Stream Energy Shows A Little Texas Charity With Stream Cares

When Hurricane Harvey touched down on Houston last year, few were prepared to deal with the aftermath of such a massive storm. Certain parts of the city had been hidden under nearly five feet of water.

Despite the damage, Houston was fortunate that so many were willing to give and assist in the city’s recovery. Businesses from all over provided what they could. Stream Energy, from Dallas, provided aid to those who needed it and suspended charges to customers who were dealing with the storm.

Charitable efforts are in keeping with Stream Energy’s identity  as a corporate citizen. In 2016 they helped the Salvation Army raise money for survivors of tornadoes in North Texas around Christmastime, and they’ve developed partnerships with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross.

Stream Energy has worked with charities for so long that they’ve taken the next step and opened a new office to handle their philanthropic activities. Stream Cares will go on to promote the company’s brand as one that identifies with charities while forming partnerships and organizing events to benefit those in need.

Kimberly Girard, Senior Event Manager for Stream Energy, said in a recent statement that associates and executives have been engaged in charities  for quite some time. That’s not quite so common in the state of Texas, but Stream Cares plans to challenge that.

One of the first partnerships Stream Cares has established is with the Hope Supply Co. Together they will host Splash of Hope, an event for homeless children. On this day children in need will get to spend the day at a local water park while also getting access to essential supplies and much needed financial assistance.

Then there’s Operation: Once in a Lifetime. Stream Cares will transport and feed veterans and their families at a genuine Texas Luncheon, complete with ribs, steaks, and burgers. And as a continued show of support for members of the military, they will be providing financial support to those who need it.

As Texas is one of the lest charitable states in the country, Girard sees Stream Cares as an opportunity for the company to set an example for the local business community while also presenting the state in a more giving light.

Randy Ray And Wendy Lewis Focus On Bringing Opportunity To The Less Fortunate

All across the planet, billions of people pine to live the lifestyle of the average American. While many in the United States lament the passing of the best days of the country, when nearly any blue-collar worker could get a job out of high school that would easily support a family of four, the truth is that America is still the richest country on Earth and most Americans work shorter hours and enjoy far more comfortable lifestyles than the majority of the planets inhabitants.


It may seem strange that a multi-millionaire couple from Florida, rapidly approaching their golden years, would be the ones to recognize the huge untapped potential of the hundreds of millions of people across the globe who want a piece of America’s sweet pie but have not had the opportunities to get their slice. But this is exactly the situation in which Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis found themselves. (See:


Ray and Lewis had built dozens of successful businesses throughout the course of their career. They had been independently wealthy for decades and no longer needed the money. But both Ray and Lewis found themselves quickly becoming board within a few weeks of making their third attempt at retirement.


Lewis and Ray had spent a great deal of time traveling. As executive managers for some of the biggest names in the health and beauty industry, their work had taken them to places as diverse as Sierra Leone and the Gobi Desert. Both Ray and Lewis, through first-hand experience, had been instilled with the crushing reality that many of the nation’s poorest countries suffered from intractable social and structural problems that are most likely not resolvable in the foreseeable future. This meant that, while there would always be exceptional individuals who were capable of rising above the fray, places such as Zimbabwe would likely never have any real potential as major markets for consumer goods. See This Page to learn more about the company.



But in their extensive travels and interactions with foreign peoples, Ray and Lewis both were aware of the vast potential of East Asian countries, particularly China. It was for this reason that they focused on China, driving exponential growth in their business that has not abated to the present.


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