Sussex Health Care Services

This marks the 25th year in health provision by Sussex healthcare. The healthcare provider recently celebrated this great achievement and a milestone that the organization has made in catering for the physical and mental needs of the aged in the area of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The organization initiated their very first residential care home the year 1985 and has developed to the greater heights where they are now boasting of over 20 residential facilities across this region. The company’s core role players Shirazi Boghani and Shafik Sachedina offered their skills and their innovative knowledge in making Sussex Healthcare an organization that provides award-winning services within the United Kingdom.

The leaders at Sussex Healthcare keeps and maintains all the staff that joins the organization, or the company’s residential care home become well acquainted with the core values and philosophies that the organization is established. Shiraz Boghani is an established hotel manager and is a part of a strong team that operates eminent hotels in the UK. Shiraz brings on board leadership experiences to his position in the organization. Shiraz is the winner of the Asian Business Awards Hotelier, 2016. As an active member of numerous international bodies, Shafik Sachedina also has an equal role he plays for Sussex Healthcare.

Additionally, they also provide at-home respite care. This leaves the caregivers with some time to take breaks from their responsibility of taking care of the ones they love. Moreover, they offer palliative care for people suffering from terminal or chronic illness. The caregivers use a humane method when caring for these people, which also involves pain management and end-of-life. The residential care facilities are well fitted with equipment to help patients with physical impairments by using lifting, multisensory rooms and spa style pools.

Sussex Healthcare also offers care services for individuals who have dementia and those with profound learning challenges. Sussex is an organization that is committed to ensuring that the workplace provides a platform for everyone to achieve their potential, everyone feels comfortable and a place where everyone feels valued. The staff at Sussex are always encouraged and supported to better their education for personal improvements and also to be in a better position to provide quality care to their service users. Sussex is a renowned placement center for student nurses from the Open University and Greenwich University.

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Jeunesse Global Product Review

Jeunesse is a family-run, multi-generational business that exists to change people’s lives for the better. From helping people increase their energy to decreasing signs of aging across the body, Jeunesse products pinpoint a variety of issues that are seen as incredibly important to most people. Through the years, Jeunesse has become a brand recognized for premier quality around the world. Today, family members and marketers distribute products around the world, sharing the wonder that is this brand with those who are looking for ways to look younger, live longer and enjoy life.

Jeunesse offers 10 main product varieties based on their Y.E.S. system, which stands for Youth Enhancement System. When used together, these products work throughout the body to improve all systems, including the skin, hormones, mind, digestive tract and more. By using these synergistic products, individuals can experience a high level of wellness that they may have given up on until now.

Whether individuals are young or old, they can experience great results with Jeunesse. Those seeking great skincare results can try the Instantly Ageless, NV or Luminesce lines. For full-body wellness supplements, Finiti, Naara and M1ND can help as can AM/PM Essentials, which helps to reset individual’s sleep and wake cycles to improve restfulness. Reserve nourishes your body with antioxidants, Zen 8 Project helps with long-lasting weight management and Nevo energizes without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

While there are many brands and products currently on the market that promise similar results, Jeunesse boasts of a workable model. By focusing on real, safe ingredients that include nutrients that nourish the body from the inside out, Jeunesse is safe and effective for adults. The company is constantly working on new research to ensure that they are at the forefront of the healthy living and beauty markets. It continues to win awards across several markets as the company expands, trains and supports its many users and direct marketing agents around the world. With cutting-edge technology and products that meet the many needs of people of all ages and activity levels, Jeunesse continues to be poised for success.

Why Dr. Mark Holterman Advocates For Stem Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. His specialty is pediatric surgery and he has 30 years of experience. He earned his undergraduate in biology, graduating in 1980 from Yale University. At the University of Virginia he earned both his medical degree and his Ph.D. in medicine and immunology in 1988 (Ideamensch).

It was at the University of Virgina that he completed his residency at Seattle Children’s Hospital he performed his fellowship. During this time he also taught pediatric surgery to students at the nearby University of Washington. Over the course of his professional career he has also taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria.

From 2000 to 2012, Dr. Mark Holterman practiced medicine at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. He now is the chief executive officer of a company he founded called Mariam Global Health. Through this company he invests in companies around the world that his research shows are excellent opportunities. He also offers business management services. His focus is on people who are working on a product or service that will have a huge impact on people’s lives in regards to global health.


Extensive Research

For many years Dr. Mark Holterman has been advocating for stem cell therapy as well as regenerative medicine. He says that ethically sourced fetal stem cells can be researched to provide cures for many diseases. When talking about regenerative medicine, Dr. Mark Holterman says that restoring organs and tissues to full functionality can be very much a preferred alternative to waiting for an organ donation. He says that sometimes these organs and tissue won’t respond to conventional therapies. In that case, tissue engineering and advancements in gene editing make it possible cure the patient.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of several healthcare industry organizations. Among these are the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Surgical Sections, The American Diabetes Association, and the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons among others. His bedside manner includes his ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently.