Sergio Cortes, MD Helps The People Of Xerém Deal With Flood Issues

Xerém was hit hard by a flood. The State Secretary of Health, Sergio Cortes gave a speech Sunday morning regarding the devastation in the area. It’s been a week of solid downpours and with it has come destruction. There are many shelters still taking people in and as a health official he allowed wanted to make the public aware of areas that could take more homeless.

The Dengue Hydration Center, which is the health center of Xerém, is operating on 15 hour days since last Sunday. They can service over 300 people each day and they have 12 chair that are available for showers. Cortes stands behind the people of the area as they take steps to improve the current conditions. He remains hopeful that they will come through this. He is concerned about the amount of garbage that is lying in the city. It is increasing the issue of mosquitos. Something must be done about this quickly, as mosquitos carry diseases.

Cortes is a Brazilian doctor. With his educational training behind him, he knows the importance of handling a situation like this with delicacy. One bad move and it could make things significantly worse for the people. In a recent meeting with Camillo Junqueria, the health secretary, they decided that they needed to deliver extra calamity cases. They also added an additional 3,000 antibiotic pills to administer to the public to help prevent against leptospirosis.

There have been numerous measures taken by the State’s Department of Health. They want to ensure that the region has teams that are doing surveillance and can help to prevent against disease. Contaminated water, like leptospirosis, and hepatitis A are just a couple of things that can come from tainted floor waters. The risk of other things like flu, diarrhea and meningitis are also a concern.

Cortes urges the people to use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. The National Force Health will also be assembled to help with this disastrous situation. In the next few days, there will be more calamity kits coming to the region, as well as trained workers who can help battle the flood waters and help the people who lost everything. Xerém has a community help board online that people sending items can check what is needed. Cortes wants everyone to remember safety at this time. Being smart can help prevent against disease and further destruction.

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Sergio Cortes And His Work

Who is Sergio Cortes?

Dr. Sergio Cortes is an orthopedic surgeon in the country of Brazil. Graduating from the University of Souza Marques in Rio de Janeiro with an interest in performing surgeries in the human hip, he has been influential in treating chronic pain in the body in his home country. From the years of 1992 to 1994, he worked as an officer dealing with medical things for the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department. He later on worked for over 16 years as a doctor at the National Municipal Miguel Couto in the same city (INTO) as unsurprisingly, a hip surgeon.

He worked at INTO until he was nominated as the Minister of Health for Dilma Rouseff, the 36th president of Brazil. Today, he is well known from his papers, where he discusses various different topics in the medical field. From improving one’s diet to the benefits of caffeine, he uses his knowledge of the human body and his expertise of treatments to suggest alternatives to the way people live. He has especially been in the business of treating chronic back pain in people.
Chronic Back Pain And Its Treatment

There are many different exercises that Dr. Cortes suggests to target back pain. He says that due to the fact that we live in a modern world, we deal with back pain as a result. Back pain can be triggered by bad posture while using our technology, and herniated discs are becoming a common thing for people practicing these posture errors. However, there can be a relief from this pain, as Cortes explains, and that there are specific stretches and exercises that you can use to target this back pain. Without using any type of exercise, he says, it wouldn’t be long before you led a pain filled life.

The exercises he suggests however, may surprise many. He advises that many experiencing this back pain can go swimming to relieve this pain. Swimming is a very good tactic for therapy, and is even used for animals such as race horses for their rehabilitation after injury. Swimming puts the pressure off the body, as the swimmer’s body is being supported by the water, rather than their tired or achy bodies. Many will experience relief very quickly, and swimming can also help strengthen your upper body and even help strengthen your back, building up your muscles so that your back can handle the pressure of walking or other exercises. Dr. Cortes is a well known doctor in the country of Brazil, and thanks to his efforts in the medical field, has been able to help many and may continue for a long time to come.

The Successful Career of Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden is a Texas native, who was born, raised and went through her undergraduate studies in Austin, Texas. In 1998, she graduated from the University of Texas with an Honors degree in Bachelor of Arts, Biology. Dr Walden later went to receive the highest honors in her Medical doctorate.

Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to New York City after completing her residency training. She went to the big city after getting an opportunity to join the highly competitive fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and throat Hospital. This opportunity led her to purse aesthetic surgery. Dr Walden greatly benefited from the fellowship through learning from the best in the field. This knowledge made her an expert in cosmetic surgery.

With an academic appointment as the Clinical Instructor of Plastic Surgery at the Langone Medical center, New York University, Dr. Walden worked very hard to grow her career. She currently owns her own surgery clinics which are fully accredited to offer high standard cosmetic surgery to patients.

After 8 years of building her successful plastic surgery practice in New York, she returned to her hometown in 2011. At first, the decision to move into Austin had her worry about her surgical career. There was no single plastic surgery clinic in Austin like there was in Houston, Dallas or Manhattan. She also worried that the people of Austin were less interested in plastic surgery due to the natural green environment of the city. However, when she landed in Austin, Dr. Walden had two patients waiting to have their breasts augmented.

Dr Walden mainly focuses on cosmetic surgery where she specializes in breast augmentations, eyelid lifts, face lifts and rhinoplasties (nose jobs). She also performs liposuctions on the inner thighs, arms and on the abdomen. The cost of each procedure varies due to the complexity of the process. An augmentation costs $7,000, a nose job runs for $8,000 to $9,000 and a face lift costs $10,000.

In her field, there are few women represented in a total of 8,100 plastic surgeons in the country. There are at least 851 female plastic surgeons and only 180 of them are registered with the professional organization of board certified cosmetic surgeons. In addition, only a few of them live in Texas.

Dr. Walden picked cosmetic surgery to help other women improve themselves. According to her, surgery was a way to improve a woman’s self-confidence and give her better quality life. “Instead of hating her appearance, surgery can make her happy,” says Dr Walden.

Dr Jennifer Walden hopes to inspire many young women to pursue careers in business and medicine. She is a mentor to female pre-medicine students who often seeking advice on how to succeed in their careers. “I am a highly organized woman who has the internal drive and a personality that leads me to excel in every aspect of my career,” says Dr. Walden.

Doctors Make Mistakes Too

The statistics are amazing; studies have shown that nearly 60% of patients who sought second opinions about a Doctor’s diagnosis had major changes in the diagnosis or the treatment of the diagnosis. But in a recent Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans do not believe they need to ask for a second opinion.

It is always recommended that a person should get a second opinion on any major medical diagnosis, and even minor ones too according to Alexei Beltyukov. Most insurance companies do cover the costs involved in getting another opinion, and in fact, HMOs in California are required to cover any costs involved in second opinions.

The key is finding a proper specialist that has had experience with the medical condition a person has. There are many online resources to do this. At Second Opinion Expert, a person can upload their medical records, and a proper specialist will review the case. Also the Patient Advocate Foundation has many resources on their website to help an individual find the right specialist.

It just doesn’t make sense to not get a second opinion. A person’s health and well-being shouldn’t be left in the hands of just 1 Doctor. Don’t gamble with life…Get a second opinion.

Rohrich Says Plastic Surgery Risks Can Be Controlled

As patients are warned prior to operations, all surgeries come with risks. In the case of one popular type of cosmetic surgery, facelifts, such surgeries can result in upward spiking of blood pressure, resulting in a hematoma. More commonly known as bruising, the condition causes blood pooling under the skin’s surface and can damage it. The risk of hematomas is not uncommon in such surgical procedures, and until recently, a risk that two to thirteen percent of all facelift patients faced. But now results of a study released by a prominent American surgeon offer hope that most facelift patients will come through this surgery unmarred.

As reported in a story that originally aired on WDRB 41 Louisville News, Dr. Rod Rohrich‎, an award winning plastic surgeon on the faculty of the University of Texas’s Southwestern Medical Center revealed results of a multi-year study. The study’s subjects were more than a thousand patients of Dr. Rohrich’s that had undergone facelifts. Less than one percent of these patients experienced a hematoma during surgery when Dr. Rohrich applied special techniques during the procedure.

Regardless of a patient’s pre-operative health, his or her blood pressure tends to climb upwards during surgery. Dr. Rohrich theorized that elevated blood pressure was leading to hematomas in some of these patients. To circumvent this, Dr. Rodrich began a surgical protocol of treating each facelift patient with general anesthesia as well as several types of hypertension medication. The objective was to keep the patient’s blood pressure under 140mmHg during and after surgery.

After observing the post surgical results over a number of years, Dr. Rohrich feels that there is a direct link between surgical hypertension treatment and post-surgical lack of hematomas. As a result, he recently published an article in theJournal Of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery in which he recommends adopting his protocol to avoid this surgical complication. His hope is that other plastic surgeons will further refine and enhance hypertension treatment to avoid plastic surgery complications.

Alcohol Poisoning

If you are an alcohol drinker, you have obviously experienced the short term effects of heavy drinking. From hangovers, sleepless nights etc., the effects that alcohol has on the body may impact your life in varying ways.

The body can only process one unit of alcohol in one hour. If you take large amounts of it in a short amount of time, consequences are bound to occur. Large amounts of alcohol in the blood can affect the bodily functions.

Alcohol slows down the brain leading to a loss in balance. It cause stomach irritation which then leads to vomiting. It can also stop the gag reflexes from proper functioning, which means that you can not only choke on your vomit but also inhale the vomit in your lungs.

Alcohol can also slow down or stop your breathing or heartbeat. This is because it affects the nerves that control this functions. It can cause dehydration increasing the risk for permanent brain damage. It can also cause hypothermia due to reduced temperatures and cause seizures due to low blood sugar levels.

It is important to note all the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, to be able to deal with it when it arises. There are a lot of myths about what should be done in case of alcohol poisoning. Kknowing what to do and not what to do, Marcio Alaor instructs, will make the difference in a life and death situation.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome not a Myth

The Sleeping Beauty syndrome is a neurological disorder that only about 1000 people in the world have at the moment. It is very rare, and despite the fairy-tale name, it is not a pleasant experience at all. Beth Goodier, a 20-year-old form the UK who is affected by it, does not even like when people call the affection Sleeping Beauty.

She refers to the disease by the Keline-Levin syndrome name, or KLS, and claims that it steals her youth. Beth sleeps about 22 hours, and during the waking time is apathetic and drowsy.

This is not a permanent state though. The manifestation of KLS repeat themselves after a few weeks and can last for 1 to 5 weeks. During the ‘normal’ time, Beth goes to the gym to get back in shape, meets her friends, and makes attempts to get a college degree. She signed up for college four times by now, but failed due to the KLS impeding her to pass the important exams.

During the ‘bad times’, Beth needs the supervision from someone. Her mother quit her job and takes care in the meanwhile, because symptoms of the KLS include being childlike and too tired to be able to take care of oneself, hence somebody has to be there. Read more about this syndrome on Beneful’s page.

Icy Sidewalks Causing Issues For Several Montrealers

While the sidewalks turned into skating rinks, sending several pedestrians in emergency departments of hospitals, the City Administration of Montreal expanded operations to provide easy path way to citizens, though having limited success, due to severe weather conditions.  My dear friend Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks so highly of this hospital and the staff.

On the territory of the 19 districts, 90 plows were mobilized to continue sanding operations in the coming days, especially as other cold nights, with mercury oscillating around -20 ° C, are planned by the end of the week.

Montreal hospitals have had to deal with an increase in the number of pedestrians injured after a nasty fall on slippery sidewalks.

Already struggling with an upsurge in cases of flu, Montreal hospitals have had to deal with an increase in the number of pedestrians injured after a nasty fall on slippery sidewalks. At the Montreal General Hospital, director of the Trauma Program, Dr. Tarek Razek, counted forty cases of significant injury related to falls on sidewalks, from Sunday to Monday.

Concussion, fractured ribs and broken hips are part of major injuries listed. Fracture of a rib can have devastating effects for the elderly, reducing lung capacity of patients and causing pneumonia, said Razek. According to him, these injuries can be prevented: “Young people take too many risks and the elderly, who are also taking, do not realize the danger.” Raze

Advocates for Nutrition: Dr. Daniel Amen

Sure, we eat well to stay fit… but do you ever think of the other benefits of eating well? Dr. Daniel Amen does. He teaches patients how to eat well in order to improve the health of their brains and, in turn, their overall health. But who exactly is Dr. Daniel Amen?
Daniel Gregory Amen was born in 1954 in Encino, California. He attended Vanguard University of Southern California, and Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. He also trained at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Tripler Army Medical Center. 

Amen is occupied as a psychiatrist, psychiatric researcher, medical researcher, author, lecturer, and a professor. Amen founded six Amen Clinics that treat patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other disorders. Amen serves as CEO and medical director at these clinics. The clinic uses single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), to help with the diagnosis of sub-disorders associated with the disorders treated at the clinic. The classification of these sub-disorders can be attributed to Amen. 

Another title held by Amen is post-concussion consultant for the National Football League (NFL). Amen’s advance studies on brain injuries and their affects on professional athletes help to qualify him for this position. 

Amen’s academic achievements include and undergraduate degree in biology from Southern California College in 1978, and a doctorate from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine in 1982. His formal training includes psychiatric training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and child and adolescent psychiatry training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. As well Amen carried out 200 hours of training at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education and received his radioactive materials license for it. After that Amen fulfilled his 1,000 hours requirement for clinical supervision in reading scans. Among other accolades Amen is double board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry and Child Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Amen is an accomplished writer who published his first book “Change Your Brain, Change Your life”, in 1999. The book reached the New York Times best-seller list after selling tens of thousands of copies in the first year; and Amen produced a television show about his theories in the book for PBS. In another book “Making a Good Brain Great”, Amen analysis of the brain is used to provided recommendations to improve the brain and enhance a the overall happiness of patients. He is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post.