Turning Back The Clock Of Aging With Dr Dov Rand

Dr Dov Rand is a practicing M.D. with an office in West Orange, New Jersey that specializes in age management with a large emphasis on utilizing Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Aging is a much more serious issue for people than just looks. Dr Dov Rand understands that many diseases are developed and occur because of the human aging process, some of them fatal. Because of this his office, the Healthy Aging Medical Center approaches the challenges patients face with a three tiered strategy that includes prevention, restoration and optimized hormonal balance.

75% of age related diseases are unnecessary and can be arrested with a prevention program. For those that have not lived an optimal healthy lifestyle, you can be aging at a biological level of somebody much older than you just as those that have lived a healthier lifestyle and have the proper balance of optimized hormones, whether it is naturally or through hormonal therapy, can be living at a biological level of somebody much younger as well. Through a good prevention program a patient can avoid many chronic diseases.

If your hormone levels are out of balance Dr Dov Rand and his team will work with you on a restoration program and the proper therapy to return you hormone balance to a normal healthy and youthful levels.

You can expect a holistic approach to your specific and unique needs that will help you regain the vitality of your earlier years by balancing hormones and metabolism to restore the healthy you. The program is designed around your needs to maximize your overall health, well being and how you feel.

Dr Dov Rand has been licensed to practice in the state of New Jersey since 1192 following his studies at Howard University College of Medicine an internship at St Barnabas Medical Center and a residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In addition to his private practice and office at the Healthy Aging Medical Center he is affiliated with the Clinton Medical Center located in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. He approaches aging and diet challenges holistically with nutrition, fitness, supplements and natural hormones.

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