Kate Hudson’s “Fabletics” Opening Up To 100 Stores


Kate Hudson’s popular active wear fashion line Fabletics has plans to open around 75-100 stores, according to an article published by Racked. Fabletics has already opened up to seven store locations across the United States, giving buyers the chance to try on their fashionable athletic wear in person. In addition to being able to try on new styles, store associates will be there to answer any questions about the Fabletics website and subscription service.

The Fabletics website offers your first full outfit for only $25 when you sign up for their VIP subscription based service. After signing up, you will take a short quiz in order to determine your unique style and interests. Every month you can shop and receive a new outfit based on those results for $49.95. There are countless options for every lifestyle, with new styles released every month. As part of the VIP membership, shoppers also have the option to skip a month of their subscription if they wish. In addition to the online store, there is now a Fabletics mobile phone app that allows you to order and manage your subscription on the go.

Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with JustFab’s Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg after realizing that high quality and trendy active wear is often inaccessible to many people because of high prices. Hudson wanted to create a line of active clothes that boasted great quality with an affordable price. Combining inexpensive and personalized active wear with an easy, worry-free subscription based service is what makes Fabletics successful. Since the company was created in 2013, it has offered shipping to select countries in Europe, Canada, and Australia and has even launched a men’s line called FL2. The Fabletics brand remains a refreshing change of pace in the athletic clothing world in 2016.

The Fabletics website and any additional information about Kate Hudson’s new active wear line can be found here. Like them on Facebook.

Exercising: Good or Bad?

New and interesting research has shown startling effects of intensive exercise on the heart. Previously, it was believed that intensive running and other marathon sports were good for the heart. But that may not be the case. In fact, researches are finding changes in the heart that may be bad for the heart. These researches are finding scarring around the heart in Olympian athletes as compare to normal aging people. Another change in the body from intense exercise is increased levels of protein. This is in direct conflict with previous studies on the benefits of exercise for the body.

It is not conclusive that the changes in the heart from marathon exercise such as running is damaging to the heart. Researchers from Skout Sports have tracked increased level of protein in the body after extensive and intense exercising. But the increased levels of protein may not be a problem because the increased levels will return to a normal level of protein in the body. There may be no lasting damage to the heart. The scaring around the heart may not effect longevity or overall health of the previous athletes.

So it is recommended that you consult your doctor as to your exercise plan. As you age, you may want to walk quickly instead of jogging. Or it may be best for your health to take longer slower walks. Long walks may be as effective in improving your heart functioning as jogging. Exercise is important in moving blood flow through the body. There is no question that the appropriate amount of exercise is good for the body.