How Eric Lefkofsky is taking the Fight to Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman and a billionaire who made a fortune from the success of Groupon, the e-commerce company that connects merchants and customers. His line of work, however, changed when his wife, a prominent art collector was diagnosed with breast cancer. This revelation set Eric on another path, a path he never thought he would take.

He founded Tempus, a privately held company whose purpose is to collect data from cancer patients and put them in one place where doctors can get access to and compare notes. The doctors will then come up with a well-informed treatment method.

Lefkofsky regrettably said that death from cancer remains an all-time high and if his efforts could result in saving maybe 10% of these patients, then he would consider that success. Eric Lefkofsky has had success from his previous business by utilizing data to fix problems faced by consumers. He intends to use the same approach to try and equip physicians with the best information to fight cancer.

Kevin White, a geneticist and the president of Tempus called Eric Lefkofsky a quick study. Lefkofsky took it upon himself to study and know all he needs to know about cancer. Tempus has partnered with several institutions that carry out cancer research. Many people see this initiative as a stepping stone in the long fight against cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial investor and a successful entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and serves as the Chairman of Groupon. He has also founded other successful ventures like Uptake Technologies, Lightbank, and recently established Tempus. He is also the founder of Echo-Global Logistics, which is a transportation and logistics firm.

Eric Lefkofsky helps his wife to run Lefkofsky Family Foundation which tries to help improve the lives of people in the communities. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.