Elysium Health, the health and fitness experts with a gem for longevity

Elysium Health is a company that deals with the production of nutrients to help people live longer and healthier lives. It was founded by Leonard Guarente, Eric Marcotulli, and Dan Alminana in 2014. Elysium Health works in collaboration with renowned scientists to produce scientifically sound products that assist in managing peoples’ health. Elysium Health has been working on some chemical compositions that increase the life expectancy of both mice and worms in the laboratory. These tests have been aimed at producing a pill that when taken by people will combat aging. This product was named Basis. It contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD, compound. This compound is used by cells in body to carry out metabolic reactions. This compound in mice has the same effect as a diet since it has a small number of calories, which in turn makes them live longer.http://www.businessinsider.com/elysium-health-supplements-2016-3

The idea of Basis according to Leonard Guarente, is to offer the drug as a dietary supplement. This will be accompanied with client follow ups and post-marketing studies on the performance of the anti-ageing drug. Elysium Health is set to follow the strict guidelines on pharmaceutical-quality manufacturing standards. Preliminary testing on the drug is set to be done in accordance to the vitamins and supplements guidelines. This is to ensure that no toxic substances that may cause harm to the body are present. Vitamins and supplements do not need to concur with the FDA regulations since they are not designed to treat any ailment or disease. Basis is said to only be available for purchase through the company’s official website. The anti-ageing pill is said it could be a highly profitable venture for the company given the current growth trend experienced by the supplement market.

Through the process of caloric restriction, scientists have proved that laboratory mice lives can be extended. Since the NAD levels decrease with age in mice, worms, and people, the biological molecules known as sirtuins decreases its productivity. By replenishing NAD levels in the system, you are increasing the ability of sirtuins to perform their tasks appropriately. In turn, you increase your life expectancy. NAD replacement in the body is an exciting achievement in the world of biology according to aging research experts. Basis contains nicotinamide riboside, an antecedent to NAD, which when ingested transforms into NAD and is put to use by the body.

Most supplement manufacturers are a bit sketchy when it comes to their product offerings. These products do not mention the substances that are used in producing them. Elysium Health differs from these companies since the company is based on transparency. All their products’ ingredients are well explained and are tested for both safety and effectiveness. Elysium Health specializes in manufacturing of daily dose multivitamins that can be sourced at the local health store

Cleansing your way to a better future: Dherbs.com Makes it Easier

Never in human history has there been as much food related health problems, as there is now. Starting with obesity and all the health issues that come with it, it can be traced back to the food people eat. Doctors today acknowledge that 90% of the degenerative health issues in the U.S as well as in other countries, is food related! The good news from this is that all that a person needs to do is change their eating habits and they can get back on a healthy track! And a great place to start this healthy lifestyle is Dherbs.com.
One of the big misconceptions as far as healthy eating is concerned, is that healthy food is too costly to be a practical alternative. This is simply not true. If you cook wisely it can be that same cost or even cheaper than unhealthy foods. The following dishes are some examples.

Tikel Gomen
Tikel Gomen is a popular Ethiopian cabbage dish. It is a spicy dish served with rice. The spices used in the dish are black pepper, turmeric, and ginger. Along with the added benefits of the spices, you will be getting the cholesterol-lowering properties of cabbage. Dishes that use spices are healthier than non-spicy dishes. This because most spices have medicinal and cleansing benefits. For example, turmeric. This yellow colored spice has amazing antioxidant properties. In fact, there have been over 6000 peer-reviewed articles on the benefits of turmeric! It is the ultimate body cleanser.
Curried coconut soup with chickpeas
A popular West African dish, this chickpea, and coconut curry are not only healthy but hearty as well. This is because of all the protein contained in chickpeas. The main spices found in this dish are black pepper, jalapenos and curry powder. For oil, you can use olive oil.
The recipes for the above-mentioned dishes and much more can be found on Dherbs.com, many of which have been reviewed by EarthlyBodies. Dherbs is not only a food website. They take a holistic approach towards healthy eating and offer many full body cleansing solutions as well.  Check out their vegan recipes from Pinterest, or join the conversation about Dherbs.com on their company Facebook page.

Breakfast With Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman

Markus Rothkranz and Cara reveal what they eat for breakfast, and how you can make the same delicious foods.

The video starts with Cara demonstrating how she makes her mixed fruit salad with cashew cream. The fruits will vary by season. In the video she mixes mangoes, blueberries, banana slices, raspberry, kiwi, and strawberries. Those are mixed up in a large bowl.

She makes the cashew cream by first soaking a lot of cashews in water. She adds alcohol-free vanilla and a little sweetener. She prefers maple syrup, but you can also use xylitol or honey. She puts two cups of cashews into a blender, then adds a little vanilla and sweetener. The cashew cream tastes better when it’s cold. Therefore, she usually makes it at night so she can refrigerate it overnight. If you make the cashew cream in the morning, add ice to the blender as well. Start off with just a little bit of water, and add more as you blend the cashews. If you dump in all the ice at once, the cashews don’t blend well. Continue to add water and blend the cashews until the cream is the thickness and consistency you like.

Pour the cashew cream over the fruit in the bowl. Add pomegranate powder, mulberries and candied almonds. Those are dehydrated almonds made with maple syrup. Cacau nibs also work well as a topping. The results looks delicious. As Cara said, “It’s so rich, but so good for you.”

Then Markus demonstrates how he makes his favorite breakfast, a green smoothie. He uses a Vita-Mix. His basic concept is half greens, half fruit. He puts in a large amount of spinach, kale, carrot tops, red leaf lettuce, celery, parsley and dandelion greens. Always include at least one stick of celery. For liquid, use coconut water, orange juice or plain water.

He also includes the powders that he sells, the Wild Force Green Formula and the Super Plant Protein. He also adds some Udo’s Oil for essential fatty acids. Then he adds fruit, including pineapple, banana, cranberries and berries.

He blends everything up, and drinks a glass right there. The rest he pours into glasses to take with him to drink during the rest of the day.

From Investment Banker to Millionaire Philanthropist: Sanjay Shah’s journey.

The Solo Capital hedge fund founder and CEO, Sanjay Shah is the father of a young son diagnosed as autistic. He had already been contributing to charity by sponsoring many children in India, but his new concern was for finding a way to help his son. He was casting about to find the best way to address the issue when he heard that Snoop Dogg was visiting “The Palm”, where Sanjay and his family now live. His whole family were interested in meeting the recording superstar and so Sanjay made some inquires as to whether Snoop Dogg would come over for an unplanned visit. Snoop accepted!

The whole Shah family was ecstatic to have Snoop and his accompanying troop in their home having a great conversation. And it was Snoop who immediately proposed a viable plan for Sanjay to made a difference in autism research. He pointed out that if Sanjay got into the music concert business, he could privately produce concerts to fund autism research.

Of the astonishing visit, Sanjay Shah said, “What’s it like having a man who’s sold 30 million records sitting in your garden? Bizarre. But thrilling! I put some pictures on Facebook and no one believed it was him. Everyone thought I’d hired a lookalike… He was lovely. He was talking to the kids, asking about Dubai, telling us about his family. It was fun.”

From this epiphany Autism Rocks was born. Sanjay has produced private concerts with big-name artists, including Drake, Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Joss Stone, and several others. Some in the UK and some in Dubai. The results are impressive, with over $15 million raised by Autism Rocks. All the profits are used to help fund the Autism Research Trust, which supports a Cambridge University study to find the causes of autism and to develop more effective treatments for the condition.

Sanjay Shah has founded and currently owns many companies, but he started with Solo Capital and more recently founded Vistex, Inc. Sanjay is the Chief Architect and CEO of the company. Utilizing new cloud computing technology, Vistex offers incentive management and solutions for marketing and service. They help many client companies control their overhead costs, improve profits, and generally implement new strategies for more effective marketing.

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Change a Child’s Life by Donating To Fund Me

Go fund me is a way for people to collect money to pay for things that people may need. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is setting up a Go fund me page to help collect money for people that need dental surgeries. People that need cleft palate repairs or cleft lip repair will be able to have it done because of the fund me page. This wonderful thing is there for the people that would not be able to have the surgery otherwise. Parents that are lower income can use this fund to pay for the surgery that will help their child eat.

Dr. Weisfogel has been working with surgical patients for a long time. He is working to make the world a better place by providing information and services to people that need. He once was in dental school about to graduate with high hopes of making it as a surgeon. He studied really hard and completed his education with a dental degree from the New York University of Dentistry. He did really well and actually was top of his class along with 250 others.

Since graduation, Avi Weisfogel has become the owner of Dental Sleep Masters and is lecturing other dental surgeons on the art of mouth guards and dental appliances. He is helping people to understand how important good teeth alignment is and how it affects your sleep. Apnea is dangerous and must be treated as soon as it can be. Some people may need to rely on c-pap machines but dental appliances can be less evasive and less loud.

When a child is born with a cleft palate, he or she can have a lot of difficulties drinking from a bottle or eating. This condition can cause death if not taken care of. Death from cleft palate is rare but possible. This condition also causes weight loss or poor nutrition in the children it affects. It happens to the best of us. This condition is not a condition that happens just to a set type of person. It also affects the looks of a child. Doctors that treat cleft palate by dental surgery are encouraging and helping a child to be able to eat. The money from the Operation smile fund me will help children afford the surgery that they need. Cosmetic surgeons can make the lip or palate look very close to perfect. The cosmetic surgery is going to change that child’s life.

Check out Avi’s GoFundMe campaign here.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Shares Medical Advice On Obesity

Sergio Cortez is a Brazilian doctor that is quite well known in the country. Certainly, this brilliant doctor has a multitude of advice that he would like to share with his patients and others that are searching for advice on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The fact is that the number one reason that a large number of people suffer with various health problems is because they are obese. Dr. Cortes realizes that obesity is a growing problem in Brazil too. Dr. Cortes is an expert on the subject of obesity. He is very concerned about the rising obesity rate in certain parts of Brazil.

Obesity Trends
Serigo Cortes is very familiar with the surveys that demonstrated the obesity trends in Brazil. He remarked about the Global Burden of Diseases Study that stated that millions die yearly, due to obesity. Cortes believes that thousands die yearly in Brazil because of complications that are directly caused by chronic obesity. Cortes believes that this is only the beginning. The odds are that the obesity trend will increase over the next few years at a fast pace. Still, there is hope. Steps must be taken to make people more aware of the effect that obesity has on their life.

Obesity Causes
Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that the cause of obesity is generally associated with heredity, eating the wrong foods, and not drinking enough water. He offers this advice too. Avoid going on crazy diets. The crazy diets lead to further health problems. Instead, follow a sensible diet under a doctor’s care.

Sergio Cortes Share Advice On Living Healthy Lifestyle
Always eat a healthy breakfast. The breakfast meal gives you energy to start the day. Avoid drinking too much coffee. Coffee speeds up the heart and leads to digestive problems. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals places the body in starvation mode and storing fat. Sergio Cortes also thinks that it is important for people to get 3 servings of fruit daily. He also believes that people should learn to really chew their food. Chewing helps to digest the food. Avoid sugary drinks and drink several glasses of water per day. Water helps deliver the nutrients to the body and remove toxins.

Dr. Sergio Cortes also realizes that the Internet is filled with a lot of advice on dieting or losing weight. Some of the advice is harmful. Always use due caution following advice online. Avoid those crazy diets too.

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Hospitals Across America Are Caught Price Gauging Uninsured Patients

Proper health insurance is a luxury that many Americans can’t afford, leaving them vulnerable to preventable diseases and other complications. A disturbing study was recently published that shows how many hospitals are dramatically increasing the cost of medical care for patients who are not currently insured. Christian Broda has read that, according to the study published on Monday, a total of 50 hospitals were caught price gauging, 20 of those hospitals are in Florida.

If you are thinking this is because of location or other factors, most of the hospitals that are grossly overcharging patients are those located in lower and middle class neighborhoods who serve people who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Many hospitals are charging more than double, triple, or even quadruple the normal rate for medical care. Gerard Anderson is a co-author of the study and a professor at Johns Hopkins. Anderson explains, “They are price-gouging because they can. They are marking up the prices because no one is telling them they can’t.” Also, the study revealed that those who used insurance companies that were out of the hospitals preferred networks were also charged insane prices for their hospital visits.

Many American hospitals have gotten away with ripping people off for far too long, people who are sick and in need of help, many times with nowhere else to turn. Hospital policy allows these people to be exploited and taken advantage of because of their vulnerable position.

Your Heart Will Thank You for That Cup of Coffee or Green Tea

People who start their day with coffee or green tea a day may have reason to rejoice. A large study out of Japan’s National Cancer Center involving 90,000 people from middle-age up to 69 found that those who drank coffee or green tea lowered their risk of heart and cerebrovascular diseases. The study was conducted over 19 years and monitored the drinking habits of the participants. Depending on gender, participants experienced from 13 to 17 percent decrease in the likelihood of dying from one of these types of disease. This tracks well with a recent study in the U.S. that indicated health benefits for regular coffee drinkers. Another study indicates coffee helps to fight depression as well, so it appears to have wide ranging benefits.

Green tea has long been promoted for its health benefits due to the antioxidants it contains claims Ray Lane of Science Today. The benefits and risks of the caffeine in both drinks is still being debated, but green tea is generally considered, in nutritionally conscious circles, to be the healthier drink. However, it is good to know that if you enjoy a regular cup of coffee to get your day going that are also enjoying health benefits you probably didn’t even know about. Now if we can only kick the habit of having that donut with the cup of coffee maybe we Americans won’t be one of the fattest nations on earth.