Dr. Eric M Forsthoefel the emergency doctor

Dr. Eric M Forsthoefel  is an English moral speaker and he works at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. He graduated from Louisiana  State University School of medicine in New Orleans in the year 2012. He is a specialized doctor in the area of Emergency Medicine. As a doctor, he has been in service for six years, and he agrees to take multiple insurance plans. To add to his skill set he can communicate in both English and Spanish.

Dr.Eric M Forsthoefel being an emergency medicine handler he is categorically an emergency doctor. An emergency physician is a doctor who is a professional and handles situations that are relatively hazardous and even extremely dangerous. These specialists toil in emergency room (ER) departments of hospitals where they handle and oversee cases surrounding cardiac distress, trauma, fractures, lacerations and other grave circumstances.

The physicians are taught to make and advised to make exigent life-saving procedures during an emergency medical situation. The doctors deeply analyze and alleviate patients before they are either well enough to be sent off the hospital or given a quick transfer to other appropriate or more equipped departments for a long time checkup or final diagnosis.

Dr. Eric M Forsthoefel is a certified doctor who has been certified by the board of doctors. He received his certification in his area of specialization Emergency Medicine. The board of accreditation designates if a doctor is qualified or not in the medical ground in which he or she practices. The board-certified doctors have got a higher chance even more than a non-board certified specialist to possess the more latest and current expertise and the know-how on how to treat a specific medical condition.

One of his patients who had the deadly flu that gave him short breath, cough, and congestion those were typical flu symptoms. Dr.Eric M Forsthoefel gave him a proper check-up, and he even gave him time to explain his grievances. He has genuine concern to his patients and he is patient and helpful which makes him a good doctor. Within 6 hours he treated the patient and ensured he was sent home with proper medication.


Mark Mofid’s secrets to success.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon and has managed to become one of the most successful reconstructive surgeons. His journey started off when he joined medical school, and it is during this time that his desire to perform surgery grew and he later identified that there was a need to improve how people feel about themselves and one way he could do this was through mastering the art of reconstructive surgery.

One would want to understand how Mark has managed to be successful in this field, according to Mark dedication in his work has helped him much to emerge as the best, another character that Mark Mofid attributes to his success is proper communication. Before performing any procedure, Mark meets with his patients and discusses with the patient about the possible risks and some of the advantages of the process. Mark also listens to the patient’s expectations, and this helps him when preparing for the procedure as he has the correct information and a proper understanding.

At Mark Mofid’s clinic safety is a priority, when performing any form of surgery, it is critical to ensure that the patient is safe and this has been one of the cores with Mark Mofid this has also attributed to his fame, and more clients seek for his services.

We wanted to understand, who are the typical clients his clinic. According to Mark most of his patients are people seeking to improve their looks, and the other group is people who want reconstructive surgery.

Over the years Mark has learned many new procedures, but one of his most recent ventures is the glutea augmentations, this procedure helps a patient to achieve their desired ration between the waist and hips. Mark has managed to teach many surgeons as one of his desires is to see people happy with how they look.

The plastic surgery field has become more popular by the day, and more doctors are venturing into the area, we sought to understand how Mark Mofid has managed to stay relevant and among the best. According to Mark for one to achieve success, it is essential to associate oneself with like-minded people, perform research and take time to learn about new trends. This is some of the things that have helped Mofid remain the best.


21st Century Medical Aesthetics & Dr. Mark Mckenna

The medical-aesthetics community is thriving right about now thanks to all of the newer innovation. Medical aesthetics can literally give you more confidence, which will help give you more ambition to tackle life’s many challenges. This specific industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and it’s bringing-in hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Mark McKenna, M.D., stands at the forefront of the industry thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. The happily-married father of one is native to New Orleans, but he spends most of his time in the city of Atlanta.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the man with the plan. His newest company, OVME, is a state-of-the-art medical practice that specializes in minimal-invasive procedures. Located in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, this medical-aesthetics practice hosts luxury rooms, hosts private offices for consultations and hosts private rooms for specific treatments. Dr. Mark McKenna was also able to implement an advanced application that will send medical professionals in your area straight to your door. Yes, this is correct. This special app works similar to Uber service because it’s there when the customer needs it. Dr. Mark McKenna has been an entrepreneur from the start. While he was working alongside of his father in the medical industry, he would launch several side-businesses. His real estate company, McKenna Venture Investments, was worth an estimated $5 million, but he lost it all thanks to Hurricane Katrina. This deadly storm caused Dr. Mark McKenna to lose millions of dollars over a span of a few days, but he would continue to push forward in other ways.

Dr. Mark McKenna went on to provide low-to-moderate income housing for the city of New Orleans, and he was able to flip some of the properties for personal gain. That specific one-two punch is what sets him apart from his peers and the future looks exquisite for this “doctor turned real estate mogul.”


Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters Program Is Highly Needed within the Health Care

Institution’s Environment and Dental Care Practitioner’s Community:

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has brought to the Dental Community, a sensational program which he refers to as the Dental Sleep Masters’ program. The program is very important since it alerts the Dental practitioner as well as the Physician, alike, about a very serious sleep disorder–that disorder is: Sleep Apnea.

The objective of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program, according to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, is to provide the Physician or Dental Professional with the means and resources, in order to properly identify clientele who possess the disorder.

Too: when the Physician or Dental Professional places this program into his practice, he attains a second stream of income. He is able to educate the public, too, about the seriousness of Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is tied to more serious health complications such as Diabetes, Heart Failure, and Cardiovascular Disease. It, too, can cause the sufferer an entire host of problems upon waking. Some of the signs the individual may possess the disorder follow. However, it must be noted that just because an individual has some of these symptoms, it does not mean the symptom, in and of itself, means he has the sleep disorder: the only person that can offer the proper diagnosis is the health institutional professional or the Dentist, whom the sufferer regularly visits.

As promised, the relative signs of possible Sleep Apnea are listed below:

  • Loud Snoring,
  • Interrupted Breathing,
  • Feeling Tired Upon Waking,
  • Insomnia,
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Irritability,
  • Experiencing Confusion,
  • Becoming Forgetful,
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Dry Mouth,
  • Painful Swallowing,
  • Nocturia,
  • Restless Sleep, and
  • Headache upon Waking.

According to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, there are three types of Sleep Apnea. The three types of Sleep Apnea are listed below:

  • Central Sleep Apnea–which is basically a failure of the brain to communicate, properly, in the activation of muscles, required for proper breathing;
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is a temporary collapse of the airway; and,
  • A combination of the two maladies.

In way of definition: when an individual experiences Sleep Apnea there is a reduction or cessation of breathing, while the patient is engaged in sleeping.

Since, so many times, the disorder goes undiagnosed, according to Dr. Weisfogel, it is easy enough to see why, incorporating a sleep program into the Physician’s practice or within the practice of the Dental practitioner, is so vitally important.

Too: once the preceding is accomplished, according to Dr. Weisfogel, the general public is provided with the necessary resources and information, in order to more fully understand the seriousness of the sleep condition. The practitioner of healthcare provides a much-needed service. He is provided with an additional cash flow to his existing practice–which was noted above.

In the end, according to Dr. Weisfogel, everyone clearly benefits. According to the testimonials, with respect to the efficiency of the Dental Sleep Masters’ program–Dr. Avi Weisfogel could not be more correct.


Doctor Had Over 500 Victims With Unnecessary Treatments

Authorities say Dr. Farid Fata ordered unnecessary medical treatments for over 500 patients to collect the insurance payments.

The doctor was paid nearly $17 million dollars, and authorities are still unsure if they really captured all the payments. Fata has pleaded guilty, and admitted to treating patients for a range of ailments like chemotherapy, and in some cases, the patients didn’t have cancer. Those who were suffering, never received a valid treatment. When patients questioned their treatment, Fata frightened them, lied to them, and basically told them nonsense.

When staff questioned his therapies, he berated them, often saying only a doctor would understand. Experts from Madison Street Capital have reviewed patient records, and revealed, many of the deceased could have lived if they were treated with a valid therapy. Prosecutors are saying this case is the most evil, egregious undertaking in history, and have asked that Fata serve 175 years.

Fata’s medical license has been stripped away, however, technically, within five years he can reapply for a renewal, but not if he’s sitting in jail for the rest of his life.