David McDonald is the current COO as well as the President of OSI Organization, a Limited Liability Company. He is the OSI Group’s Project manager and Chairs the North American Meat Institution. David is also a freelance Director for the Marfrig Foods Globally in S.A. He is a member of the board among his different titles in OSI Group and in OSI International which is situated in Australia as the Director. David McDonald is a Bachelor of Science degree holder in Animals from the Iowa State University in 1987.

The OSI International Foods, placed in Australia, closed a merger deal with Turi Foods operations in Australia and rebranded as Turosi Pty Limited. This collaboration that was effected as from 4th May 2018 will make an immense strategic partnership that is going to empower Turosi in the delivery of a maximum variety of food solutions in the food industry. The merger supplements the remarkable OSI brand with current food brands of Bannockburn, Colonial farm, La Ionica, and Golden Farms.

Turi Foods is an organization that is situated in Thomastown, family owned with strategically placed plants all over Victoria. They are among the biggest Australia’s Poultry processors, supplying major general stores, specialty chicken retailers, roast chicken outlets, quick service hotels, and butchery shops.

Under the leadership of David McDonald and Sam Cuteri, the Chairman of Turi Foods, it was confirmed that a common possession would empower the association whose practices are comparative, to share their skills and create a world-class food solution organization. The Chairman of Turi was eager in the unification of the two devoted teams.

OSI International Foods which is in Australia, supplies essential food service markets, retail outlets, and quick service restaurants over Asia Pacific area with food solutions over a variety of proteins. David McDonald, during the announcement of the merger, said that the two organizations have both built strong reputed companies with the clients they currently serve. He added that they see great possibilities in serving their clients with innovative, fresh methods and also provide them with a variety of opportunities for their corresponding teams to the benefit of Turosi.

OSI and the Turi Foods will proceed with their operations in their different stations in the outskirts of Thomastown as well as Geelong in Victoria, but more processed foods will still be processed at Broadmeadows, Eagle Farm, Victoria, Blacktown and Queensland New South Wales as well as the various farming operations in the State of Victoria.

About David McDonald:

Hurdles by women business owners – Mina Ebrahimi

When you own a business without having any partnerships, the onus is completely on you to make it successful and it gets really hard. And if it’s a small business, then it might be more challenging to scale and if you are a women business owner, then you are setting up yourself for some extra hassle. According to Mina Ebrahimi, the owner of Saint Germain Catering, even though money is definitely the number one priority in all the businesses across the globe, there are many hurdles that female business owners face. Let us look at some of them through her eye:

  • Perception is one of the main hurdles that women business owners face day in and day out. She feels that there is still a lot of debate about the leadership potential of women. If you are too friendly, there are people who could easily take advantage of you and if you are too harsh, then you are likely to be looked upon as weird. Ms. Ebrahimi feels that there is a thin line that all the women business owners need to draw to be successful at what they do.
  • Creating a strong work culture is very vital for successful business operations on a daily basis. According to Ms. Ebrahimi, women tend to bring more positive culture into the workplace as they have the inherent quality if bringing everyone on the same page. Even though this is not as easy as it seems and a lot of women face different setbacks, establishing an appropriate corporate setting could pay off in a million ways. She feels that there are some taboos created in the world that are very focused towards women. If you cry after having a long and tough day or hug someone for something good, people generally do not consider these to be inappropriate outside of work. But since women are known to be very emotional, it gets carried away in the workplace and Ms. Ebrahimi believes that it is good to draw a thin line here.

While there could be more than the above, she is still a strong advocate of creating a healthy and conducive work environment.

Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar was born in the year 1974. He is a famous entrepreneur in the United States. He is an American citizen with an Iranian descent. Shervin Pishevar believes in the power of doing business and making investments. So far Pishevar has scored so much with the tech giants like Uber and Airbnb. Shervin Pishevar also founded the company Uber Series B. Recently, he worked at Menlo ventures as the executive manager. Shervin, however, did quit and went to start his own company. He named his company Investment companys. While still the CEO of the corporate, he managed to gather and collect over $650 million under the company’s management.

Shervin Pishevar had the latest bet. However, immense pressure was accumulating on it. His much-hyped transportation startup Hyperloop One was waiting to complete a public demonstration. The demonstration was set to be completed in a few days. The company also recently settled a nasty court battle with its ex-employees. Shervin Pishevar is recognized as the co-founder of company Hyperloop One. Currently, he serves as the company’s executive manager. Shervin has also invested in other companies like Warby Parker, Didi, Slack, Postmasters and Dollar Shave Club.

Shervin migrated to the US while he was still a very young boy. He was partly raised in the Republic of Iran. He was born to two parents. His father was known as Abraham Pishevar while his mother was Eshrat Pishevar. Abraham Pishevar worked at a local media station in Tehran. He worked as a television and Radio executive manager.

However, his stay in Iran was cut short. Abraham realized that his name was placed on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. Together with his colleagues, Abraham was accused by the Iranian government of broadcasting information that aided Iranian citizens in escaping to foreign nations. This shocked Abraham. He would later relocated to the US. When he got to the United States, Abraham Pishevar worked as a Cab driver. He operated in Silver Spring Maryland. Eighteen months later, Shervin Pishevar, together with his mother, joined Abraham in the States. Abraham continued to operate his cab. He managed to get admission at the University of Howard where he graduated with a PhD in Mass Communication.

Growing Anti-Semitism in the United States, According to Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein, author of Jewish blog, asserts that anti-Semitism is on the rise and there are many examples in modern society of this going on. Muslims typically blame Jews for being “evil Zionists”, asserts Adam Milstein, who are “all-powerful and are the root of all problems” in the middle east.

In an example of this, Linda Sarsour who is hailed as the leader of Women’s March in D.C. and who supports Muslims, supports a form of Muslim law named “sharia law” which in reality advocates for the stoning of women and gays. Women are also told to hide their hair under vails, according to the Islamic faith.

Extremists nuts such as Sarsour also held a “jihad against Trump” speech where she gave praise and thanks to Siraj Wajjah, who was one of the main people involved in the ‘93 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York. Moveover, she praises the way in which Saudi Arabia treats women.

Sarsour aside, There are many examples on college campuses of anti-Semitism that go on. At Tufts University, there is such thing as a “disorientation guide” which advocates for students to call Israel a “white supremacist” place. And even at the esteemed NYU / New York University, a condemnation of Israel occurs 55 times compared to the number of times that Trump or “white supremacy” is mentioned.

Then in Chicago at the Chicago Dyke March, which is meant to support the LGBT community, Adam Milstein states that many supporters were thrown out for having an Israeli Star of David on their flag.

And even another example in Chicago, at a rally meant to oppose sexual assault where some Jewish ralliers decided to join and were instead thrown out and asked to join the speech by Rasmea Odeh: a Palestinian terrorist convicted of killing two Jewish students.

Jews living in Iran even saw the writing on the wall and emigrated quickly to the United States in the 1970s before things escalated and got more radicalized over there, Adam Milstein goes on to say.

Co-Founder and CEO, Robert Deignan

The Co-Founder of ATS Digital Services, hails from Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area. He attended Purdue University from 1992 up to the year 1995 and received a BS in Organizational Leadership. The distinguished ATS Digital service has been in operation for close to seven years, having been started in August 2011. Since then, this company has provided technical services to numerous clients via remote access screen sharing and over the telephone technologies.

Before launching the ATS Digital Services, Robert was part of iS3 successful track record. Being a founding partner and vice president of iS3, he was in charge of working with the executive team, foreseeing the overall business strategy. He was also in charge of all business phases, pinpointing any business opportunity that comes along.

His excellent skill in organizational leadership has seen Robert grow ATS Digital Services to greater heights. As the CEO, it is his mandate to see that they provide comprehensive services that are consumer-focused compliant. Besides other achievements, the organization has managed to meet most of the AppEsteem’s requirements. These requirements depend on the government’s regulators inputs, call centers, software industry among others. These have enabled the organization to help build a robust software downloading platform for its clientele. Among the services that ATS provide include networking, home device connections, digital data storage, truck rolls services among others.

Robert Deignan is also a Co-Founder of Fan-link Inc. where he operated for close to 3 years from 1998 to March 2001. This company has managed to offer quality services to its customers via its wireless network system. All that one needs is to place an order over a cell phone and avoid the tussle of long queues. Besides climbing the ladder to being the current CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert went through his high education at St. Thomas Aquinas High School from 1988 to 1992 when he graduated. He is also an Alumni Associate of St. Thomas Aquinas. His skills include start-ups, E-commerce while his interests fall under Call Centers for Tech Support, SlimWare Utilities and above all, Purdue University.

21st Century Medical Aesthetics & Dr. Mark Mckenna

The medical-aesthetics community is thriving right about now thanks to all of the newer innovation. Medical aesthetics can literally give you more confidence, which will help give you more ambition to tackle life’s many challenges. This specific industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and it’s bringing-in hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Mark McKenna, M.D., stands at the forefront of the industry thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. The happily-married father of one is native to New Orleans, but he spends most of his time in the city of Atlanta.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the man with the plan. His newest company, OVME, is a state-of-the-art medical practice that specializes in minimal-invasive procedures. Located in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, this medical-aesthetics practice hosts luxury rooms, hosts private offices for consultations and hosts private rooms for specific treatments. Dr. Mark McKenna was also able to implement an advanced application that will send medical professionals in your area straight to your door. Yes, this is correct. This special app works similar to Uber service because it’s there when the customer needs it. Dr. Mark McKenna has been an entrepreneur from the start. While he was working alongside of his father in the medical industry, he would launch several side-businesses. His real estate company, McKenna Venture Investments, was worth an estimated $5 million, but he lost it all thanks to Hurricane Katrina. This deadly storm caused Dr. Mark McKenna to lose millions of dollars over a span of a few days, but he would continue to push forward in other ways.

Dr. Mark McKenna went on to provide low-to-moderate income housing for the city of New Orleans, and he was able to flip some of the properties for personal gain. That specific one-two punch is what sets him apart from his peers and the future looks exquisite for this “doctor turned real estate mogul.”

How Being a Freelancer Compares to Market America

For people who have an open mind, there is more than one way to make money. People do not have to clock in at an office and sit away for eight hours in order to make money. People who have skills can go into business for themselves and find some clients to share these skills with. One example of this is being a freelancer. There are many different types of freelancing jobs. Among the types of freelancers are writers, artists, graphic designers, web designers and plenty of other types of freelancers. One good thing about being a freelancer is that they can make a ton of money. However, freelancing can have its disadvantages.

One disadvantage of being a freelancer is that when the work stops, so does the money. As a matter of fact, people are not paid by the hour. They are instead paid by the amount of work they get done. Therefore, if they are not working, then they are not earning. However, Market America provides something different for people. When people want to keep the money coming in long after they are done working, they sign up for companies like Market America. This unfranchise business opportunity gives people a chance to make passive income.

Another good thing about Market America is that it is compatible with freelance work. Therefore, if people are skilled at writing, they can use their writing in order to provide content to their own platforms so that they can sell products that are relevant to their niche. They can choose the products from one of the Market America brands that they like, then they can just provide content and insert links to the product pages so that they can sell them. They can also set up a store. One of the best things about working with Market America is that there is no structure that is required for selling.

Alexandre Gama Creates His Own Legacy

Alexandre Gama spent the majority of the 1980s as a copywriter for the Brazilian advertising agency, Standard Ogilvy & Mather. While at Standard he gained a reputation as one of the most well-respected copywriters of his generation. His hard work paid off when he was hired as a creative director at DM9, where he was given more freedom to create his own ad campaigns.

In 1994 Gama was hired to be the CEO/COO of Young & Rubicam, a position in which he excelled. He decided to launch his own agency in 1999, one that he called Neogama. The decision to venture out on his own has proved to be the best decision that Gama could have made. His company was an instant success, winning a Golden Lion Award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. The advertising agency has gone on to win another 25 Golden Lion Awards over the years.

eCigs From O2Pur

It is clear that almost all the big cigarette companies around the world have recently been in large collaborations of late. The partnerships have been achieved through the industrial consolidation that is still ongoing in the tobacco industry. Consequently, purchasing the stocks from any of the companies gives you a complete collection of combustive exposure and cigarette substitutes.

An example of a company to watch is the British American Tobacco that is set to purchase Reynolds-American following the latter’s market-controlling e-cigarette strategies. Another example is the Philip Morris International that was formerly part of Altria. A word is going around that either of the two companies is set to buy the other considering their close ties. The two firms continue to cross deals to sell e-cig commodities collectively under one Marlboro make internationally.


O2pur is the Trusted brand since 2013 for providing an experience that fast and better. The firm has also been offering valuable E-Liquid since the year 2013. The company also provide Salt Lake City, UT. O2pur uses nicotine salts that act faster and contain a better taste. The firm’s juice products’ formulation, hybridity, and packaging are done in the USA.

The company aims at beating all other E-Liquid providers in the nation by producing flavors that are unpredictable, bringing better brands and improved values.

O2pur boasts products of high quality such as Box Mods and Accessories that help in upgrading consumers vaping understanding. The company also offers E-liquid that comprise of E-Juices that are purely made in the United States. The E-Juice is made from ingredients such as Menthol, watermelon, blueberry, tobacco, strawberry, cherry and Green Apple.

We also offer premium E-Liquid packed in 60ML and 120ML containers. This brand caters for your flavors as it contains lovely pleasure-loving flavors. We make 30 or 70 mixed blends from the hottest tastes to add value for best results.

There also the Smooth Nicotine Salts E-Liquid that is permeated with soft nicotine salts. These salts act faster, producing a valuable taste with a cleaner feeling. This brand is an assurance of Best Results for our customers. We mostly sell this brand in 60ML container packs.

Greg Secker Journey to Success

Greg Secker is an English Master trader, an entrepreneur, an international speaker, and a philanthropist. He was born in Norfolk England in 1985. He studied Agricultural and Food Science at the University of Nottingham in 1997. He is an expert in foreign trade and has been involved in international education for financial trading. Greg is an author. He has written books on Forex trading and success. He is a founder of numerous companies that include Learn to Trade, FX Capital, Capital Index, Smart Charts Software, and a non-profit organization called The Greg Secker Foundation.


Greg Secker began his career at Thomas Cook Financial services during the mid-90s where he developed the forex exchange trading system. He got into the foreign exchange business in 1998. Greg ran a business known as the Virtual Trading Desk. It received the British Telecom Award for innovation in E-commerce. Greg became a vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25 years. This is a major Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. Greg associated with the best traders from the entire world and could exclusively access high powered Forex traders daily. Greg left the company in 2003 to become a full-time Forex trader by creating a trading floor in his living room. He founded the Knowledge to Action group by mentoring people on the trading strategies. The company became a global sensation in 2008. It began hosting financial trading seminars in Australia, Ghana, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The initiative received a national business award in growth and innovation. Greg was a keynote speaker at the National Achievers Congress at the Excel London Exhibition Centre in 2011. He founded the Global Success Summit in South Africa in 2013.


Mr. Secker has supported several charity initiatives. The Greg Secker Foundation was established in 2010 to create a positive impact on people around the world. The organization partners with youth programs to improve education, leadership, and life skills in communities. Mr. Secker began ‘Build a House, Build a Home’ project with the aim of building 100 permanent homes in Lemery after the Yolanda Typhoon in the Philippines. He has been recognized by the national CSR for his outstanding corporate leadership in Learn to Trade. He is on the list of the 200 most influential Philanthropist and social entrepreneurs for 2017.