Diet Pill Dont’s

Recent news reports are warning about dangerous diet pills being sold over the Internet. They contain a substance, Dinitrophenyl (DNP) that is toxic to humans. A person who recently died after taking this pill had four times the lethal dose of the substance in her body. The lethal dose is 20-50 mg per kilogram of body weight, DNP is a substance used in pesticides and explosives. The seller of the pills did not reveal this information. Another death is reported, more info here.

It is imperative to know who you are ordering medications from, when getting them online or anywhere else for that matter. Read the labels for all ingredients before taking any medication warns Adam Sender (more advice at

Another person who took the diet pills with DNP said that she initially got a burst of energy, but later, her body temperature rose tremendously. She said she felt like she was “on fire.”

DNP was used as a diet pill from 1933 to 1938, at which time it was discontinued due to harm to human health, primarily causing cataracts. It is highly recommended that humans avoid consuming DNP at any level.