Fabletics: Savvy Business Child

Often times, smaller brands outshine their parent companies. While that might sound strange, that’s actually the point of most parent companies. A larger company will branch out using smaller companies and operate as a huge conglomerate. That’s the case with TechStyle Fashion Group. Not many people know that name, but they do know names like Fabletics.

In 2013, Kate Hudson was approached by TechStyle to co-launch a new athleisure apparel brand. What they created became Fabletics, a $250 million business. To date, Fabletics is one of the most successful parts of the e-commerce juggernaut. Fabletics even achieved the impossible by succeeding in an industry already dominated by countless brand-name powerhouses.

Over the past four years, Fabletics grew on an international level. Within the U.S., it has over 20 million social media followers and 18 retail stores. Despite naysayers, the brand also has over one million members in eight different countries.

Members are in love with the affordable fashion. While other companies struggle to create on-trend fashion or offer their products at competitive prices, Fabletics offers its members up to 50 percent off all their products. Fabletics also takes advantage of their subscription mechanic and offers personalized service.

While Fabletics has built its own following, it does have the advantage of being a part of the TechStyle umbrella. Currently, TechStyle is a $1 billion-plus company; it didn’t get that way using cheap tricks. A lot of expensive brands are losing to discount companies who’ve recently joined the game.

Fabletics is counting on many contributing factors to keep it excelling. One of those contributors is the TechStyle Fashion Group team. TechStyle is amazed at Fabletic’s success and helps out whenever needed. Although TechStyle is a big part of Fabletics, Fabletics hardly ever needs help from outside its own leadership.

That leadership is Kate Hudson, the most dedicated member of the company. She’s passionate about every aspect of the company and every product they produce. It’s because of her drive that Fabletics is where it is today. Some of that credit should also go to the more than one million members supporting Fabletics.

Recently, one of those members gave a full review of the company. In short, she was amazed by the realness of Fabletics. Fabletics met and exceeded every expectation she had about the celebrity-sponsored brand. She recommends Fabletics to others.

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