USHEALTH Advisors: Caring for Everyone

USHEALTH Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. It was initiated in 2010 with the slogan Helping Other People Everyday. President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, coined the smart mission statement. USHEALTH Advisors, commonly abbreviated as USHA, is a sales and distribution arm dealing in individual health plans. The company also sells supplementary products underwritten by another USHEALTH Group subsidiary, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Advisors targets individuals, families and small business owners. The company and its staff strive to live by their mantra. It has been involved in some notable charity initiatives like participating in relief efforts for victims of Hurrican Katrina. They have always chipped in to help communities experiencing calamities.

Qualified to Help

The staff at USHEALTH Advisors endeavor to provide broad choices for their clients to cater to their varying individual needs. The company is known for its unrivaled customer service and processing of claims. With an able leader at the helm, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth and several accolades. Troy McQuagge was recently recognized as CEO of the Year at the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards. The same outfit recognized the company for its corporate social responsibility initiatives. In the last five years, USHEALTH has won 15 Stevie awards. All these awards are a testament to the company’s commitment to quality service and custom tailored solutions for their clients. The organizations’ reputation has also continued to experience exponential growth.

Investment in People

Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors recognize the importance of investing in its people. For this reason, the company boasts the most competitive commission structures for its people. USHEALTH Advisors is appreciative of individual effort and as such does not place a cap on earnings. Staffs also get attractive bonuses and benefits, which motivates them in service. Employees have a flexible work schedule to allow them to remain productive. They are also allowed to work from home if they so wish. The company gives job training and sponsors professional development. It is undeniable to say that USHEALTH Advisors have given the company a favorable place to work.

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Understanding FreedomLife Insurance Options

People that are young and in great health rarely think about health insurance. However, as people age and start a family, the idea of health insurance becomes a significant concern. Additionally, the vast majority of people who own a home regard life insurance as an important investment. Life Insurance is an important investment for anyone who wants to protect the people they love in the event that a catastrophic event occurs. The biggest question regarding life insurance as people delve into the fine details of life insurance is defining the right type of life insurance to purchase which varies based on personal needs.

Term Life Insurance

For people who need life insurance for a specific period of timeor people who need to life insurance for a larger amount of money but are on a limited budget, then Term Life Insurance from Freedom Life Insurance is probably the best choice. These policies have a specified period of time they insure a person for. Once that time frame is over, the policy ends unless it is a convertible term life insurance policy. Check more:

What Is A Convertible Term Life Insurance Policy?

A Convertible Term Life Insurance Policy is a policy that can be converted into a permanent life insurance policy without the requirement of a medical examination. This is important because as people age they inevitably have more health concerns. They are less expensive than Permanent Life Insurance policies. However, permanent life insurance policies have other benefits for policy holders. Both of these insurance types can be obtained from Freedom Life Insurance and should be discussed with a licensed agent.

Permanent Life Insurance

By contrast, permanent life insurance is a policy that builds equity. A permanent life insurance policy can be similar to having a combination of a long-term life insurance policy and a savings account together. The policy does accumulate a savings amount of equity which can be borrowed against for any number of reasons over time.

Permanent life insurance policies from Freedom Life Insurance are designed based on need. Once they acquire an equity amount can be borrowed against even if the person is struggling with poor credit. This is true even if the use is for helping to keep the policy payments up. The policy remains in effect until a person dies if the payments are kept up.

The biggest differences in the two policies are that the permanent life insurance policy premiums stay the same no matter what the payments are at the start of the policy. With Term Life Insurance, the rate for the life insurance policy can increase every time there is a renewal of the insurance because it has no permanent guarantee or equity because it is in effect only for a specified time period.

USHEALTH Group is Offering Cutting-edge Insurance Plans

USHEALTH group is a devoted firm in providing insurance solutions to families, individuals, and companies. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It has an eminent reputation in the insurance industry. USHEALTH has been in the business for fifty years. Therefore, the insurance heavyweight has extensive experience in the insurance venture. Over the five decades, the firm has advanced its clients list up to more than fifteen million. The growth of customer base is an implication of the company’s outstanding services and products.

Insurance plans offered

USHEALTH Group is a very accommodating insurance company with health covers and supplementary plans for self-employed people, small business owners, as well as large enterprises in the U.S. Its insurance covers are on individual health, income protection, critical illness periods, accident, and dental health. Policies for life, specific disease, and accident have a renewable and convertible plan. All these products are both marketed and explained on their website or by their sales agents. Click here to know more.

Why choose USHealth Group for your insurance solutions?

The firm has well-trained specialists who are immensely dedicated to their work. The company involves experts in both field and office work to ensure its clients understands what insurance policy they need and how beneficial it is to them. USHEALTH ensures any interested customer gets tailored healthcare plan. In the case of any claims, the company has a team that is in charge, and it clarifies any complicated process.

With a half a century experience in the industry, most clients have a lot of confidence in USHEALTH Group. They have valuable insight concerning insurance policies. Individuals, as well as companies. The firm also caters for the cost aspect. The group’s products are affordable and suit all type of coverage one may require. Reliability is another aspect that USHEALTH has maintained. It acts as a plus to its products portfolio.

USHEALTH Group, a reputable family of companies, has a better platform to bring together unparalleled knowledge, products, and innovation. They deliver quality service to the insured individuals, firms, and families. Flexible and secure policies also have earned it credit globally. In 2016, it won gold during the highly celebrated One Planet Business Awards.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Defeats Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started his New Jersey dental practice in 1999 and ran a successful practice for 15 years. He won several community rewards for being the most popular dental practice in town, and he was happy, or so he thought. An interesting thing began to happen when some of his patients began to tell him about the problems that they were having with sleep apnea. It was not just one or two of them either, but it was a whole lot of them.


When he inquired as to how their condition was being treated, he got hundreds of different answered, and not many of them were good. This led Dr. Weisfogel to start looking into the matter on his own. What he found out was that he could probably help these patients of his so he started to experiment with a few volunteers and he discovered that his techniques worked. Soon all of his affected patients were finding relief with his methods.


He had put together a device that held the jaw in place. Thus the tongue could not interfere in the throat while the person is sleeping.


Dr. Weisfogel began to share his findings with other dentists, and a new idea was beginning to form. In 2014 Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters, a company that would reach out to other dentists about this new adventure.


By now, Dr. Avi Weisfogel had amassed a large base of knowledge about sleep apnea and his successful foray into the field had resulted in a very positive way. Dr. Weisfogel was very excited about his new brainchild, and he began in earnest to find out where it would take him.


Today he is a very busy man as he meets with people from all over the world. He admits that being a dentist was one of the hardest things he ever did, and he did not enjoy it that much, even though he was very successful at it. Now he feels as though he is involved in his life’s work and he is ever grateful for his dental experience. Without that, he never would have gotten into his work today.