Marc Sparks: An American Businessman

If there were ever a perfect example of an entrepreneur, Marc Sparks would be that example. He didn’t just fund a few companies in one or two industries. Marc made his career building businesses in whatever industry he feels offers the most benefit.

Along with entrepreneurialism, he’s a venture capitalist. He’s the type of businessman that likes to see his companies succeed from start to finish. Rather than selling off his businesses after they’ve reached a certain level of success, he maintains a highly profitable portfolio. Marc does have a career interest in telecommunications. He has owned and operated several businesses involved in telecommunications.

Marc’s latest project is a book about the choices he’s made, which lead to his success. Marc has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and has amassed a plethora of experience. Over the years, many have sought his advice. Rather than speak to them individually, he has decided to write a book.

His book isn’t a record of his success. It details many aspects of his life during some of his more challenging times. There are some references to his success, but they only appear after detailed accounts of his struggles. He believes that readers can learn more from his failures and struggles than they could learn from his successes.

Marc is also known for his strong faith. He has doubted that much of his success is because of his belief in God. The only reason he became successful is by the grace of God. Marc is not the kind of businessman that graduated from a top college. His highest form of education is a high school diploma.

Despite his lack of formal education, Marc pursued an entrepreneurial career. He immediately began creating startups. He learned from his failures until he started succeeding. Marc is a strong-willed individual who remained confident during tough times.

With faith, comes humbleness. Marc believes his success is due to his faith, and his faith requires that he pay his success forward. Marc is involved in many philanthropic efforts in Dallas. His primary philanthropic effort is helping those less fortunate.

The Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter, is an organization that Marc has been involved with since the eighties. He’s also worked with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and American Can! Academy, a high school magnet program.