Chainsmokers, Knowing The Truth

The Chainsmokers are a work of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall who are both fond of the music industry and the creation process involved with coming out with different song types to tantalize the eardrums of those who listen to their recordings frequently. Their inspirational pieces have broke the boundaries that normally made up the constructs of their particular musical style. While other bands stood behind an emotionless seat of DJ beats and no emotional configurations that sold specifically to just the technical side of music, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall did just the opposite and found themselves with millions of dollars because of it. They tour regularly and yearly around the globe just because of one particular day when they met and shook hands in agreement that they both knew what worked and what did not work inside of the expectations set in the musical industry. Their progress has given them wisdom into what to do to allure a crowd and out of that experience they have given sold billions of views concerning their music, especially in one such song known as Sick Boy. Sick Boy is exactly as the name describes it to be, and although it carries a different vibe to it than their other musical passions as a whole it has reached the ears of the masses who are pleased with the wrotk that they put out to the public. It is about the conflicts that one faces within themselves when entering the void of the digital space and trying to open themselves up in that same digital space. The result is possibly severe as they attach way to much into the seriousness of getting likes on Instagram and Facebook because then they in fact not only cut themselves off from the rest of the world but they also get involved in a fake identity while trying to market that fraudulent self to others for likes. This feeds itself in an unhealthy cycle of coping with possibly much deeper issue that need to be resolved hence the name Sick Boy. This is the warning sent to the masses by The Chainsmokers.

Lawrence Bender the Entertainment Maestro

Lawrence Bender was born in the United States on October 17, 1957, in Bronx, New York City. The celebrity is well known for movie production and his works on the various movie has been superb. Lawrence Bender has produced many movies, i.e., reservoir dogs, 1992, pulp fiction, 1994 among others. The producer has also played minor roles in some of the movies that he has played a role.

The producer is of Romanian descent and was able to attend school, at the University of Maine where he went through civil engineering course. He was able to graduate with an honors bachelor’s degree in civil and structural engineering. Before he joined acting and later becoming a producer, Lawrence Bender was a ballet dancer. However, he sustained an injury which saw him quit dancing. He started his movie and TV production career under the close watch and mentorship of Sandra Seacat. After that, he entirely ventured into film and TV production. Lawrence Bender is also mentioned in a book titled ‘killer instinct written by ‘Jane Hamshers.’ Hence from that moment on, he has firmly worked with his friend Quentin Tarantino in many endeavors in the American entertainment industry.

Bender formed a company with Quentin Tarantino that was known as ‘Band apart records.’ Their company was meant to focus more on the release of soundtracks that was to be distributed by Maverick Records. Maverick Records is a company that is owned by Madonna.

Lawrence Bender holds the record of being the only producer who was able to film in two simultaneous competitions that were held in the German capital of Berlin. The two movies include Jackie Brown, 1997 and Goodwill Hunting, 1997. Additionally, Lawrence Bender has featured in television and film works. In television, he has successfully been involved in producing music videos and commercials for his company. His company which he co-owns with Tarantino has been involved in producing commercials for various directors like John Woo, McG, and Tim Burton. Back in the year 2001 the A band company was able to shoot over 75 video music and TV commercials and garnered 13 music video Awards.

Icy Sidewalks Causing Issues For Several Montrealers

While the sidewalks turned into skating rinks, sending several pedestrians in emergency departments of hospitals, the City Administration of Montreal expanded operations to provide easy path way to citizens, though having limited success, due to severe weather conditions.  My dear friend Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks so highly of this hospital and the staff.

On the territory of the 19 districts, 90 plows were mobilized to continue sanding operations in the coming days, especially as other cold nights, with mercury oscillating around -20 ° C, are planned by the end of the week.

Montreal hospitals have had to deal with an increase in the number of pedestrians injured after a nasty fall on slippery sidewalks.

Already struggling with an upsurge in cases of flu, Montreal hospitals have had to deal with an increase in the number of pedestrians injured after a nasty fall on slippery sidewalks. At the Montreal General Hospital, director of the Trauma Program, Dr. Tarek Razek, counted forty cases of significant injury related to falls on sidewalks, from Sunday to Monday.

Concussion, fractured ribs and broken hips are part of major injuries listed. Fracture of a rib can have devastating effects for the elderly, reducing lung capacity of patients and causing pneumonia, said Razek. According to him, these injuries can be prevented: “Young people take too many risks and the elderly, who are also taking, do not realize the danger.” Raze