Jim Toner Successful Fertility Doctor with Extensive Experience

One of the most popular fertility experts in the whole of Atlanta is Jim Toner, who has done his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to do Ph.D. from the same university. Over the years, Jim Toner has helped numerous couples to fulfill their dream of having their own kids. For many couples, conceiving can be a real issue as even after trying for long, they are not blessed with children. Thanks to the modern medicine and IVF methods, it is possible to eliminate the general hindrance that stops the couples from conceiving. In some cases, the results are available in a very short period of time, and in some other cases, it can take a long period of time.

Jim Toner is a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility issues and currently practices at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Jim Toner has been practicing at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine for nearly two decades now and has over the years gathered tremendous experience and expertise on the subject. Starting from the very simple and straightforward cases to solving even the most complicated cases related to infertility has been treated successfully by Jim Toner. He has done his residency and fellowship training from the reputed Jones Institute, where he was even given the award for the Resident of the Year. Moving forward, Dr. Jim Toner went on to spend the next fifteen years at the Jones Institute as an associate professor.

Jim Toner has published a number of articles, book reports, abstracts and chapters in his career span. Many of his published articles and reports are referred by the reproductive experts from across the globe. Since he has high success rates, he has clients coming from different parts of the country. He is not just a good doctor, but also a good human being. His client loves him because he is a professional and he is polite. He is also patient and explains all of the procedure to his clients in his simple terms so that they are not anxious about the entire process. It also helps him get excellent results when his clients trust him.

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Assessing Mistakes to Improve the Quality of Products

Many entrepreneurs do not take the time to evaluate the feedback from consumers. The feedback involves the weaknesses that customers encounter while using a product. A company can build from the mistakes and promote the product if it can learn to address the issues of clients. Life Line Screening is a product that enables people to learn about their health status. This product is set aside as the favorable product if it is affordable and safe to use. It informs an individual about the different hazards that they may face regarding health. It also educates people on how to make the right decisions healthwise. The services are performed on the major parts that are prone to infections. It performs screening on blood and the whole body. People are advised on the different methods to remain healthy according to their results.

The customer services exhibited in this facility is exceptional. It attends to individuals in a confidential way that makes the whole process to be carried out in esteem. Health is a private matter that should be handled privately. This is what the facility observes. The nurses follow up with the clients to encourage and motivate them to practice healthy lifestyles that make people conscious about their lifestyles decisions. The process is painless and affordable. This makes it attractive to consumers.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro established Life Line Screening. The doctor is a leader in the medical world. He has a lot of experience and academic qualifications. He resorted to developing a product that can prevent diseases after he had seen different cases that were preventable, but patients succumbed to them in his line of duty. He takes pride in the teamwork of the people at Life Line Screening. Their dedication and commitment inspire him.

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How Being Proactive can Save Your Life

Have you or someone you know had a seemingly healthy loved one suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm out of the blue? Everyday, people around the world suffer these tragedies which strike without warning or indication. Heart disease is aptly labeled the “silent killer” because it can affect anyone, often without symptoms ahead of time. What if you could eliminate that fear and worry before it happens? Life Line Screening, a screening and preventative healthcare company, can help you do just that. They offer screening services that allow you to detect and get ahead of some of the most common diseases including:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
  • Carotid artery disease screening
  • Ankle-brachial index screening (for peripheral arterial disease)
  • Bone mineral density screening (for osteoporosis risk)
  • Complete lipid panel screening — Measures total cholesterol, HDL (“good” cholesterol), LDL (“bad” cholesterol), and triglycerides.
  • Glucose screening
  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) screening
  • Elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) screening
  • Atrial fibrillation – a common precursor to stroke
  • EKG for other heart irregularities

The screenings are performed using state-of-the-art equipment under the purview of highly trained technicians and care specialists. Heart attacks and strokes do not have to be in your future, but knowing if you are at risk is the first step. With Life Line’s excellent screening services you can rest easy knowing exactly where you and your health stand. Visit their website today for a full list of the amazing, potentially life saving services that they offer!

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USHEALTH Group is Offering Cutting-edge Insurance Plans

USHEALTH group is a devoted firm in providing insurance solutions to families, individuals, and companies. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has an eminent reputation in the insurance industry. USHEALTH has been in the business for fifty years. Therefore, the insurance heavyweight has extensive experience in the insurance venture. Over the five decades, the firm has advanced its clients list up to more than fifteen million. The growth of customer base is an implication of the company’s outstanding services and products.

Insurance plans offered

USHEALTH Group is a very accommodating insurance company with health covers and supplementary plans for self-employed people, small business owners, as well as large enterprises in the U.S. Its insurance covers are on individual health, income protection, critical illness periods, accident, and dental health. Policies for life, specific disease, and accident have a renewable and convertible plan. All these products are both marketed and explained on their website or by their sales agents. Click here to know more.

Why choose USHealth Group for your insurance solutions?

The firm has well-trained specialists who are immensely dedicated to their work. The company involves experts in both field and office work to ensure its clients understands what insurance policy they need and how beneficial it is to them. USHEALTH ensures any interested customer gets tailored healthcare plan. In the case of any claims, the company has a team that is in charge, and it clarifies any complicated process.

With a half a century experience in the industry, most clients have a lot of confidence in USHEALTH Group. They have valuable insight concerning insurance policies. Individuals, as well as companies. The firm also caters for the cost aspect. The group’s products are affordable and suit all type of coverage one may require. Reliability is another aspect that USHEALTH has maintained. It acts as a plus to its products portfolio.

USHEALTH Group, a reputable family of companies, has a better platform to bring together unparalleled knowledge, products, and innovation. They deliver quality service to the insured individuals, firms, and families. Flexible and secure policies also have earned it credit globally. In 2016, it won gold during the highly celebrated One Planet Business Awards.

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Capitol Anesthesiology: Helping bringing smiles to the world.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association, is a medical practice out of Austin, Texas and is part of a global effort known as Operation Smile. Operation Smile’s mission is to conduct safe, and effective surgical repairs to children of low income areas around the world suffering from a cleft lip or pallet.

Operation Smile’s staff of medical volunteers operates in numerous countries bringing smiles to the children of the world. Their vision is to ensure reaching patients by breaking down the obstacles and barriers of surgery through the use of education and working with local government agencies. Currently, Operation Smile has conducted over 3.5 million patient evaluations and over 200 thousand free surgeries to children born with facial deformities. Operation Smile’s vision has inspired many other organizations and firms to be part of their mission in enhancing the smiles of children of the world.

Capitol Anesthesiology assists in providing quality anesthetic and other medical procedures in assisting the mission of Operation Smile. This medical firm out of Texas, consists of highly trained professionals specializing in high quality anesthesiology care. Capitol Anesthesiology Association is part of many other community outreach programs, focusing on making the lives of children all that much better. To learn more about this medical firm and their community involvement, please visit their website at http://capanes.com/

Tropical Diseases Like The Zika Virus Can Be Controlled With Proper Water Sanitation And Hygiene Education According To Brazilian Medical Advisor Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus has sent a high-pitched wakeup call to Brazil’s Ministry of Health. Brazil’s Ministry of Health wasn’t expecting the Zika virus even though it is carried by the same mosquito species that arrive in Brazil from Africa more than 30 years ago. Brazil has had more outbreaks of dengue and chikungunya viruses than Zika through the years. In fact, Brazilian researchers didn’t know much about Zika, according to one of Brazil’s top medical advisors, Dr. Sergio Cortes.

Dr. Cortes was the Director of the State Ministry of Health in Rio from 2006 to 2013. Dr. Cortes helped prevent a major outbreak of the dengue virus when a devastating flood covered Xerém, Duque de Caxias with mud and water. The flood destroyed the dirt streets and homes that were poorly built. According to the Extra.Globo.com article, mosquito breeding grounds were everywhere as the flood waters receded. Dr. Cortes and his emergency team did an excellent job educating the people of Xerém. Topics like clean water, better sanitation habits and daily hygiene were discussed as the team passed out survival boxes provided by the Ministry of Health.

The 2013 flood was nothing compared to the 2015 Zika outbreak, according to an article on the Dr. Cortes website. The Northeastern section of Brazil was the epicenter for the Zika outbreak, but the virus quickly spread to all 26 Brazilian states. In a recent tweet, Dr. Cortes said more than two million people have been infected with the virus. Many of those people got the virus from their sexual partners. Brazilian doctors didn’t know that Zika could be transmitted from one human to another until researchers discovered the Zika virus in the semen of infected males in Recife, according to a CrunchBase.com article.

Brazil has started an aggressive Aedes aegypti mosquito eradication program using genetically altered male mosquitoes. The standard spray method isn’t effective because the mosquitoes have built up a resistance to the chemicals. Dr. Cortes did say that clean safe water, better sanitation, and daily hygiene, along with an effective mosquito eradication program are key ingredients that will help prevent the spread of tropical diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and Zika viruses.

There is a lot of work to do to get some Brazilian states up to the standards set by the Ministry of Health, according to Dr. Cortes. Some areas in the North and the Northeast are primitive and need more medical help.
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Dr. Sergio Cortes Provides Help For Flood Victims

In the last few weeks, flooding has been a serious problem in many parts of Brazil. Heavy rains at the time of the year have caused problems to local residents that include lack of access to fresh water and even an inability to stay in their homes because the flood waters have risen so high. This problem has led local and regional health officials to do what is necessary to help provide people living here with assistance in order to make sure that they do not face other kinds of problems here as well as the flooding such as an outbreak of potentially dangerous diseases.

As a recent report in Extra noted, the response to the problem of flooding in this part of the nation has been met with swift and affirmative action by many important health officials. One such Brazilian health official is Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes has spoken out about the need to provide continuing help for those living here in order to make sure that the floods do not cause other issues for all of those living in Xerem and the entire region. He knows that it is important to make sure that health officials and all those living here are in touch with the needs of residents in the aftermath of the problem with the floods.

Dr. Cortes urges all local residents to seek shelter if necessary in order to help them avoid issues such as dehydration that may cause many other kinds of serious health problems. This is why he and his fellow regional specialists have been heavily involved in setting up a facility that is aimed at meeting the needs of residents for temporary shelter as well as access to other important amenities such as water that can be easily drunk.

Cortes is one Brazil’s leading medical experts and one of the nation’s most respected health officials. He has served in many capacities in this part of the world including that of health secretary. As a result of his expertise, many patients have been provided with the kind of assistance they need to be able to say healthy and to be able to enjoy an improved quality of life. He is dedicated to providing such important services for all those who need them in this nation.

Jennifer Walden is Creating New Lives With Cosmetic Talent

People make appointments with plastic surgeons for many different reasons. One person may have breasts that are too small and she may desire to have them larger. One person may have saggy skin, from weight loss, and they may want to have some skin removal. Another may have scar tissue, from a past burn, to their face. The top Texas plastic surgeons are ready to help in all of these situations. Plastic surgery is a skill and a talent. It is serious to cut someone. You must think you can repair or make them look better. You are taking their future appearance into your hands. The top Texas surgeons, that specialize in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, have talent.

Jennifer Walden is one of these cosmetic surgeons we think of in Texas. She graduated in 1998 with honor society status. A young lady from Austin Texas began her future by working first on her dream. Her dream was to become a surgeon. She began her education at the University of Texas. After graduating with a BA of Arts in Biology, and honors, she took on the second part of her education. She began to go after her medical doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch. This young woman made her mark by graduating again at the top. She continued on to win many different awards for her wonderful work.

After school, Jennifer Walden went on to move to New York. She spent a few years working at a hospital in NY as well as teaching at the college as a University Instructor for the surgery dept. Once Jennifer decided to start her family she made her move back home. She wanted to raise her twin sons close to her family in Austin. Texas was not only familiar but it was home to some really successful doctors and medical facilities. Jennifer opened her own medical facility, went on to win some more awards and is presently making people all over the world feel better about themselves through lectures and speaking engagements. She is a continued cosmetic surgeon that makes lives better by providing surgery and creating new lives with her talent.

Humanitarian Moves Made By Doctor Sergio Cortes in Xerem Town

Sergio Cortes is a qualified and skilled Brazilian Doctor. Cortes has been successfully serving in the health care department for more than fifteen years. Sergio, the doctor, has also made significant accomplishments in the health industry. Sergio currently serves as the secretary of health in Brazil.
He has led to the establishments of hospitals all over Brazil. Sergio Cortes also qualifies to be a surgeon. In his era as the Brazil secretary of health, Sergio Cortes has led to growth and development of the industry. Cortes also highly utilizes the social media platforms. He operates a web page that deals with medical activities and practices. Follow Dr. Cortes on his official Twitter page and linked in account.
According to the globo.com news, Sergio Cortes recently visited Xerem, a town facing floods calamity. Cortes visited the city with a primary of surveying the situation at hand and helping the residents. He helped set up a shelter to cater for the affected residents.
Cortes reported that the Rio government had set up a hydration facility at the Xerem health center. Doctor Cortes also added that the hydration facility had more than ten chairs, and the plant was capable of holding more than three hundred people per day. Sergio Cortes implied that his technical team was handling the situation to improve the Xerem residents’ living standards.
In the release, Cortes said that the hydration center was an alternative to support the municipality so as to curb the possibility of mosquitoes spreading malaria in the town. Doctor Cortes held a meeting with the municipal health secretary and the National Health Conception Coordinator, where they agreed that Brazil State Council was planning to deliver another calamity kit to help the people of Xerem deal with the situation.
Sergio Cortes implied that he had earlier provided another calamity kit to the affected areas. Also, the doctor added that three thousand tablets of antibiotics to prevent leptospirosis disease were distributed by his technical team all over the municipality.
The Secretariat of Brazil health surveillance conducted a test of water samples in Xerem shelters, and the result was considered unfit for human consumption. Sergio Cortes stated that his technical team was working to disinfect water in the area. The state government offered more than ten thousand bottles of sodium hypochlorite to clean the water.

1.Sergio urged residents of Xerem to use bottled water for drinking purposes and maintenance of food hygiene.

To conclude, Dr. Sergio also urged the well-wishers to include bottled water in their donations.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes Gives Out Recommended Exercises that Ease Back Pain

Many of the modern jobs require much sitting due to the use of technology. Spending all day sitting especially in a bad posture leads to back pain.
A wrong posture may cause serious problems on the body. Back pain may worsen and become chronic if nothing is medical attention is not sought on time. Additionally, lack of breaks for stretching contributes severe back pain. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, several exercises can aid the body in maintaining an excellent posture besides relieving the back pains. He advises that an individual should not stay in a single posture for long.
According to the medical expert, poor posture is associated with pains such as sciatic pain, neck stiffness, and herniated disc. If not treated they can hamper people’s movement. Dr. Sergio Cortes notes that it is important to be careful about the pains. He also adds that without exercise, it gets hard to lead a life devoid of pain. Dr. Sergio Cortes emphasizes that people should always exercise to keep fit and avert health complications.
Dr. Sergio Cortes suggests that prior to starting any particular exercise; one should seek the help of a specialist. Specialist can tell which exercise is good for that particular person based on his or her needs. This is good for it enables one to avoid injuries that aggravate the pain. Among the exercises that the medical expert suggests include swimming, walking, yoga, pilates and cycling. The exercises help people in maintaining best postures and improving their overall health.
Dr. Sergio Cortes says that some of the exercises such as walking do not require the supervision of a specialist. It only requires the right type of shoes and a correct surface. However, he notes that it is always important to stretch before and after any a workout in order to avoid strains and inflammation.
Dr. Sergio Cortes is a medical expert that has enhanced the health of people in Brazil. He has been the executive secretary for health in Rio de Janeiro. While serving as the health secretary for the state of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Sergio Cortes coordinated relief programs for the flood victims in the municipality. He also delivered calamity kits and set out preventative measures to caution the population from diseases. In this endeavor, he collaborated with the National Health Force.

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