Whitney Wolfe Named as the Person of the Year by Times Magazine

Today, people can meet, interact, and find love through the dating apps, thanks to the advancement and development of the internet. However, most of these dating websites do not account for the women safety and security. This drove her to create Bumble after shifting from Tinder due to sexual harassment. With Bumble, female users have rights to initiate conversations and find their perfect matches. With this dating site, both genders can show interests, but only the female can start conversations.


Due to this incredible innovation, Times Magazine decided to recognize Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe as the Person of the Year. Currently, the firm is valued at $1 billion and is primarily managed by a group of executive women. The following reasons made Whitney’s Bumble be recognized as the person of the year.

Terminating Deal with Facebook

Previously, Bumble used Facebook to verify the identity of an individual, place, photos, and the hobbies of a user. However, they terminated the use of the giant social media platform due to their recent allegations regarding the breach of user data. This is not in line with the practice of Bumble. The firm believes in respecting and securing users data. Additionally, they have enhanced their security measures so that no one can gain access to users’ data.

Women Empowerment

Unlike other dating platforms, Bumble gives women the power to control their matches and insights. It is crucial to note that Whitney Wolfe was a co-founder of Tinder. She was getting tired of seeing how men controlled the dating site. Thus, she decided to start her platform that would create gender equality. To establish Bumble values, the firm is run mostly by women. Additionally, the dating firm sponsors LA Clippers whose management is heavily dominated by women. This was the first-time women dominated such an organization has supported the club.

Head to Head with Match Group

Match group is a dating site that includes apps such as the favorite Tinder. It failed in purchasing the Women-empowered dating site. Additionally, it had filed the patent infringement lawsuit against Bumble. The lawsuit alleged that Bumble used swipe-to-connect patent which was initiated by Tinder.

However, Whitney Wolfe isn’t ready to sit down but has equipped his firm with the best lawyers to go head on head with Match group. Despite these accusations, Bumble has continued to Grow Over the Years.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney started Bumble after she opted out of Tinder. She was focused on creating her dating site which would be more women-oriented

For details: www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Fabletics Gives Attention to Women Who Need Options

Fabletics has always wanted to serve the people they are working with. The company has always remained dedicated to their customers and that’s part of what has made them a positive company in different situations. Becuase of the issues that people had in the past, Fabletics knew there would be different ways they could serve each of their customers. They also knew they would be able to try different things if that meant they were going to be serving everyone in different situations. For Fabletics, this is part of their mission and part of what has allowed them the chance to do their best to different people.


For years, the company has continued to grow and they do it just because they serve their customers. Their dedication to being the best they can be has led them to be able to compete with Amazon for the top spot in the clothing retailers. There have been different things that have all come together to help people with the issues they are facing. Since Fabletics knows what they are doing and knows how to make sure they can help people, they are capable of giving everything they can to the customers they have no matter what.


One of the techniques they use, the reverse showroom technique, has allowed them to show their customers only the things they know they will like the best. They have created different opportunities so their customers can get the most out of the things they have. Fabletics likes to cater to them and likes their customers to feel better about what they are doing no matter what they are doing. Whether they are using the clothes for athletics or they are using them as leisurewear, Fabletics wants their customers to know they are trying to do the best they can be.


As long as Fabletics has been doing business, they have been trying to give their customers what they are looking for. They offer things like subscription services, the lifestyle quiz and even the reverse showroom so their customers can feel good about the things they are choosing. The business has grown because of the dedication the company has to their clients and that’s what they wanted to do from the start of the company. They knew they could do that and they could help people through different situations even if they had to compete with other retailers to get to that point.

Fabletics New Winning Strategy

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is an online athletic wear, subscription clothing service that is winning with their new marketing strategy. First, it is important to realize that times have changed dramatically. More and more people are making their purchases online. In addition, consumers are relying on the reviews about products, and services read online too, instead of relying on recommendations from friends. People really rely on and trust those online reviews. Consequently, top online companies like Fabletics are utilizing brand marketing strategies adapted to this situation.


Consumers Read And Trust Reviews

Studies revealed that the average consumer doesn’t really give much credit to traditional marketing and advertising that they read in magazines, newspapers, or watch on television. Instead, they go to the Internet and read reviews written by the average consumer and their take on a product. The majority of consumers really do trust those reviews and rely on the reviews to make their purchase choice. Consequently, a smart business owner or company realizes that the key to increasing sales is based on increasing positive customer reviews. The fact is that positive reviews increase brand recognition and search engine ranking. It’s a total winning situation for the company and customers.


Kate Hudson’s Role

Most people might think that Kate Hudson’s role in Fabletics is minimal. Perhaps, they assume that Hudson is just a spokesperson for the company. The exact opposite is true. Kate Hudson is a hands-on executive. She gets involved with the selection, marketing, and sales. Kate Hudson is a very real and authentic person. She remarks that she would not add anything to the clothing line that was not approved personally by her. Kate Hudson is also behind the push to make their customer service the best online. The fact is that Hudson has a strong commitment to producing quality clothes along with great customer service.


Fabletics Future Role

Fabletics is still in the running and winning the race. They’ve achieved amazing sales in a highly competitive market. Fabletics has a strong presence online and has opened well over 20 retail stores in the last few years. In addition, the company has joined up with several celebrities to help spread the word about their wonderful brand of athletic wear. However, Hudson states that her greatest love is still in the acting arena. She’s an actor first, and a businesswoman second. Still, she is very proud of the positive impact that she has made in the fashion and business world.


Join The Community

It’s easy to join the Fabletics community and start enjoying your own custom designed Fabletics gear. Fabletics is one company that relies on their customer’s opinions to produce the best clothing for them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to visit their online site and take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out the type of Fabletics clothing that is best for you. Fabletics is one clothing company that truly believes the way to make people happy is to give them exactly what they want.

Fabletics: Savvy Business Child

Often times, smaller brands outshine their parent companies. While that might sound strange, that’s actually the point of most parent companies. A larger company will branch out using smaller companies and operate as a huge conglomerate. That’s the case with TechStyle Fashion Group. Not many people know that name, but they do know names like Fabletics.

In 2013, Kate Hudson was approached by TechStyle to co-launch a new athleisure apparel brand. What they created became Fabletics, a $250 million business. To date, Fabletics is one of the most successful parts of the e-commerce juggernaut. Fabletics even achieved the impossible by succeeding in an industry already dominated by countless brand-name powerhouses.

Over the past four years, Fabletics grew on an international level. Within the U.S., it has over 20 million social media followers and 18 retail stores. Despite naysayers, the brand also has over one million members in eight different countries.

Members are in love with the affordable fashion. While other companies struggle to create on-trend fashion or offer their products at competitive prices, Fabletics offers its members up to 50 percent off all their products. Fabletics also takes advantage of their subscription mechanic and offers personalized service.

While Fabletics has built its own following, it does have the advantage of being a part of the TechStyle umbrella. Currently, TechStyle is a $1 billion-plus company; it didn’t get that way using cheap tricks. A lot of expensive brands are losing to discount companies who’ve recently joined the game.

Fabletics is counting on many contributing factors to keep it excelling. One of those contributors is the TechStyle Fashion Group team. TechStyle is amazed at Fabletic’s success and helps out whenever needed. Although TechStyle is a big part of Fabletics, Fabletics hardly ever needs help from outside its own leadership.

That leadership is Kate Hudson, the most dedicated member of the company. She’s passionate about every aspect of the company and every product they produce. It’s because of her drive that Fabletics is where it is today. Some of that credit should also go to the more than one million members supporting Fabletics.

Recently, one of those members gave a full review of the company. In short, she was amazed by the realness of Fabletics. Fabletics met and exceeded every expectation she had about the celebrity-sponsored brand. She recommends Fabletics to others.

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How Nine9 Helps The 99%

Nine9 is a company that helps aspiring models and actors find jobs. Only 1% of people like them are represented by an agency; Nine9 represents the other 99% of people. The company was founded in 2003 and has offices in major markets in the United States including New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and other cities as well.

Among the benefits of working with Nine9 is that they provide their clients with a service that will alert them whenever their software finds a good match between the model or actor and an upcoming gig has been announced. Another benefit is that Nine9 is commission free and holds monthly workshops that are attended by industry leaders.

Many people have found success with Nine9. One of these people is Ava M, a young girl who found a job modeling at a fashion show on TBS. She was also hired as an extra on Chicago PD. Bella S has also found success. Her work with Nine9 has resulted in her appearance at five fashion shows and two movies.

Frank C has found an extensive amount of success after joining Nine9. His first job was in a music video as a featured talent and he quickly followed that success with an appearance in a commercial. This led to his being a bad guy in a Batman fight scene. He now regularly performs voice-overs, modeling appearances, and a starring role in a horror movie as well as a kids comedy.

Another person who used Nine9 Talent Agency as her break into the industry was Claire B. Claire found work just months after joining the company. She has done photo shoots, music videos, and other featured work. She has also had parts in two movies as well as a number of tv shows.

In Regard To: Nine9 Talent Agency: www.facebook.com/nine9dallas/

Evolution Of Smooth Defies Expectations

The Bizarre Store Of Smooth

The success of Evolution of Smooth.Ca isn’t something you would expect from the summary of it. A new comer in the lip balm market not only managed to find some profit but also took down the reigning brand. However, the overall story of Evolution of Smooth gives the perfect explanation behind why this brand managed to see so much success. When you make no assumptions and you have a marketing campaign built for the modern age, it’s no surprise you win.

The Social Media Success

Social media is key to the success of Evolution of Smooth. Marketing in general isn’t particularly common in the lip balm industry, but Evolution of Smooth made sure to have a campaign on every major social media website in order to help spread the world. This isn’t the first time that a company tried to make a name for itself on Facebook and other social media sites, but the ease that Evolution of Smooth did it really stands out. Every on the web you can find people taking selfies with spheres of lip balm in their hands. It really takes the idea of word of mouth to another level.

The Next Stage For Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth continues to grow the brand name and expand into other areas of the personal care industry. There are now Evolution of Smooth lotions and shaving creams for their customer base. A recent study by Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue found that Evolution of Smooth was one of the most popular brands among young women. The products were commonly seen in Walgreens, Target and Walmart. Online stores Amazon and eBay stock EOS too.  This popularity has given the brand a chance to make itself into a name people will remember for years to come. An entire generation now identifies with Evolution of Smooth and the spheres of balm it sells.

Finding a Career With the Brown Modeling Agency

Have you ever noticed, whether looking at TV Ads, movies, or attending special events how many different types of people are involved? They are of all sizes, ages and personalities. Some models are really beautiful, while others may have a great deal of wrinkles or be very young. Many of these people come from places such as the Brown Modeling Agency of Austin, Texas.


The Brown Modeling Agency, a commercial talent and modeling agency, was established in 2010 in Austin, Texas by Justin Brown. As a member of the well known Brown Agency family, he has been working in the modeling and talent business since he was 18 years of age. His agency works in training people for both modeling and fashion jobs. One of his famous sayings is “We are only as good as our talent”.


His models have graced many runway presentations such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and many others. They will also be found working on productions for other companies such as Dell, Toyota, Taco Bell in television commercials and advertising productions.


Steps to follow if you want to be a model:


  • Submit an application


  • List all your information regarding


  1. Weight


  1. Height


  1. Education


  1. Age


  1. Any previous experience


  1. Explain why you want to be a model


  • Schedule an interview


  • Be prepared to work long hours to learn your craft


The Brown Modeling agency specializes in helping their models develop to their highest potential and establish successful careers. With their wide range of contacts, they are able to find jobs for their models by matching their talent to the requirements of a reliable company. New faces are always in demand in the fashion industry and having the right company as your agent will assure that you will be placed in the right job that will put you before the public and help advance your modeling career.