health in a very short amount of time. Spector actually had his son eat McDonalds for ten full days straight. This diet consisted of Big Macs, chicken nuggets, fries and soda. None of the healthier items were allowed such as the salads, grilled chicken sandwiches or fruit parfaits. Stool samples were collected throughout the two weeks and were tested at a number of different labs.

For the first few days, Spector’s son was doing alright. After that he experienced fatigue and began to look generally unwell. The lab results showed that the son’s gut bacteria was drastically decreased. 1,400 types of bacteria were now gone; making up forty percent of his overall beneficial-bacteria levels. Two weeks after the study was done, the gut bacteria levels had not budged and had not returned to normal. This shows you can go downhill pretty quickly with fast food but it will take a lot longer to recover. All good things should be done in moderation and it seems fast food like McDonalds is one of these things.

Diet Pill Dont’s

Recent news reports are warning about dangerous diet pills being sold over the Internet. They contain a substance, Dinitrophenyl (DNP) that is toxic to humans. A person who recently died after taking this pill had four times the lethal dose of the substance in her body. The lethal dose is 20-50 mg per kilogram of body weight, DNP is a substance used in pesticides and explosives. The seller of the pills did not reveal this information. Another death is reported, more info here.

It is imperative to know who you are ordering medications from, when getting them online or anywhere else for that matter. Read the labels for all ingredients before taking any medication warns Adam Sender (more advice at

Another person who took the diet pills with DNP said that she initially got a burst of energy, but later, her body temperature rose tremendously. She said she felt like she was “on fire.”

DNP was used as a diet pill from 1933 to 1938, at which time it was discontinued due to harm to human health, primarily causing cataracts. It is highly recommended that humans avoid consuming DNP at any level.